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Why do you suck so badly at killing yourself?


Don't piss off the diabolical ones.


The more I have to think about, the less time I have to miss Bonnie.


Jeremy: I'm not sure what else to say.
Bonnie: Say that I'm not going anywhere. Say that even though they couldn't see me, I've been there the whole time.

Oh I'm a ripper, you know what that means? It means I literally can't stop feeding until I rip someone's head off. But look at us! We're working it out!

Stefan [to Jesse]

How is it cosmically possible to get into two accidents on the same bridge?


I don't speak crazy person Jer, you're gonna have to translate that for me.


Whenever anyone tells me I can't do something, I prove them wrong.


You took one philosophy class and now you're the queen of nature versus nurture?

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