You two look good - open casket good.



This reminds me of 2.5men the scene where Charlie Sheen is in a casket and the women walk by the casket at the funeral home and spit on him...I died laughing, who does that...that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny OTFL... And Charlie had the dream sequence at the funeral home sitting next to Alan....Epic....great show. We miss Sheen, but hey, he is alive working on himself. The worlds a better place now.....its how it is supposed to be....he needed his freedom.... You cant take money with you when you pass on, but your spirit and your memories and how you treated others, will always be apart of your soul...

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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 20 Quotes

Put a James Taylor CD in the stereo so they think it was a suicide.


Lisa: You're gonna regret the day you were born.
Bart: I already do, it's too close to Christmas.