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"My Funky Valentine"

It's Valentine's Day on Modern Family. Read our recap to find out what that means.

"Moon Landing"

This week's episode is titled "Moon Landing." During the half hour, Claire has issues with a friend, played by guest star Minnie Driver.

"Fifteen Percent"

This episode is titled "Fifteen Percent." During it, Mitchell makes Jay think an old friend might be gay.

"Not In My House"

Claire finds a lewd photo online this week. Phil doesn't exactly admit that it's his.

"Up All Night"

Manny's father, Javier (Benjamin Bratt) comes to visit; Phil suffers from kidney stones; and Mitchell and Cameron try to sleep train Lily.

"Undeck the Halls"

Phil and Claire takes Christmas away from the kids; Cameron and Mitchell take in a homeless Santa; Gloria and Manny try to bring their Colombian traditions.

Phil and Claire throw Luke the biggest birthday party ever; Cameron dresses as Fizbo the Clown.

"Great Expectations"

Elizabeth Banks guest stars as Mitchell and Cameron's friend, Sal; Edward Norton guest stars as a rock star gift for Phil.

"En Garde"

Manny becomes interested in fencing and the whole family comes out to cheer him on; Mitchell becomes jealous and an old childhood wound is brought out; Phil tries to see if Luke has any hidden talents

"Run For Your Wife"

First day of school and Phil misreads how Claire is dealing with the empty home; Jay and Gloria argue over Manny's choice of outfit. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron are upset with Lily gets a bump on her head.