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Is Ziva’s father seeking redemption or on a secret Mossad operation?

While the NCIS team investigates the link to a dead journalist and a Navy petty officer, Ziva is taken aback by the sudden emotional visit by her father, who she hasn't seen in more than two years. While Ziva questions the purpose of her father’s visit as the Director of Mossad, her father insists he is in the U.S. strictly to see his daughter for Shabbat dinner.

Michael Nouri reprises his role as Ziva's father, Mossad Director Eli David.

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I was right...won't spoil it for you West Coasters, but bad, bad, bad ending.....Ziva is not hurt, will tell you that.


Amen to that...Frankly I dont understand all the whinging and complain about Ziva and all episodes focus on her...All of them have had their fare share of episodes and honestly I see more episodes focus on Gibbs and Tony than anyone else.


The episodes in which Ziva had bad ratings if you look at them closely were put at the end of the season (with the exception of Shalom). If you actually look at the ratings you will see a common pattern. Ratings tend do drop towards the end of the season. It's not Cote de Pablo's fault that they always leave her story lines for last! The fact is NCIS' ratings have only gotten better since the character of Ziva has been on the show. I love Ziva's character, it gives the show a bit of a mix. For all those complainers, the last time we saw Eli David was two years ago in season 8 and before that at the start and end of Season 6. So to say we've had to many Mossad/Eli episodes is ridiculous. These are the facts people. If you don't like Ziva's charatcer fine, but don't whine about Ziva having to many episodes or Eli being on the show so much when cold hard facts show this isn't true. Don't do a @Michael & complain about ratings but because if you actually take the time to look at them again, not true. Happy NCIS watching & am SO excited for tomorrow's episode!!!!


@Michael, Your theory about the ratings is so off, maybe you should actually look at the statistics. Season 3's Undercovers ranked 4th & Boxed In was 10th out of 24 episodes In season 4 the episode dead man walking was 9th also out of 24 episodes. In Season 7 which has been the most Ziva-centred season so far the Ziva centred episodes were all in the top 10 ranking episodes the episode Reunion tying for top place, except for Jet Lag & that came 12th out of 24 episodes, so not what I'd call dropped ratings for Ziva episodes. In fact Season 7 has the 3rd highest ratings of all the NCIS seasons to date. In Season 8 the Ziva-centred episodes came 12th and 14th out of 24 episodes. Finally in Season 9 the ONLY Ziva episode was the most watched episode for the season and the ONLY episode to have more than 21 million viewers. The episodes in which Ziva had bad ratings if you look at them closely were put at the end of the season (with the exception of Shalom). If you actually look at the ratings you will see that the ratings almost always drop towards the end of the season. Since Ziva has been on the show NCIS has become more & more popular. For the people who are complaining about Ziva/Mossad story lines, really? Come on? The last time we saw Eli David was in season 8, Tony & Gibbs' dads appear more frequently than that!!! Before that we saw him at the end of Season 6 and briefly at the beginning of Season 6 so I really think you should all quit your whinging. Ziva is an AMAZING character and her episodes are always exciting, don't believe me read the facts. They speak for themselves.


For those complaining about the number of Ziva related episodes please get your facts right, Except for season 7 Ziva has had maybe one or two episodes per season that focuses solely on her in contrast to Gibbs and DiNozzo who have a lot more. Season 3 - Jeopardy. Ziva also has Under Covers & Boxed in but she shares the focus with DiNozzo Season 4 - Shalom & Dead Man Walking Season 5 - Recoil Season 6 - Aliyah Season 7 - The first four episodes were pretty Ziva centric and then she had Jet Lag with Tony. Season 8 - Enemies Foreign (which you can almost claim is shared with Vance) and Two-Faced where we meet Ray Cruz for the 1st time. Season 9 - A desperate Man So having two episodes focusing on Ziva is pretty much consistent with what's been going on till now. As for carrying whatever happens on through out the rest of the series don't you think she deserves it? After Jeanne even when it wasn't a 'Tony' episode he still showed signs of his experience, so why not Ziva? Same with Gibbs after the Hiatus episodes.


Gatorgal~ Your theory about Jackie makes sense. I wonder if Vance will end up leaving town or quit NCIS. However, I hope Eli isn't dying b/c that would be a repeat of a repeat of a repeat (Franks & Jenny). The writers are to wise to play that story for a third time. I hope they don't kill Eli.


Now that I got that out of the way,SPECULATION ALERT: I think Jackie Vance is going to die, which will "rock Vance's world" and that either ELi will also be killed or that he came back to Ziva for redemption because he is dying, thus next week's episode "Shiva"- seven days of mourning. I know from the promo pics that the Vance's share one of the three Shabbat meals with Eli and Ziva, but I am not aware that they are also Jewish. And there is a minister in "Shiva" and the kids are in the episode, which strengthens my premise that Jackie Vance is going to die.


@ soum: What do you mean he is going to be a daddy again? Are you referring to Michael Weatherly? I had not heard they were expecting again so soon. @ PAOLA RAMOS: I dislike the Ziva haters as well, however your comment was as rude or more rude, and I really do not appreciate the foul language. Where are the monitors? I have asked this question before and I must assume there are none.


@ Simple - as long as they can portray Ziva as the poor tragic noble victim, absolutely nothing is off the table. They've done a couple amnesia episodes, but again, they seem to be repeating themselves these days.


its the same haters hating ziva could it be jealousy.i just know with ziva being the star it will be a great episode because without ziva ncis just wouldnt for the haters dont watch you wont be missed.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Leon Vance: So. We'll still have the house to ourselves after dinner right?
Jackie Vance: You had your shot, baby.

Leroy Gibbs: Leon?
Leon Vance: She's dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.

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