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Revenge Season 4

Revenge Season 4 takes us to The Hamptons and into a central new storyline: David Clarke is alive. And Victoria is bent on revenge against Amanda/Emily.


Emily and Nolan plan a Memorial Day party for the Hamptons while Victoria turns a serious setback into a dangerous advantage. David Clarke, meanwhile, has his own agenda on the season 4 premiere of Revenge.

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David Clarke is alive! 

Revenge Season 4 focuses on this shocker of a storyline, along with the fact that Victoria is now bent on revenge against Emily. Oh, yes, the tables have now turned.

How will Emily react when she presumably discovers her dad is alive? What scheme(s) will Victoria cook up against her rival? And what sort of awesome outfits will Nolan wear?

All those questions will be asked and answered on Revenge Season 4.

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Revenge Season 4 Quotes

In my lifetime, I've come to understand that there are three ways for a person to disappear. The first is to die. The second is to lie. And the last is to be reborn. It was after my former husband's six months ago that my transformation began. I made my peace with those who have wronged me and with those who I've wronged. No one moreso than Emily Thorne.


[to Emily] You're a snowflake. A unique, bloodthirsty snowflake.