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The Amazing Race Season 19

"Go Out And Get It Done"

It's come down to this on The Amazing Race. Which team will take home the title?

"We Are Charlie Chaplin"

The teams depart from Brussels this week, aware that only three will remain standing when the episode is over.

"Release the Brake"

The contestant shift into high gear this week on The Amazing Race. Yes, it's time to actually race!

"It's Speedo Time"

Contestants show off their inner exhibitionists this week. Yes, it's Speedo time!

"Super Shady"

It's off to Copenhagen this week on The Amazing Race. The contestants encounter bunnies, butter, dancing and another Double U-Turn.

"Move Goat"

The teams race through Malawi this week. They encounter a patriotic Roadblock along the way.

"We Love Your Country Already; It Is Very Spacious"

Who finished in last place on The Amazing Race this week? Find out now!

"I Feel Like I'm In The Circus"

The fifth leg of The Amazing Race is this week's focus. One team faces a Speed Bump on the episode.

"This Is Gonna Be A Fine Mess"

The teams have problems with an underwater challenge this week. Read on for a recap of the latest leg of The Amazing Race.

"Don't Lay Down on Me Now"

One of the most difficult challenges in The Amazing Race history leads to a dramatic and surprise ending. Our recap covers all of the highlights of this week's episode.

"The Spirit of Our Life"

A double-elimination looms for the teams on The Amazing Race this week. Read on to see which teams were eliminated.

"Kindness of Strangers"

Kaylani and Lisa get extremely lucky in the opening leg of the Amazing Race. Meanwhile Bill and Cathi and Liz and Marie struggle with different portions of the leg and risk finishing last.

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