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The second season premiere picked up in the exact spot where season one concluded. After Alicia told Will they needed a plan, and then hung up on him to join Peter on stage at his press conference, Will called back - but Peter grabbed his wife by the arm and Eli grabbed her phone.

He listened to two voicemails from Will. The first said he and Alicia should just drop all romance, the second took it back and said he loved her and wanted to work things out. Eli erased on the first. Fast forward a week and this is what went down:

- Things are awkward at work between Alicia and Will because he thinks she ignored his love admission, while she thinks he wants to drop all romantic talk. It doesn't help that the firm has merged with another firm, led by attorney Derek Bond.

- He has brought in a slew of new lawyers, some of which gossip about Alicia because a new sex scandal is in the news involving some politician in Colorado. It brings things back up for Peter and Alicia. However, they are doing okay aside from that, as Alicia is helping with campaign speeches and playing the role of, well, the good wife.

- On the professional front, a judge forces Alicia to sit in on a case that involves a guy defending himself against murder charges. She does such a good job of helping him pin a murder on the government that Childs steps in on the opposing side and makes Cary first chair. He makes a solid point and seems to be tilting the case the way of the prosecution... but Alicia essentially wins out in the end, as her client agrees to a plea bargain and just five years in jail.

- Elsewhere, Kalinda has a new rival at the firm: Bond's investigator, played by Scott Porter, who seems to be kind of a smart ass.

- Meanwhile, Grace is approached by what Eli would describe as a "tracker," someone hoping to catch her in a honest moment, admitting something scandalous about her parents. Also, Eli tries to get Peter an award from a women's group, which is headed by the older Mrs. Florrick.

- The episode ends with Derek, who is trying to institute a few new rules at the firm and raising Will's suspicions in the process, telling Alicia he will be her new professional mentor.

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Hannah, you're the one who is taking this personally because of what happened to your friend. The key phrase in your story about her, though, is "the husband did no wrong". Your friend acted like Peter did. She took up with someone else, betraying her husband in the process, and has now been left alone. But this is NOT the same situation at all. If your friend's husband had lied to her and cheated on her dozens of times, and her old flame who had always loved her appeared, promising her a new beginning, she'd have to be some kind of masochist not to take it. Peter has proven MANY times that he's not worthy of Alicia. Will saved her life when that cheating bum went to jail. "The name of the game is family which means more than one night stands" But who has been cheating here? Gee, that would be Peter. Can you not see that "family" is no longer sacred when one spouse (in this case Peter) has betrayed his vows and her trust REPEATEDLY? You'd actually put the blame on Alicia if she chooses a nice man who loves her, over a no-good rat? That's not fair to her at all. Why should she be forced to suffer forever just because she made the mistake of marrying the creep?


John why are you so vindictive ? I don't care what you say about Peter but I still say WILL has crossed the line and still is way off base with a married woman ! for what it is worth I have a friend who had this happen to her and she fell for it after divorcing her husband of 17yrs with one daughter for an old high school love which the husband did no wrong she now sits in a lonely house by herself trying to figure out why she did what she thought was the right thing. Her daughter has also left and won't even answer her calls because she screwed up their whole family because of inmaturity on her mothers part. The name of the game is family which means more than one night stands, and thats what this all about mark my words. Thou shalt not!!!!


"Gods comandments say do not covet thy neighbors wife." Oh really? And what do they say about being out banging hookers dozens of times, while your loving wife is waiting faithfully at home? Isn't that adultery too? Somehow, people keep closing their eyes to that part. They need to open them. And again you sidestep that Will is a bachelor but Peter is not. You people are making all these excuses for lying cheating Peter, who betrayed Alicia MANY times. You try to convince yourselves that he's probably reformed -- all while you're trying to blame Will for LOVING Alicia and believing he would be so much better for her. He's right about that, too. And don't try to pretend that it's all coming from Will. Alicia is clearly interested in him, but conflicted. It's that usual thing where women are torn between a nice guy who would treat her well, or a rat who would abuse her, but who she somehow thinks would be "sexier". I find that truly sad.


Well John you can say what you want but as a woman I can see something that a man can't the other side of the coin. I believe everyone make mistakes and the world would be a better place if their eyes were wide open. I can see that yours aren't you only want to see the bad and ugly, speaking of the confession about 18 times I don't remember there being any other women.
Looking back you have heard Alicia tell Will that nothing happened back at Georgetown so move on. He had a school boy fatuation at an early age who doesn't, to start the flirting with a married woman 16 years later is totally way off base and is taken of crossing the line. Gods comandments say do not covet thy neighbors wife.


It's easy to keep track of the numbers, because married Peter himself testified under oath in court that he'd had sex with Amber eighteen times, WHILE he was married to Alicia. (They didn't ask about his other whores, which was lucky for him.) Your suspicions about Will don't count because you have no proof he did anything with them. So far we've seen Will in bed with ONE other woman. I wouldn't call that being a "playboy"! We know that a good number of other women have wanted him, but as far as we KNOW, they never ended up in bed. The most recent woman went after him aggressively, when he was still hurting from what he thinks is Alicia's rejection. It's not surprising he gave in. But as a bachelor, he's free to see other women -- unlike Peter.... I don't know why everybody thinks this must have happened to me. I just find it sickening to watch someone pick some creep who is obviously going to be bad for them. It's only a matter of time until they get hurt. What do they expect?


Well John lets back track to the weird place episode, do you remember what Alicia said to Will that if it was them it would have lasted one week. I think she sees the same in the present time, by the way you keep bring up the eighteen times are you keepin track of the Will count with a lot of different women also the one in last nights episode which Alicia heard over the phone. A great scene loved it !!
Going back to the college days that doesn't prove anything other than you think they shackedup, back to the weird conversation it didn't happen.
I don't know what has happened to you that makes you so bitter regarding the past situation that shows alot of vindictive emotions, did someone do it to you ?


Whether you call it "cheating" or "adultery", the way I see it, Peter lost his right to expect fidelity from Alicia the very first time he boinked Amber Madison. And by the EIGHTEENTH time, it's long since game-over. Yes, I think she should divorce Peter before she goes off with Will. (She should divorce him even if she doesn't...) But let me remind you that all she has done so far is kiss him. Peter has done far worse MANY times. What is wrong with you people who try to hold Alicia to some high moral standard, even has her sleazeball husband was out mounting anything in a skirt? Just a bit hypocritical, don't you think, to claim SHE would be destroying her family? Peter already did that, a long time ago. And Will is not just some guy she picked up in a bar. He's a dear friend who loves her, who shares a lot of history with her, and who saved her life by giving her a job when her scummy rat of a husband went to jail. And he's the bad guy?? Not in the real world.


Well here we go again, John you just answer my question, I know alot about the legal field and there is more cheating and fooling around than in manny fields with lawyers and their personel. My question still is what the difference between cheating and adultry and where does anyone have the right to make advances toward a married woman under any circumstances!!
she is not free to move forward until a divorce or seperation then its ok. but before it is called cheating and adultry plus what would the children think of their mother the same as dad what a twisted world you live in.


I already answered that I don't have a chip on my shoulder, but I sure get sick of seeing people picking the ones who they must know will treat them like crap. Don't they think they deserve any better? (I've worked in the legal arena for many years, and it never ceases to amaze me what stupid choices so many people seem to make -- and of course they end up in court.) It's sad how many women are out there exactly like Alicia, who will always choose the bad boy because she thinks he's "exciting and sexy", and she rejects the quiet and nice guy who will treat her like a queen, because she thinks he's "a boring wimp". They have only themselves to blame later, when they are betrayed, cheated on, and abused. And they always are, too. It only a matter of time. You think Will needs to be tested for an STD? Based on what, your suspicions? There's been nothing at all in the story to even imply that he's a player, much less prove it, while Peter himself has ADMITTED UNDER OATH that he betrayed Alicia eighteen times with only one hooker (and Alicia suspects there were others). That's worth a lot more than your mere suspicions and dislike of Will. And OF COURSE Will tried to get on with his life after Georgetown, because Alicia got married. But when Peter lied to her, cheated on her with hookers, and went to jail, he's bound to wonder if she's realized her mistake yet. Looks like not.....


Hey John you didn't answer the question what your problem ? You keep saying the same over and over about Will, lets put it in the right order is cheating and adultry the same ? Maybe you see it as a way of getting back at Peter and by the way if anybody gets test for STD PDQ Will better make a doctors appointment.
Alicia knows what she wants and all the monday morning quarterbacks won't make a difference, plus until Alicia needed a job he had forgot her and moved on.
John are you married ? I'm getting some bad vibes about your attitude towards this. I don't condone what Peter did but I do condone what Will is trying to do, breaking up a marriage and family for your personel conquest is a sin #7 committing Adultry.
Just to let you know down the road Alicia will get her family back and move with their lives again and the kids will have a big part in it.

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Will: Are we being played in some way?
Diane: I don't see how.
Will: I don't either. It's making me suspicious.

No, you know what? I'm not just dropping this. You wanna know my plan? My plan is I love you, okay? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere, and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarrassment, nothing. We'll just go back to how things stood.