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When grampa gives everyone their inheritance early, Lisa uses her $50 to give a micro loan to a local business: Nelson's bike shop.  Once Nelson becomes successful, he drops out of school, and Lisa seeks advice from other successful entrepreneurs including Mark Zuckerberg to keep Nelson in school.  When she finds out they all dropped out, it was Nelson's inability to read the glue he used was water solvent that sends him back to school.

Meanwhile, Homer and Marge become addicted to buying things they can't afford and then returning them.

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Although I do agree with David, they certainly bash Christianity a bit more than necessary. There are times I feel like if they had worded things a bit differently, it could have still been funny and yet not harmful to religious folks. The only time they did this was at the beginning before they went to visit grandpa. Still a great episode, though!


This is a wonderful example of how TV can make a positive impact. Its time for shows like this to do more than just "entertain". Thank you Simsons producers!

The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 2 Quotes

$500? that's like ten dead grampas!


Bart: I thought we were going to breakfast.
Marge: First, we're visiting grampa.
Homer: No fair, we just went to church.
Bart: So we already heard stories from thousands of years ago that didn't happen.