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When Lisa's self esteem is shattered by a drawing of her, Homer sacrifices his Duff blimp tickets to enter her into a beauty pageant.  Lisa ends up winning second place and when the winner is stripped of her crown, Lisa is declared Little Miss Springfield.  Soon Lisa realizes she becomes a shill for Larame cigarettes and sets out to protest, but eventually is stripped of her crown.

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The Simpsons Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Get your Haggis right here! Chopped heart and lungs boiled in a wee sheep's stomach! Tastes as good as it sounds!


Lisa: Do you remember why you entered me in that pageant?
Homer: I dunno. Was I drunk?
Lisa: Possibly. But the point is you wanted me to feel better about myself, and I do.
Homer: Will you remember this the next time I wreck your life?
Lisa: It's a deal!