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Walden meets a British woman on Two and a Half Men this week. But is he ready to re-enter the dating world? That's the question.

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This show is such disappointment now. 100 'votes' and only 2 comments at the moment.
Makes me wonder if people have been hired to inflate the vote to make this show... "acceptable" in order to entice viewers to watch.
Making believe that's it's not bad anymore and the producers have 'it all worked out'. The new formula sucks. If you have to "re-build the show" make a new one entitled "Walden Schmidts Penis" or "A show of Failure" and put the precious Ashton Kutcher on it solo or with a new cast. Then start a different show featuring the rest of the cast without Kutcher and see how it fares against Ashton almighty. Call it "Life without Walden" or maybe "Lady of the Manor" centering the show around Berta. Guest Starring CHARLIE SHEEN!!!


Sounds lame as I've never met anyone who can just by being there get a girl into bed. I must have missed that part of college and life. Unless you're George Clooney or Johnney Depp, and even they have some women who don't like them.

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Walden: Your son makes one heck of a wingman.
Jake: You make it easy boss.

In the dating game, wedding rings are like kryptonite. If superman was a vagina.