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The Oscars 2015 are upon us and our eyes are turning toward Tinseltown as we prepare to watch our favorite stars walk the red carpet outside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Will the heavy favorites take home the trophies or will there be upsets in some of the categories? 

It's almost as much fun to predict as March Madness. Almost. 

While The Oscars will cap off the week, we've got a whole lot of ground to cover before Sunday. Here's what we're watching this week at TV Fanatic.

Better Call Saul premiered to record breaking numbers last weekend, which came as a surprise to absolutely no one who was a fan of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. Tonight we'll find out if Jimmy is capable of resisting Nacho's very, very tempting offer to become quasi Robin Hoods. 

Over on The CW this week, there's a wedding and a funeral. Hayley and Jackson are tying the knot on The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 and Mystic Falls says goodbye to Liz Forbes on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15.

We're also saying goodbye to The Mentalist as the series comes to a close on Wednesday. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics! What are you looking forward to in this week's lineup? Sound off in the comments below!

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Better Call Saul Quotes

Mike: How does this hire work, exactly? Walk me through it.
Lydia: You will receive a paycheck from Madrigal in the amount of $10,000 per week. I believe, at that rate, your employment should be paid out in about 20 weeks. Mr, Fring has arranged to cover FICA, the social security, the entirety of the tax burden. I assume that's all right with you.

You know, Jimmy, sometimes in our line of work, you can get so caught up in the idea of winning that you forget to listen to your heart.