Family Guy Season 13 Episode 12 Review: Stewie Is Enceinte

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Am I correct in assuming that tonight's half-hour features one of the most ridiculous premises for the show to date? 

Not only is that a feat in and of itself, it actually came with a few truly memorable scenes, and a sort of bonding moment for Brian and Stewie.

While Peter and the rest were pretty much a side-note this week (with Megan nowhere to be found), the baby and the dog got to have a crazy stint together as each other's respective baby mamma and baby daddy.

Family Guy Season 13 Episode 12 is a pretty twisted look a whole variety of pregnancy-related issues, and I can't figure out whether or not to be thrown off by it's blatant weirdness, or embrace the risk.

Tonight's entire episode is derived from the idea that Stewie felt neglected by his usual partner in crime – Brian. Their usually co-dependent relationship was easy enough to frame as romantic, with Stewie playing the role of the clingy ex-girlfriend.

Just as a baby should, Stewie picks from cues around him and realizes that the best way to trap a man is to have a baby with him.

This sets off the most odd sequence of events that climaxes in a bright – and explosive –scene that has Stewie inserting Brian's DNA in his body via belly-button. 

The only scene that was creepier/weirder was the parked-car pregnancy.

Brian save the placenta! Save it, I want to eat it.

The mutant puppy-baby hybrids, each with their own unique ailments, eventually got donated to the animal shelter – which is probably for the best, considering that Stewie and Brian almost let one drown when it was in their care. 

It's hard to describe just how surreal the scenes at the doctor's office, or just initial inception in general, felt. This episode really toed the line with how tasteful it wanted to be.

I'm guessing, at this point in time, Seth MacFarlane really has nothing to shy away from.

You hit me! What kind of monster hits a pregnant toddler!

The jokes were centered around various topics, such as abortion, or the "gold-digger" mentality of locking a man down for at least 18 years by having his baby, and had small jabs at everything from baby showers to mood swings. 

Peter and the gang were sort of an afterthought, but still provided a few laughs in their brief time on screen. 

Poor Cleveland didn't know what a penguin was (he thought it was a bug) and got called some pretty nasty comments on their first attempt at a viral video.

Jeez, that word looks a lot harsher when it's in all caps.


Watch Family Guy online to relive the unbelievable pregnancy with Stewie, and watch in awe and/or horror as the episode pushes the idea way past what's appropriate.

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Stewie Is Enceinte Review

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Family Guy Season 13 Episode 12 Quotes

This is serious Rupert, I'm losing him! I'm going to fix this relationship. We need a baby, and we need it now!


Lois: Oh I'm not doing anything special, just sitting here with the baby.
Stewie: Screw you too.