Suits Season 4.5 Report Card: Grade It!

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Pearson Specter is no stranger to growing pains, and the back half of Suits Season 4 saw the firm struggling through them in ways we saw coming and ways we never could have seen.

From Louis' vengeful rampage to the interesting Harvey and Donna developments, Suits wasted not a single line of dialog or a single camera angle of the last six episode of the season. Let's take a moment to sing its praises, shall we?

Louis Has the Room - Suits Season 4 Episode 16

Best Episode: While many of the episodes that compromised the back half of this season dealt out some good drama, Suits Season 4 Episode 13 tops the list if only because it managed to bring back Hardman, Granny and Trevor, many of whom we haven't seen for two seasons. Not only that, we got to see Harvey's first case, and the whole thing was only made sweeter by a road trip and a repaired bromance!

Best Performance: Despite the fact I wanted to deck him by the time the whole thing was said and done, Rick Hoffman really embraced and ran with Louis' angst, hurt and frustration over the perceived betrayal of Mike's secret and stole the show in a lot of ways. It was good that he was able to make someone such as me, who adores Louis, really hate him. It was also nice to see Louis grieving in Suits Season 4 Episode 16 – on the other end of the spectrum from where season 4.5 began – and how Hoffman handled it. 

Introduction That Needed to Happen: Though it was second only to finally getting to meet Norma – which sort of happened? – meeting Jessica's sister Leah was a nice treat, if only because it meant things were going on with Jessica that warranted such an appearance in Suits Season 4 Episode 15. It's nice to be reminded that Jessica is human every once in a while, and has not only a past, but a present that extends beyond the firm!

Most Cathartic Moment: I think we all lived vicariously through Mike when he brawled with Louis in Suits Season 4 Episode 13. Not only was it time for them to resolve their issues, it was about time Louis got Litt-Up!

Hopes for Season 5: Clearly the resolution of the Darvey drama, but only after a few good installments of Harvey trying to get Donna back. Definitely looking forward to seeing what it looks like for Louis and Donna to work together, and hoping it only enhances their friendship. More background and personal-life action for Jessica would be the icing on the cake!

Overall Grade: A+

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: How would you grade Suits Season 4?

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