The Mentalist Season 7 Report Card: Grade It!

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We can’t believe it’s over. The Mentalist Season 7 was just 13 episode long, but we were thrilled to watch every installment for this final season.

Which was the best episode, most pivotal moment and most surprising twist? Which pairing had the best bromance this season? Read on to relive all of the wonderful moments from The Mentalist Season 7.

Best Episode:  The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 13, “White Orchid”  - After years of darkness and angst, Jane and Lisbon finally figured it out. They were open and honest with one another and as Lisbon told Jane as Lazarus was captured and he switched out her gun for a bouquet, “You see how much better things turn out when you're honest with me.” From catching their final serial killer to a romantic wedding surrounded by family and friends, it was the finale that made The Mentalist fans every where swoon. 

Most Disappointing Moment:  It was never really one episode but a string of missed moments where we wanted see more physical contact between Jane and Lisbon. A kiss, a hug, a touch. From Jane saving her life in “The Greybar Hotel” to them being their for one another after Vega’s funeral. We craved the moments of affection between these two that we never got to see until the very end. 

Best Change:  We found out in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 1 “Nothing But Blue Skies” that Agent Kim Fischer had moved on. We didn’t hate Agent Fischer but she never seemed to fit in during The Mentalist Season 6 so we have to admit, we were glad to see her go.

Most Pivotal Episode: The Mentalist 7 Episode10, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” - She was introduced as the annoyingly over-eager rookie who looked down upon Patrick Jane’s unorthodox methods. Several episodes in we’d really developed an affection for Michelle Vega. That’s why her death hit us and the team so hard. Wiley mourned the girl he’d finally found the courage to ask out, Cho suffered the loss of his trainee and Jane almost decided to leave the FBI all together. It was the episode that changed everything and put Jane and Lisbon’s future in question. It was dramatic, heartbreaking and unforgettable.

Best Character Return:  The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3, “Orange Blossom ice Cream” brought back the unforgettable Erika Flynn played by Morena Baccarin. Not only did she immediately realize that Jane and Lisbon were now in a relationship, she tried to derail it to save herself, unsuccessfully of course. Although we weren’t thrilled with her tactics it we loved seeing her once last time.

Most Dramatic Moment:  The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 2, “The Greybar Hotel” We knew that Lisbon going undercover in prison was going to be good but it was when she and her cellmate broke out of prison that things got good.   almost getting shot after breaking out of prison. When Cole held a gun to Lisbon’s head, Jane looked positively ill.  We wondered if an unarmed Jane was going to have to sit back and watch his secret love be killed.  Instead he stepped into the fray and the two almost died together, until backup followed Jane’s trail of bottles and came to their rescue.

Best Bromance:  This one was tough. As much as we loved the relationship that formed between Cho and Wiley, it was Dennis Abbott and Patrick Jane who won for best bromance. From Abbott telling his wife that Jane was one of the most devious minds he’s ever worked with to him also admitting that he’d trust Jane with his life, these two formed a bond we hadn’t before witnessed. Despite wanting to throw him in prison when they first met, Abbott grew to respect and dare we say even love Patrick Jane and the feeling was mutual.

Funniest Moment: It’s a tie. There was the cat sitting on the money in Peterson’s house in The Mentalist Season 7 episode 9 “Copper Bullet” and Lisbon singing a Bon Jovi lullaby to Jane in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 8, “The Whites of Their Eyes” We just couldn’t choose.

Happiest Moment: Patrick Jane proposing to Teresa Lisbon. He took off his wedding ring and told Teresa how much she meant to him and that his future was with her. That moment, and the wedding that followed were the happiest moments of the series. 

Most Surprising Twist:  We have to admit. We never saw it come until Lisbon smiled at Jane and put her hand over her stomach. A Jisbon baby. It was the most wonderful surprise that we didn’t see coming.

The Mentalist Season 7 Grade: A

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Give The Mentalist Season 7 your grade.

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Patrick Jane: I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?
Teresa Lisbon: Okay. Yes. Yes.

Teresa Lisbon: You're not wearing your wedding ring.
Patrick Jane: I'm not married.