The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 17 Review: Waiting for Duffman

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Homer as Duffman seems like such an obvious concept that it's actually a little surprising that it has never been done before. 

The added twist that being Duffman means Homer can't drink? Brilliant. 

Sober Homer has been a rarity throughout the series, but when it happens it tends to lead to some great moments. The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 17 gave us a few more to add to the list. 

The reality competition was kind of silly, especially with some of the contestants. Of course we all knew Homer would win, but I did like that they tried to throw us off for a second by revealing he was the runner-up. Homer's "Marge Madness" tattoo was pretty fitting for this week too, wasn't it? 

It wasn't the first time The Simpsons spoofed Game Of Thrones, but I still enjoyed the montage, complete with a fire-breathing dragon. Still not as good as the couch gag though. 

I'm from Indiana and I've attended the Indy 500, so I have to say I can't really blame the townspeople for being a little angry with Homer for switching the beer to non-alcoholic. Indy fans would not have been pleased. 

I laughed at Homer driving around in circles trying to escape the angry mob, especially when he decided to try reverse. I think my favorite part though was when they revealed that poor Lisa might be losing her mind:

Lisa: I'm not sure how many more times we can watch dad chased down by an angry crowd before it affects us psychologically.
Dr. Schulman: As a family therapist, I can assure you that you have all the coping skills you need.
Marge: Why is Lisa talking to an empty seat?
Lisa: See you next Tuesday Dr. Schulman! Oh right, you're in Maui.

Lisa has apparently invented her own psychiatrist in her head. I think that's a sign she probably needs a real one. Seriously though, who can blame her growing up in that family? It was only a matter of time, really. 

I was a little proud of Homer for managing not to drink while he was on the job. Even with the chip he thought he had, it's Homer, I'd expect him to slip, especially at the bar with his friends. Granted when he found out the chip wasn't real he wasted no time getting, well, wasted again. It's The Simpsons, so we know by the end of the half hour everything will revert back to normal, complete with the original Duffman returning to duty. 

That was a sweet tribute to Sam Simon at the end. Usually we just get a quick card, but it was really nice that they also included a short video of him as well. 

Your turn, what did you guys think? 

No new episode next week, but if you're going through withdrawal you can always watch The Simpsons online to hold you over. 

Waiting for Duffman Review

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Mr. Duff: Why don't you kids run off and play in the bottle cap pit.
Marge: Don't cut yourselves!