Orphan Black Season 4: A Horrifying New Direction

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What will the clones be like when they're not all working as one? We're about to find out.

Fresh off her first Emmy nomination, Tatiana Maslany is about to do some of her best work as Sarah finds herself estranged from all she loves in Orphan Black Season 4

Isolated - Orphan Black

Sarah will return from her Icelandic hideout to track down an elusive ally to Beth Childs. Sarah will follow Beth’s footsteps into a dangerous relationship with a potent new enemy, heading in a horrifying new direction.

The constant pressure of trying to keep her sisters and everyone else in her life safe will drive Sarah back to old habits, and as she's pulled in varying directions, she'll soon find herself at odds with all those she has come to love and whose relationships changed her life for the better.

In short, our lead sestra is going down a very dark path indeed.

"Orphan Black has touched a remarkable chord with fans the world over and continues to delve into provocative subject matter with a sure and entertaining touch," says Sarah Barnett, President and General Manager, BBC America. "Tatiana's performance is quite frankly phenomenal, proving quite convincingly, there is nothing else like Orphan Black on television, and no one like Tatiana Maslany."

If you need to catch up on the tales of the #CloneClub you can watch Orphan Black online right here via TV Fanatic.

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