Family Guy Season 14 Episode 3 Review: Guy Robot

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Sometimes newer isn't always better, but in the case of Family Guy Season 14 Episode 3, a new week did bring better laughs.

And maybe that's because while Lois and Peter were buying a new mattress, it was Stewie and Brian who took center stage. 

The New Matress

Brian decides to try his hand at stand-up comedy after watching an unfunny comic on TV. It almost made me feel as though Family Guy was trying to make fun of itself – that whole "if you can't laugh at yourself..."  I liked that.  

When no one laughs after his first two jokes, he decides to steal Stewie's Twitter feed – the same Twitter feed he didn't think was funny – and the crowd goes crazy. 

When Stewie catches him using his jokes, he decides to unfriend Brian (also funny) and creates a robot to be his new friend.

I thought the whole storyline was excellent in pointing out the ridiculousness of how much importance we place on social media. Are our "friends" really our friends? Does having 10k followers really make you popular?

As Stewie quickly finds out, it's all a farce. Thankfully, for him, he has a true friend in Brian who helps him see the error of his ways and eventually helps him get rid of the "friends" that aren't really his friends.

After all, true friends don't make you drink a bottle of garlic blue cheese dressing in order to be part of their club. At least they shouldn't. Though I found it humorous watching Stewie trying to barf it all back into the bottle like his "friends" wanted him to do. This is the kind of ridiculous humor I like to see on Family Guy.

And this kind of ridiculousness carried over onto the Lois and Peter new mattress storyline. After Lois discovers that Peter's side of the mattress is old and sunken in, Lois wants to purchase a new one. The couple created a lot of memories on the old mattress, but it's the idea of no sex on the new mattress for a few weeks that drives Peter to find the old one. In this case, old doesn't always mean better because bringing back the old also brings back the nasty. 

The best part of this storyline was the thrill Peter found on Blueberry Hill. It made me laugh out loud. Base humor at its best. Oh, and Meg in the well, because, well, making fun of Meg makes for good laughs.

"Guy Robot" was a definite improvement over Family Guy Season 14 Episode 2. While I understand the need and importance for social statements, for me, Family Guy is at its best when it's not so serious.

Join us next week when we review Family Guy Season 14 Episode 4 right here on TV Fanatic. In the meantime, catch up on the laughs when you watch Family Guy online.

Guy Robot Review

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