The Flash Round Table: All Systems Go for Earth 2

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The universe is expanding on The Flash, and we're talking about it on our Round Table for The Flash Season 2 Episode 2.

Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot made their debuts during "The Flash of Two Worlds," while Harrison Wells made his stunning return.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Hank Otero, Whitney Evans and Carissa Pavlica, as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast, debate and discuss the latest development. Won't you join them?

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

Share your opinion on Jay Garrick. In an ideal world, would you like him to stick around?

Allison: I like him, and I hope we get to see more of him and his personality. However, I think he eventually needs to go back to his own Earth. We've already done the mentor thing with Wells, and I feel like if Jay stuck around, that's all he would be – a mentor.

Hank: Though Jay calling Barry "kid" got old super quick, I liked the guy. It actually bugged me when Barry imprisoned him the Pipeline. I get it, but that was harsh. While I agree that Barry's already been mentored by Wells, the dynamic and what Jay has to offer is infinitely more beneficial to the Scarlet Speedster. Tips on being a superhero from another Flash? That's wild man! Plus, Jay seems more like a big brother to Barry and he doesn't have an evil ulterior motive like Wells did. I agree with Allison, I think Jay will eventually head home though.

Whitney: I liked Jay a lot! I could understand why Barry would be leery of Jay in the beginning, given everything he's been through, but I never got any sinister vibes from him. I don't think there's a permanent place for him at Star Las, but he's not a bad addition to the team right now.

Andy: Teddy Sears was terrific as Jay and as a big Flash fan, I had the biggest nerd out ever this week seeing him and Barry interact as well as paying tribute to a very classic Flash comic cover, #123 "Flash of Two Worlds". I think it was fair of Barry to be as hesitant as he was, although he really needed a wake-up call when he was starting to get a little rude towards the whole team. Bless Iris for giving him that heart-to-heart talk. I look forward to see more of Jay, but I don't really want to start thinking about him having to back to his Earth at this point.

Carissa: I thought he was pretty terrific and hate the idea he has to go away. While it definitely has to happen, it stinks when a character clicks so quickly, yet you know they're only in for a short while. He wouldn't even be a threat to the dynamics of the show if he stuck around since he lost his powers. But he might be helpful being back in his own world. I already miss him!

What did you think of Patty Spivot? Would she make a good love match for Barry?

Allison: Immediately, I fell in love with her. I look forward to seeing her work with Joe. She was pretty adorable with Barry. Their little Holy Grail bit was ridiculously adorable. I cannot wait to see more of them being cute. Do we have a ship name for them yet?

Hank: I also liked her, though she was trying a little too hard at first. Once we learned her story, I immediately wanted her on team Flash. I guess Joe's anti-metahuman task force is the next best thing, so I'm all for it. I loved that her character is completely different from Felicity. The writers are going for something new with Patty and I think it's going to be fun getting to know her. As far as a good match, they bonded over Monty Python and the Holy Grail for Pete's sake... enough said.

Whitney: I found her to be a bit much at first, but I did warm to her eventually. I agree with Hank, that it'll be fun getting to know her more and seeing how she fits in with the team. Her and Barry are clearly a lot alike, so on paper they seem like an ideal match and they definitely have the chemistry to match.

Andy: I am with Hank, she was trying a little too hard to begin with and I was initially concerned that she would feel too much like Felicity Smoak. Luckily, it wasn't as much as I thought it would have been. She was a lot of fun and I look forward to hopefully see her interact with the whole gang because even though I know there will be a little romance between her and Barry, I want her to be a full centered character like the other great female characters on the show that is Iris and Caitlin.

And Allison, you were asking if there is a name for them – maybe Parry? Spallen? I have no idea, all I know is that I am Team WestAllen 100%, which we know will happen down the line – maybe we can get a Cisco/Patty ship going?

Carissa: Count me as the sole naysayer in the group. She just didn't sit well with me. She tried too hard, and it felt as if she was being pushed down my throat. When a character comes on and it feels like there's an agenda, I lose interest quickly. She's too plucky for my taste. Sorry.

What are your impressions on Cisco and his vibes as he continues to learn more about them?

Allison: I want to give Cisco a hug! He clearly sees his gift more as an evil curse from Wells than a gift. I still don't fully understand his powers, but I am enjoying slowly finding out more and more. I think telling Professor Stein was a great idea, and hopefully the two of them can figure out what's going on.

Hank: Honestly, I'm not sure what's up with Cisco's powers yet, but I agree that letting Professor Stein in on his "vibes" was a good idea. As the visions become more intense and dangerous for the team, I believe Cisco will come clean. I'm curious to see how things play out.

Whitney: I don't exactly understand his powers either, but bringing someone like Professor Stein in can only be a good thing. It's interesting to learn a little more about the vibes each week and I'm curious when he will fess up to the group. I can't imagine he will be able to keep it a secret for much longer.

Andy: As a big Vibe comics fan, I love seeing more and more of his powers coming into play. I just don't want him to have full control yet though, I want him to still having all those struggles as he starts to master them. If you want to get a better vibe (pun intended) of how his power set is like in the comics, I strongly recommend picking up Sterling Gate's Justice League of America's Vibe collected volume where you get a full origin of Cisco.

Carissa: Anything Cisco goes through tugs at my heartstrings, so knowing he was genuinely frightened of his vibes and still used them to try to save the day was a real win. I'm all for his story expanding. I just hope he doesn't let the evil he believes planted there by Wells take over in any way.

Does opening the Flash/Arrow universe to other worlds and dopplegangers appeal to you or are you worried about the development and why?

Allison: I'm liking the twist on the Flash, but this has to be handled delicately and thoughtfully. Fringe had an alt-verse, and I really loved seeing the differences between the two universes and how one character differed between universes. Let's have Alt!Barry and our Barry work side by side or even just meet.That could be cool. If we did something like that, I'd be intrigued. Right now, we have only had dopplegangers thrown in to confuse police and Barry's team. If we brought in a doppleganger of someone we know (like it looks like we will be doing with Wells), I'm on board with it. Just don't go crazy.

Hank: I absolutely love this development, and I think Earth 2 opens up endless storytelling possibilities. Sure Earth 52 might be overkill, but I like Allison's Fringe comparison (one of my favorite series of all time). How cool would it be to see a couple of Barry Allen's working side by side? Imagine an Oliver Queen coming over that's not a superhero, just a normal dude or a righteous Leonard Snart. I think the Singularity is already proving to be a more interesting plot device than the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. Doppelgängers are just cool, no matter what show they pop up on.

Whitney: I wouldn't say I'm worried per say, but it has to be done correctly. Alternate universes and dopplegangers can be fun and intriguing, but they can also get confusing and unnecessary. The Flash really has yet to disappoint, so I see no reason to be worried they won't be able to pull it off. But like Allison said, don't go crazy! I don't think we need too any Barry's and Iris's and Joe's walking around.

Andy: It's very appealing because it adds another great comic book feel to these shows, which is what they are based on – great comic book characters. There are a lot of great potential here for awesome stories and crossovers to be done here so I'm all for it. I trust these writers + the DC Legend that is Geoff Johns is part of this so I know that it's 110% good hands and it won't go overboard.

Carissa: I was the one who enjoyed that episode with the dude who touched someone and morphed into them merely because it gave the actors a chance to play different parts of themselves, so this is a gold mine! Discovering who else is on other earths and what they do seems like a lot of fun. Kudos to the reader who thought it might be super cool to learn Henry Allen was The Flash on another earth. So many possibilities!! Bring them on.

Speculation time! In one of those worlds is a Harrison Wells, very similar to the one who was in ours. Given the very short introduction we got, how close do you think he will be, when might he come to our world and how will the Flash Team react?

Allison: He looked hella evil in that short glimpse we got. Did you hear the way he said "hello kids?" All the red flags went up. I don't think Team Flash will react well when they meet this Harrison Wells, and I don't think Ronnie, who most likely is in Earth 2, will react well to seeing him either. No one will be giving him a welcoming hug, that's for sure. As for how and when this meeting happens, I have no idea.

Hank: I think Earth 2 Harrison Wells might prove to be a more self-absorbed and devious guy. That's probably wishful thinking because Tom Cavanagh plays evil so darn well. Since the real Wells was a good guy until Eobard Thawne killed him, I think Wells 2.0 might be more ruthless. That said, wouldn't the writers be repeating themselves? I can't imagine they would want to cover the same ground with Wells. Perhaps he'll have to prove himself a decent guy, and Team Flash will have a tough time trusting that face. All I know for sure is, I'm so glad Cavanagh is back!

Whitney: I can't imagine they will bring Harrison back to have him just be the same Harrison we knew. I'm thinking he'll either be an even worse version of our Harrison Wells or an actual good person, which would makes things pretty interesting. I'm not sure when it will finally happen, but it's pretty safe to say no one is going to be happy to see him again.

Andy: That's a good question, I'm still processing that because while I LOVE that Cavanagh is back, I am not sure what kind of Harrison he is. He is definitely not Eobard-as-Harrison-in-disguise, I think Eobard will look different if he ever shows up again. Maybe Earth-2 Harrison is more of an Anti-Hero as opposed to being an even bigger villain? The mystery continues!

Carissa: Isn't it amazing how with only one sentence out of his mouth, the new Harrison Wells already seems slightly less than friendly? All of your theories are good. Discovering he's a tough nut to crack with a soft, gooey interior instead of an all round hard guy or a nice guy hiding a hardened heart would be a nice switch. I just really hope he's not tied to Zoom in any way shape or size. That won't work for me. Zoom sure does look and quiver a whole lot like Reverse Flash, though.

And here's your first look ahead to The Flash Season 2 Episode 3:

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