Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Aria Going Dark?!?

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Would Aria turn on her friends?

That did not appear to be out of the question on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 14.

TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Yana Grebenyuk are joined by superfan Meaghan Frey. Read below as they discuss the shocking twists. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Mary killing Jessica?

Jay: Not surprised. It was either Peter or Mary. I'm more interested in what Mary was doing posing as Jessica that night, and what led to the murder. There's so much we don't know, and Jessica could've even tried to kill Mary first.

Meaghan: Yawn. That was so predictable. They could've just revealed this when Mary was first introduced instead of waiting it out. How does Peter even know that she murdered Jessica?

Did Mary straight up admit she did it? If she did admit it to him and she was supposedly trying to frame him, why wouldn't he go to the police? Something doesn't add up, and I wonder if Mary wasn't really the one. 

Yana: Didn't even register in my mind much. The build up just wasn't really worth it in my opinion because I wasn't interested from the very beginning. 

Round Four - Pretty Little Liars

Why has Lucas never told Hanna about his Charlotte connection?

Jay: Because everyone in Rosewood is shady. Actually, because it was a last minute plot twist written in only to get us looking for someone else as an AD suspect. Any way, Lucas has always hidden things from Hanna; he knew Mona was A and helped her before Hanna ever knew, too.

Meaghan: He loves Hanna. If he in any way helped Cece torture her and the girls he knows Hanna would never forgive him. 

Yana: Because he isn't hiding anything and he is someone we can still trust. I won't buy into this shady plot because I love Lucas and his friendship with Hanna. Can't they leave one thing semi-innocent? But for real, maybe it isn't as bad as we are meant to think? 

Charlotte was Ted's daughter. React!

Jay: Interesting. My bet was on Kenneth, but it's nice to see that Mary had something / a love of her own instead of just getting back at her sister.

Meaghan: Talk about coming out of left field! I loved seeing Ted back. He and Ashley were so cute together. Can we get a #PastorMarin reunion?!

I feel awful for him that he never knew about Cece, and that by the time he did, she had already gone down such a dark path that lead to her death. I think if Cece had Pastor Ted in her life, things would be very different.

Yana: Who remembered Pastor Ted? That was a nice throwback for sure and was actually a twist because they brought back an established character instead of introducing someone new for one purpose.

I agree that it was upsetting that Ted didn't get to actually know that he had a daughter until it was too late. It brings up a huge what if. 

Do you believe anything Peter Hastings says?

Jay: Yes and no. He's clearly hiding something, and there's more to the night Jessica was killed than he's letting on. Also, he knew about Charlotte before, and he wouldn't own up to that if he weren't trying, to be honest.

Meaghan: You can never trust a word that comes out of that man's mouth. After all, this is the man that fathered children with not one but two women while married to Veronica. Like I said in my previous answer, I wouldn't be surprised if he were lying about Mary killing Jessica.

Especially when he is so intent on Spencer not finding her. 

Yana: Why does everything come back to this man? I don't think I will ever believe him or anything he claims to know for sure. He just isn't worth trusting, especially with all that side stuff he did with other women. 

Is Aria going to the dark side?

Jay: Looks that way. What is Aria hiding? Whatever secret Jessica had in her file happened before her death in Pretty Little Liars Season 4, so whatever she diid? It happened when we were already watching Aria.

Meaghan: I am so intrigued by what is in that file, or what Aria at least thinks is in it. It was bad enough to turn on the girls that quick so it must be good. 

Yana: I really hope this isn't a fake-out because watching a liar actually go dark, especially Aria who was a big A suspect at one point would be wonderful. I'm actually shocked that none of them really tried to team up with A.D yet, especially since it could benefit them after years of this torture. 

Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. What did you think of the latest twists for the characters?

Remember you can watch Pretty Little Liars online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the characters. 

Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 15 airs May 23 on Freeform. 

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