The 100 Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Die All, Die Merrily

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I unofficially titled my review of The 100 Season 4 Episode 10 "The Bunker Games" because, well, that was exactly what it was – The 100's very own version of the Hunger Games.

But if anything, the conclave's stakes were much higher than the organized slaughter of the beloved YA series. After all, humanity's very existence was on the line.

And it got bloody, quick.

The rules of the game were pretty straightforward (never mind the fact that holding this silly conclave days before the apocalypse was illogical and a pretty huge waste of time).

Each of the 13 warriors (one from each clan) wore their clan's sigil on a dog tag around their neck. One by one, they killed each other, with the victor collecting every other clan's dog tag. That victor's clan got to use the bunker and survive the apocalypse.

This conclave was a great reminder that we've hardly spent any time getting to know the other clans, which is a real shame now that they'll probably all be exterminated thanks to Praimfaya.

Only five faces battling were recognizable – Ilian (fighting for Trishanakru), Roan (for Azgeda), one of Indra's dudes (whose name I forget, for Trikru), Octavia (for Skaikru), and Luna (for... nobody). The other eight never stood a chance, obviously.

Going into this hour, so near to the finale, I was positive that we'd get one major character death, simply because we haven't gotten any others this season. I honestly had no idea that we'd get three, one after the other. That was intense.

To start with, I loved all of Octavia's interactions prior to starting the conclave. 

Her close moment with Indra was incredible. I've always loved the bond that developed between these two, even though it was strained as of late and particularly after Lincoln's death.

I also loved Kane and Bellamy encouraging Octavia to remember her roots as the girl under the floor on the Ark, and to use her skill at keeping hidden to remain out of the fray long enough to make it to the final two. Rather than killing every other conclave fighter, she'd just have to kill one.

And that's essentially what she did, in the end.

Ilian was the first to go, having made a surprise appearance to represent his clan at the conclave. That wasn't all too surprising, given that Octavia seemed to have killed the only other three noteworthy fighters from that clan back on The 100 Season 4 Episode 9.

At first, Ilian remained distant from Octavia, but then offered the chance to team up against the others. Octavia wasn't interested in fighting beside him, knowing she'd need to kill him at the end anyway.

Despite that, Ilian jumped into the fray to help Octavia during a fight against several other warriors, proving he legitimately did care for her. Unfortunately, it would be the last thing poor Ilian would ever do.

Just moments after helping Octavia, he took a surprise arrow to the neck.

That arrow was courtesy of Echo, who was hidden on the battlefield and acting as an assassin to help Roan win, effectively "cheating" at the conclave – without her king's knowledge. But more on that in a minute.

The goodbye between Ilian and Octavia was pretty heartbreaking, even if I didn't fully buy the bond between the two of them (I mean, it happened really abruptly, okay?).

It was also very evocative of Clarke's mercy-killing of Finn back on The 100 Season 2 Episode 8.

Roan was the next character to meet his maker, and the loss I'm most devastated about. At the very least, Roan went out on a high note. Sorta.

Roan — The 100 Season 4 Episode 10

He was a consistently moral character, always committed to being loyal to those who had shown him loyalty. He gave Skaikru so many chances.

I loved the fact that he was rightfully outraged to find out that Echo had besmirched Azgeda's good name by sneaking onto the battlefield to help him win.

Echo has always been blindly loyal to her people. This time, she took it too far and got straight-up banished for it. Of course, who knows whether that banishment will stick now that Roan is dead anyway?

Roan kept up his honorable mentality by striking a bargain with Octavia to team up against Luna, knowing that either of them individually would struggle to defeat her. While Roan wanted Azgeda to live, he was able to see the importance of at least one clan – any clan – getting the bunker.

Anyone but Luna.

Speaking of whom: Luna was straight up terrifying in this installment.

I fight for death. When I win, no one will be saved.


She took a hard turn into villain territory, but it was believable. Luna has been so utterly broken down by everything she's seen and experienced.

In a sense, I think she finally just snapped and decided the best course of action would be to end it all. Humanity, that is.

Luna saw her entire clan die, then was forced into being a lab rat for Skaikru, watching them use her blood to perform tests on a human subject and forcing a horrific death upon him. It's understandable that she'd be more than a bit disillusioned with the human race.

Of course, none of this excuses what she did. Attempting to issue a blanket condemnation for everyone to die is obviously excessive.

Sadly, some well-timed black rain (well-timed on Luna's behalf, at least) tipped the fight in Luna's favor. Octavia retreated (she was super good at retreating all throughout "Die All, Die Merrily"), but Roan remained.

Unfortunately, he wound up getting a not-so-honorable death at Luna's hands. She stabbed him and then drowned him in a small fountain. Definitely not the most warrior-like way to die in battle.

I kept hoping that Roan was pulling a fake-out a la what Clarke did to him on The 100 Season 3 Episode 1. Besides, he's escaped certain death (getting shot!) before.

But alas, I'm pretty sure he's actually dead and gone this time, which is hugely disappointing.

The final battle between Octavia and Luna was great. Luna was giving her epic villain monologue, so assured that she'd defeat Octavia – only for Octavia to come in clutch with the hiding and the sneak attack.

There are people worth saving.


I've not always been crazy about Octavia's storyline, but she was excellent in this installment that was nearly 100% focused on her.

Marie Avgeropolous gave a stunning performance – particularly when Octavia declared that she'd been fighting for everyone, not just Skaikru.

Kane and Indra could not have looked prouder of her. When Indra told Octavia that Lincoln would be proud, I practically sobbed. So emotional.

Unfortunately, all that goodwill went to the wayside right quick when it was discovered that Skaikru had double crossed everyone with a devious plot orchestrated by none other than Clarke.

Skaikru has betrayed us all.


I'm so disappointed in Clarke. What an absolutely shitty thing to do, for a number of reasons.

For one, Octavia was risking her life for her people out on the battlefield, and she gets betrayed by getting locked out of the bunker that she just rightfully won.

It was obvious from the start of the hour that Clarke never in a million years thought that Octavia would beat Luna. Oh ye of little faith.

We did what we had to do.


I'm very much looking forward to seeing Bellamy talk some sense into Clarke next week – and also seeing Clarke's reaction when she finds out that Octavia did win and that she came up with the perfect, peaceful compromise.

Stray thoughts:

  • Remember when I said that staying behind at Arkadia better not have screwed over Monty's chances of survival? Well, this is exactly what I meant. Because now he's locked out of the bunker too. Damn it.
  • Also remember when I joked about Luna fighting in the conclave just to ban everyone else from it? Sorry for being so psychic, guys.
  • That moment where Octavia overheard Bellamy speaking to Roan about how lucky he was to be her brother really got me. I teared up, not gonna lie. They better reunite asap.
  • In what universe did Abby consent to allowing Kane to get locked out of the bunker? Clarke must not have told her the plan in advance. I wonder how that will affect their relationship.
  • I know that the conclave was technically for ownership of the bunker, but can Octavia just be commander now? I mean, c'mon. She's earned it.

It's Unity Day, Kane.


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