Family Guy Season 16 Episode 3 Review: Nanny Goats

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Too much together time isn't necessarily a good thing.

Family Guy Season 16 Episode 3 found Lois and Peter rediscovering each other after Barbara Pewterschmidt hired a nanny to help Lois around the house.

Lois and Peter became one of "those" couples until they finally had enough.

Reconnecting - Family Guy

After a promising start to Family Guy Season 16, "Nanny Goats" was another disappointment. There wasn't much to latch onto here. Some of the jokes were so dumb they seemed funny (like the moth in the lampshade), and others just fell flat (too many to count).

The jokes weren't horrible, they were more shake your head type jokes rather than laugh out loud ones. And I guess maybe I'd like to see some Brian and Stewie focused stories or even some including more of the guys, especially Quagmire. 

The standout joke (I always enjoy Family Guy's potshots at Disney) featured Mickey Mouse, including Peter's commentary following it. But then again, aren't they beating a dead horse? How many times are they going to go down that road? I think we get it already.

It's like those elongated scenes I can't stand (Peter's knee) that we got again, this time with Peter's breathing. Finding that funny must be a guy thing because I find no humor in those drawn-out jokes.

One of the things I do enjoy is when Family Guy makes potshots at other shows, in this case, Last Man on Earth. It wasn't necessarily a huge potshot, but it was a potshot nonetheless. And well-deserved, I might add.

Nanny Goats - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 3

Peter and Chris meeting the Uber driver with Natalia the nanny in a bathrobe welcoming them to their "work environment" was a worthy Family Guy moment. It seemed timely even if the episode was created months ago. At least I thought it was.  

Too much Lois and Peter (instead of a mix of other characters) were almost like the point of the main plot. It's fun to have a lot of time together, but after a while, not only does it get annoying, it gets boring.

Peter and Lois loved their newfound time together, though. They were the envy of their friends! But after six straight days of togetherness, they'd had enough. Being together that much is not all it's cracked up to be. 

By the time they got to the cabin for the weekend, being together was no longer fun. All their lovey-doveyness of the past six days got tossed out the window, and their getaway turned into one big insult fest. It was enjoyable watching them lay into each other.

Lois had the upper hand in the insult department. I loved when she said she died the day they got married. The things you sometimes say to your spouse. 

Of course, they didn't mean any of it. Peter and Lois might not be the perfect couple, but they love each other, and they work well together except not as one of those 24/7 couples.

And we all know those 24/7 couples aren't working right behind the scenes. It's all fakery. What sane person wants to be glued to their significant other for that long of a period?

 A healthy relationship allows for plenty of "me" time. "We" time is hugely overrated.

Natalia was a great nanny. She was like Stewie's dream nanny. Think of all the things Stewie could learn from her if she stuck around for a while. The action scene was the best part of her whole story, but reading Stewie those bedtime stories was a lot of fun, too.

Welcome Home - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 3

'Everybody Poops...Blood' was hugely funny, even if the story itself didn't get read. It's such a stupid book that it's funny, and with the Russian twist, it made it even funnier. 

And I loved when Natalia threw Stewie out of the plane and told him to count to three then pull the string. Even if he didn't know his numbers, he figured it out, and like any little kid, though the whole trip was scary as hell, he wanted to do it again. It was a lot of fun! I'd want to do it again if I was his age.

Anything Stewie is always a good thing on Family Guy.

"Nanny Goats" wasn't horrible, but it was still a disappointment after the knock-out season opener. It's still early in the season, so maybe we'll be seeing more of the great than the mediocre. I hope so. 

What did you think of "Nanny Goats"? Did you have a favorite part or did the episode fall flat for you?

What did you think of Nanny Natalia? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Nanny Goats Review

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: Well, maybe I can give you half a breadstick later.
Lois: As long as you don't mind a little marinara dipping sauce.
Peter: That's absolutely disgusting. And I love it!

We time is just as important as "me" time.