Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9 Review: The Bad Place

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Who else was banking on what appears to be a prehistoric world being introduced on Supernatural?

It's the time of the year when our favorite shows take a little break, and Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9 did not disappoint before taking its leave. 

I was pleased the hour started off with Jack. They could have easily spent half the episode trying to track him down, but it was a pleasant change of pace having Jack start everything off. It was also fascinating being introduced to a dream walker. 

Jack and Kaia - Supernatural

Speaking of dream walkers, why the heck has it taken so long to incorporate one of them into the mythology of Supernatural? I know we've had cases when people could control dreams, but we've never seen someone enter another world through them. 

Am I the only one who continues to give Jack a pass when he appears to be hurting people? There's something incredibly innocent about Jack -- it gets me every single time. Jack truly doesn't know what he is doing. 

It was a little irritating when Dean jumped to the conclusion Jack was trying to find his father.

Dean said himself he liked the kid -- so why make the assumption he was looking for his father? Sam, again, was the voice of reason by recommending they look at all the facts; though I feel like the guys could get so much more done if they consistently looked at the facts.

Sam And Dean - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9

Thankfully it didn't take long for the guys to realize Jack was trying to help them out. It was interesting to see Jack share what he saw with Sam and Dean. It was clear Jack had been working on his powers while he was away. Dean's reaction to seeing his mom alive was equal parts wonderful and heartbreaking. 

Why would I look for him? He's no one to me.


You could see the wheels turning in Dean's mind. He had been trying so hard to mourn the death of his mother and go through the stages of grief, but then to be shown she's very much alive was a total shock to him. It made sense why he was beating himself up.

Who else enjoyed Dean finally admitting Jack was family? It was only a matter of time before Dean would come out and say it, but it was wonderful finally hearing it. The moment was immediately ruined by the evil angels.

Is anyone else getting a little frustrated with the angels this season?

I realize they want to get Jack, but my goodness, they have been killing a lot of people to get to him. The angels haven't always been good, but they've never tortured this many people to get to just one person. I'm over seeing the angels basically turn into demons. 

Let Jack Talk - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9

I did find myself enjoying the introduction of Kaia, and the re-introduction of Patience, which was a way for the show to get us used to these characters before Wayward Sister's starts. At first, I wasn't sure about Kaia, but hearing her talk about the dream walking she does in the bad place made me feel for her. 

It was angering when Dean forced Kaia to get in the car. Dean was desperate to find his mother, but he had no right to point a gun at Kaia to convince her to get in the car.

He could have easily persuaded Kaia to get in by laying out all the facts like Sam was trying to do. At least Dean took the chance to apologize when they were in danger. 

There was something extremely kind about the way Jack talked with Kaia, and let her know she had nothing to be afraid of when it came to her powers.

It was a sweet moment between the two of them when she gave him permission to show her there is more out there than the darkness. It was great seeing Jack be the teacher. 

It did seem as though Jack, and the guys, have split up yet again -- yes, it is frustrating. After spending the last eight episodes trying to find Jack, the guys are now split up again with no clear way to get out. 

All in all, it was a decent finale. It would have been better to have others involved in helping the guys like, I don't know, maybe Cas. I was seriously perplexed why the guys didn't immediately call Cas to let him know they had Jack. I'm curious how Cas is going to do not only find Jack but also find the guys. 

What did you guys think of the winter finale? What kind of world do you think Sam and Dean have gotten themselves into? Are you nervous Lucifer may try to take advantage of Jack? How do you think Cas will be pulled in to all of this?

We won't get another new episode until January, so you better go watch Supernatural online via TV Fanatic to get your fix. 

The Bad Place Review

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 9 Quotes

Kaia: So what's your poison? Why are you here?
Jack: I like cocaine.

I want you to do it. Dream walk for me.