Family Guy Season 16 Episode 12 Review: Send in Stewie, Please

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I have only one thing to say about Family Guy Season 16 Episode 12: WTF?!

Unfortunately, I have to come up with more things to say than that, but if I could write this review the way I want, it would consist of 750 WTF's because I don't think I've ever watched a Family Guy episode so absolutely horrid.

What, exactly, was the point of this "limited commercial" installment? Why were we tortured with incessant talking that had no point?

And did we really wait how long for this piece of crap?

Stewie Sees a Psychologist - Family Guy

We don't find out why Stewie had to see the school psychologist until almost the end. He apparently did something that is totally Stewie: he pushed a classmate down the stairs.

With all the things Stewie has done in his short life, how come it's taken the adults until now to realize he probably should be seeing someone? They never noticed Stewie's odd behavior before.

I feel like I'm completely missing something.

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So we learn that Stewie's persona is all fake, but is that really surprising because it's not a shocker to me. Or maybe I just didn't care that Stewie's real voice wasn't anything like his fake voice.

It was stupid that the doctor claimed he couldn't tell a difference between any of Stewie's voices or even that he didn't hear Stewie's British accent.

While I hated every minute of "Send in Stewie, Please", it was fun to hear Seth MacFarlane go through all of his Family Guy voices and throw in Roger from American Dad.

That millisecond was the only bright spot in this twenty-minute mess. Perhaps the reason why it ran with "limited commercials" was so that the pain could end quicker because I saw no point in running it that way. 

Freeing His Mind - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 12

There was nothing that compelled me to want to sit and watch any of it. Most of it was Stewie analyzing Dr. Pritchfield, and it was an agonizingly long analysis. 

Why would I even care about this doctor? Was I supposed to be amazed at Stewie's amazing mind?

I love Stewie. He's the best character on Family Guy, but after this fiasco, it's evident that Stewie needs to be interacting with someone (preferably Brian) or doing something (like building a time machine) in order for him to be the least bit interesting.

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Him just talking nonstop about a character no one cares about was worthless. I imagine someone will say that his analysis of Pritchfield gave us insight into his own character, but all I have to say to that is kudos to whoever could stay focused on what was being said. 

I started tuning out rather quickly because it just seemed pointless. Why should I care about the doctor's relationship with his boyfriend?

Was Family Guy trying to make another statement about homosexuality? If there was a message to be had, sorry, I missed it. 

And what was with the boogers coming out of Stewie's nose when he was doing his bit from Hamilton? Was it supposed to be funny, because it wasn't funny. Even for a cartoon, it was gross.

Best Friends Forever - Family Guy Season 16 Episode 12

Maybe if it happened in a different episode, it would be funny, but watching a bubble of booger and then a long droop of booger fly out of Stewie's nose was just stupid.

I wish there was a picture of that stupidity because I'd post it in this review so you all could look at it. I would have liked to have shared the stupid love.

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What else was really stupid was Stewie letting the doctor die because the doctor witnessed Stewie's true self. Stewie can be evil, but would he really let a guy die because said guy heard Stewie's real voice?

How dumb. The whole thing was dumb. 

Worst Family Guy episode EVER.

Over to you guys.

What did you think of "Send in Stewie, Please"? Did you feel like banging your head against the wall? 

Did you actually watch the entire episode? How soon before you changed the channel?

If you were one of the few (are there really people out there who liked it?), please share with me what you liked about it.

Were you surprised by Stewie's real voice? Did he really let the doctor die, or was it all a dream?

Will you ever watch Family Guy again?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Send in Stewie, Please Review

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 12 Quotes

Dr. Pritchfield: You seem to have a lot of opinions about things.
Stewie: Yeah, there are a lot of dicks.

I hope he didn't get cancer all over the seat.