Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Chapter Seventy-Five

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Well, Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11 wasted absolutely no time addressing the secret-elephant in the room that is Jane and Rafael's relationship.

On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10, the titular character and her baby daddy decided to pursue a relationship while keeping it a secret from the rest of the family in case things went south.

Secret Relationships - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11

Since then, the only thing going south was Jane on Rafael, in various places like the Marbella storage closet and her bedroom when no one was home. 

You would think all the secret-sex was the reason for Jane's optimistic outlook, but in reality, she was finally leaving the Marbella to work full-time on Petra's book.

Hey, I'd also be happy to get rid of that uniform. 

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The staff threw Jane a party to celebrate Petra's book, which was awkward, but also a sign that no matter how hard she tried or how cute her new hair-cut was, everyone would always be #TeamJane. 

In fact, someone hated Petra so much, they wanted her arrested at all costs. 

Jane: Oh, you must be the other Jane.
Narrator: Other Jane? Whose story do you think this is?

Petra didn't stay in jail for long, thanks to J.R, but her celebration was cut short when she realized her lawyer was being paid to frame her. 

Petra was more hurt than angry; she really thought J.R was her friend and that she was developing an emotional connection with her, not to mention sexual. 

Threatening to get her disbarred was a self-defense mechanism and her way of protecting herself from getting hurt.

And even then, she couldn't shake her sexual fantasies about J.R or take anything she said in a non-sexual way, which is hilarious.


I’m going to get you off Petra.


It's enjoyable to see Petra in this new light — embracing her curiosity and not relying on a man for a solution. 

Will these two ladies pursue a relationship? 

And is J.R really on Petra's side or is she secretly in cahoots with the mystery blackmailer? You never know on this show! 

Back To Teaching - Jane the Virgin

Petra made it clear that the blackmailer was using his or her right-hand, so it couldn't be her mother as we all know Magda has a hook. 

And if it isn't Magda, the only other suspects are Luisa and Rose.

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Luisa has every right to be mad at Petra since Anezka made her believe that Petra was responsible for putting her in an institution. And she's partially right as Petra withheld the truth from Luisa for about a week.

I’ve survived baseless murder charges Rafael, I don’t need your pity


Raf may have easily forgiven Petra, but Luisa has been known to hold a grudge. She's also completely capable of something this crazy — let's not forget she's dating a woman who killed her father and has a penchant for changing her facial structure.

The murder charges put a wrench in Petra's book, which leaves Jane without a gig. 

No book = no income = no bueno.

At one point or another, we've all been forced to resort to plan B in life.

For Jane, that would be going back to teaching, which doesn't seem all that bad until the only available gig is with Professor Chavez, the teacher she almost lost her virginity too but ended up breaking down in front of, instead. 

Professor Chavez - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11

The blissful reunion was short-lived when Jane realized that Rafael was right — Chavez was creepy. She wasn't the only student he had been hooking up with, and his actions were a gross abuse of power. 

It's yet another show taking down a powerful man who believes he's invincible. 

The series had such an opportunity to touch on the subject and wasted it by never really confronting Chavez about it.  Sure, Jane said her peace to the principal, and in his presence, after being accused of sexually harassing a student, but she never outed him or brought him to justice. 

Warning an innocent blonde is great, but it doesn't really help all the other victims.

It was a difficult situation to find yourself in, especially since Jane admitted she never felt like he was taking advantage of her.

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It may have been consensual, and she may have pursued it, he preyed on the young and impressionable. And since he was still dating students, it wasn't a one-off thing; he found pleasure in it. 

However, I love that they called Rafael out for his actions, as well, because let's face it, he isn't exactly the poster child for morality.

He may be a changed man now, but back in the day, he was a playboy; he slept with his fair share of women — both in and out of the workplace — even using the hotel heiress to win his hotel back.

I share Jane's sentiments;  I'm glad she didn't get the teaching job because it would have put a dent in her dreams of becoming a writer.

Rafael's New Gig  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11

She thought getting one book published would make her a well-known and wealthy author, but the truth is, these things take time and years of dedication, which she hasn't really put in. She has to keep going, writing and finding new ways to become inspired. 

Rafael has always been supportive of her dreams, and he'll continue, and in return, she'll be supporting his dreams of flipping properties. 

Finally, Raf has branched out and found something he wants to pursue other that doesn't revolve around the Marbella. Both of them just need to move on from that place because it's done more harm than good. 

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Who would have thought we'd arrive at a moment where Raf figured it out, while Jane was completely lost. 

We often think that we'll find happiness when our dreams come true or when we reach our goals, but we fail to see the happiness that is right in front of us. That happiness, Jane realized, was Rafael. 

They agreed to stop hiding their relationship and fully embraced whatever challenges came their way. It's definitely for the better considering these two were terrible at keeping secrets. I just hope they don't fizzle out because the secrecy was part of the fun. 

Xo's Going to School - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11

Xiomara was going through a sort of mid-life crisis and trying to find her purpose in life. All she's ever had was dance, but owning her studio didn't bring her happiness and teaching wasn't as fulfilling as she thought it would be. 

I admired her determination to go back to school, especially since she's never been the bookworm type, though it seemed like stress got the best of her, and she failed herself before she even tried. 

Maybe Art History wasn't the best subject to test out. Has she ever even expressed an interest in the topic?

Because let’s face it, I could fart and they’d greenlight it.


Rogelio brought the laughter, as usual, while screening leading ladies for his American-version of Passions of Santos. 

He did everything in his power to land Eva Longoria in hopes of kicking enemy River Fields to the curb. But, sometimes knowledge isn't power. And when Eva and Ro realized they were second cousins any chance of on-camera chemistry went down the drain. 

Second Cousins - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11

I love Ro, but he's so self-centered lately  even more than usual. Xo was upset and trying to figure her life out, yet all he cared about was his career and who would watch Baby. 

Her frustrations are understandable, but going to Brad's house shows her inability to deal with hardships. Will she really run to another man when the going gets tough?

Given how misleading certain scenes were based on the "framing," I'm going to say she's not necessarily cheating on Rogelio. Maybe they're working on some dance or performance together?

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But then again, a woman who feels like she doesn't matter and isn't getting enough attention will seek it from somewhere else.

All I know is, I'm not ready for a Xo and Ro break-up. 

Can't our ships all be happy for at least a few episodes?

You can watch Jane the Virgin online and share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Chapter Seventy-Five Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Jane: Oh, you must be the other Jane.
Narrator: Other Jane? Whose story do you think this is?

I’m going to get you off Petra.