A Million Little Things Round Table: Did Jon and Ashley REALLY Have An Affair?!

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Jon is not the man that everyone thought he was.

On A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10, Delilah found out the hard way that the Dixon finances were not what she thought after being served with eviction papers.

Elsewhere, Gary found out Maggie was taking chemo, and it led to a sweet moment between the two, Sophie learned of her mother's pregnancy, and Rome decided he wants off of his meds.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Rachelle Lewis as they discuss the winter finale!

A Million Little Things Round Table

Were you surprised by the Jon and Ashley twist? Do you think they were having an affair or is it a fake out?

Christine: I suspected they could have been having an affair from the start, and that kiss certainly made it look that way. I hope it’s not the case, but it’s not surprising. Jon had his secrets, and Ashley was obviously involved in them. Still, it’s pretty ballsy for Ashley to be sleeping with Jon and then be cozying up to his family!

Jack: I hope it's a fake out. It seemed too obvious for them to be having an affair, and I'm curious about what Jon meant when he said: "I'm not the man everyone thinks I am." I don't think that was just about the affair or whatever.

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Rachelle: I don’t think they were having an affair. I think it was maybe a moment of weakness. I feel like Jon opened up a little to Ashely about his issues. 

I could be wrong, but I agree with Jack that it is too obvious. I was surprised by the kiss, but I don’t think it means they had an affair.

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Does finding out Jon was not as perfect as he seemed and possibly cheated too change your perception of Delilah and Eddie's relationship? Will they end up together?

Christine: It doesn’t change anything for me. It’s the old adage, two wrongs don’t make a right. It looks like everyone was doing the wrong thing in this scenario.

I can’t imagine Delilah and Eddie ending up together. I get more of a good friend vibe between them than a great chemistry or love. Also, I’ll be very surprised if Delilah carries this child to term.

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Jack: No, both are equally wrong. It will be interesting to see how the characters react if they find out about this and whether they treat it the same way they did Eddie and Delilah's affair.

Rachelle: It doesn’t change a thing for me either. I don’t agree with their actions, but I have always understood why both Delilah and Eddie turned to each other. I don’t feel like they will end up together.

Their relationship was momentary. They needed each other while dealing with their own relationship troubles. I think they will continue to be friends, but that is it. I also am on the same page as Christine that I will be surprised if she carries the baby to term.

Jon was $18 million in debt, they are being evicted, and now Delilah is seeking help from Katherine. React!

Christine: Well, Delilah was right. This is incredibly awkward, but she needs someone to help her navigate this mess. Katherine is not only an attorney but a good person who wouldn’t want to see pregnant Delilah and her kids lose everything. At the very least, if Katherine can’t help she should be able to tell her who can.

Jack: I agree with Christine. I feel like since Delilah needs an attorney ASAP, it's better to go to the one she knows despite how awkward it is than pick someone out of the phone book.

Katherine seems to be doing her best to move forward and stay connected to the group, so I'm sure that even though it is difficult for her, she will do what she can to help.

Rachelle: Despite all the drama between them, Delilah was right to turn to Katherine. She needs someone she can trust to help her out.

I also think as Jack pointed out, Katherine is finding her connection with the group. I also think that since it will affect the kids, Katherine would never turn her down. It is not the kid's fault there is so much drama, and Katherine knows that.

Christmas with the Dixons - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10

Does it concern you that Rome wants off of his meds so soon?

Christine: Yes! If he’s having issues with the medication, including side effects, he needs to talk to his doctor about it. Perhaps they can adjust the dosage but quitting the medication that is keeping him from feeling suicidal sounds extremely unwise.

Jack: Absolutely. As Christine said above, it's important for Rome to talk to his doctor about the side effects. I'm hoping that by saying "I'm going to get off these meds" Rome means that he is going to ask his doctor about switching to a different medication, but I don't think that's what he had in mind.

This is a huge problem with antidepressants and the like; people start to feel better and don't realize it's because of the medication, and they think they'll be fine without it, especially if there are side effects.

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Rachelle: Yes, 100%. He has been doing so much better, and he has not been on them that long. I think if he does go off them it is going to be bad. It has only been a couple of months since he tried to kill himself.

Weeks of help and medication is not going to make that go away; he needs more time. I understand he is frustrated with the side effects but going off is only going to set him back.

Cute Couples and Mistletoe - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10

Did Sophie's reaction to Delilah's pregnancy surprise you?

Christine: No. To Sophie, this baby is a piece of her dad. It’s a new baby brother or sister and something to look forward to after a lot of sadness. I’m more interested in her reaction when she finds out this baby isn’t Jon’s!

Jack: No. She's young; there's no reason for her to suspect the baby isn't her dad's, and she was missing Jon terribly during the Christmas celebration. So I think to her it was an answer to a prayer -- a part of her dad living on.

Rachelle: No, I was not surprised at all. As Christine pointed out, it is a piece of her dad that is what matters to her. I honestly thought she was going to overhear Delilah talking to Eddie and learn the baby was his, not Jon’s.

I do think that is going to happen. There was a lot of focus on Eddie and Sophie and their love of music, so it is only a matter of time before she learns the truth.

Guitar Lessons and Secrets - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10

On a scale of 1-10, how emotional (and gross) was Gary and Maggie's make up scene?!

Christine: A 10 to both. The moment she threw up in his new car, Gary knew she’d started chemo, and his joy was wonderful to watch. He must really be in love with Maggie because there is nothing else that would explain kissing her at the moment.

Jack: A very emotional moment. 10. I have to admit that when he kissed her I did go EWWW. But I also cried when he found out she had started chemo.

Rachelle: It was a 10, so emotional and gross. I love those two together but was grossed out by the kiss, but he is so in love with her and happy; it did make sense.

What was your favorite scene and/or moment?

Christine: It was awesome when Gary and Maggie tore apart the couple who cut in line! They really do make a fantastic couple because they share a similar sarcastic, edgy sense of humor.

I also appreciated Katherine simply telling Eddie not to drink while he’s on the road. No lectures, no judgment. She just put it to him straight, and we all hope that he listens.

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Jack: I liked the little scene between Eddie and Sophie in the kitchen and all the moments of various people missing Jon. That felt so realistic to me. In addition, I thought it was so sweet for Katherine and Eddie to pretend Eddie was Santa on the phone to try to preserve Theo's Christmas spirit.

Rachelle: Eddie and Sophie singing together as the family decorated the tree. It was just a happy moment, and she was so excited. I also really liked it when Gary hung the picture Jon gave him or a similar one since he destroyed his, on the chemo wall at Maggie’s treatment.

What would you grade the first half of the season, and what do you hope to see when the show returns?

Christine: B+. I enjoy the show more with every episode, but Ashley is a low point for me, and her secrets are dragging on too long.

I’m most looking forward to seeing Gary and Maggie’s relationship grow as she battles her cancer and Katherine helping Delilah deal with the financial nightmare Jon has left for her.

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Jack: I'd give it an A-. I love this show and look forward to it every week, but I can't stand the longing looks between Eddie and Delilah or Ashley and her secret.

I can't wait for more of Gary and Maggie. I'm also interested to see how Eddie's road trip goes and how being with the band affects him. I also hope Rome navigates his medication problem effectively.

Oh, and more Gary/Danny moments. That's one of the highlights of the show for me!

Rachelle: I give it a B+ as well. I love the show, but the Ashley storyline is dragging out too much for me. All other stories unfolded at a nice pace, but that one is now annoying. It looks like that will change when the show returns, which makes me very excited.

I am interested to see how the friend group deals with the ramifications of Jon’s financial situation. They are a close-knit group, so even though it is directly affecting Delilah the most, the others will no doubt be impacted.

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Do you agree with us, Million Things Fanatics?! Hit the comments below with your responses, thoughts, and comments.

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A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Ashley: Hey, you OK?
Gary: No. I'm not OK. I don't wanna give gifts. I don't want to drink eggnog. I want to know why?
Ashley: If you knew everything, why he did it, would that change anything for you?
Gary: Yeah, it would. I think.
Ashley: I know it's hard to fake it, but like you said, the only thing that matters right now is making sure this family has a great Christmas.

Don't do this to this family. It's almost Christmas.