Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13 Review: Whanex?

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On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13, they shook up the cast a bit, and it seemed to work better than when they pair the characters up all proper-like.

Jay was with Claire, Phil was with Gloria, and Cam was with the Dunphy kids -- plus Manny.

I have to say, Mitch and Cam were tolerable. Hallelujah!

Jay and Claire at Work - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13

Even though Mitch gave Cam lousy advice, and he took it, at least they were on the same side for once.

No deception, no lies. Oh, happy day. I know this type of behavior between the two of them won't last, so let's just revel in it for a moment. Shall we?

Dad, are you still looking for a place to leave that butt? It's so gross.


It's not really in Cam's character to tank children's future for his own gain, however.

Also, surprising was how he put his niece and nephew on stage as examples of what not to do.

Not cool.

Photo Shoot with Phil and Gloria - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13

While it's not great to see Cam that way, the idea behind this episode was, "What's next?" or "Be open to change."

Cam was intrigued by the idea of being the principal, although I'm not sure why. Maybe because he has extra time on his hands now that Cal is gone?

Maybe we should kiss?


I mean, Lily's only 11, so there's still some raising there to do. Although, she must be going feral by now because we hardly ever see her.

My favorite part of the episode was the Jay and Claire storyline.

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While I wasn't buying that Jay is still that inept with technology, maybe he is.

Jay Having Fun - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13

He's had problems in the past with technology. The double click with Manny, way back in the day?

But I thought part of that was an act. As it turns out, Jay just wasn't accepting of the new age.

You know what? I have to take this. Luke, Haley, talk a little bit about how you still live at home with your parents.


Now that he's embracing a new way to do things, I think he'll be much happier.

I mean, who wants to photocopy a butt when you can 3D print one?

Again, what's next? Accept change.

Phil, Gloria, and Joe - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13

I love it when they throw in sweet dad moments where you can see Jay's love for Claire when she was little.

Since we didn't get to see him raising Claire and Mitch, it's nice to see him in daddy mode when he was "younger."

Yeah, I teach a real estate at five. I have to show up early to limber up.


Of course, he's a dad to Joe now, but not only do we not get to see that too much, but the Jay of today is different. He's older -- way older.

That said, I think we've turned a corner with Jay. At least I hope so.

For a while, he was coming off as unconfident and insecure.

Photo Shoot - Modern Family

But on Modern Family Season 10 Episode 12, Jay made the right fatherly decision to spare Joe by letting him believe in his ancestor's story.

In this episode, Jay realized that he's been stubborn and stuck in the past, and he's willing to evolve.

Go, Jay!

As far as Phil and Gloria go, I wasn't a fan of the whole modeling thing.

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What was the point of Gloria tricking Phil? Phil is a chill dude.

She only would've had to ask him to come along. He bends over backward for her.

Which is weird and borderline incestual, but my point is, she didn't need a rouse to get Phil to the mall.

I understand the storyline led to Gloria's admission that she didn't know the next step in her life. But let's stick with the character's personality, please.

Like Mitch, for example, it was completely in his character to "play ball" to get what he wanted at work. This is nothing new for Mitch.

So, when he was making cupcakes for the big case, that totally made sense.

I like their new kitchen, by the way. I know they've had it since the fire, but we got a really good look at it in this episode. Love!

Anyway, we're in season 10, and by this time we know these characters inside and out.

Characters can and should evolve, but when you just throw a monkey wrench in and expect no one to notice -- we notice.

Jay and Claire - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13

Gloria simply had to bat her eyes and say, "Please, Phil." in her heavy Columbian accent, and his butt would've been at the mall with bells on.

Anyway, I like these shake-up episodes because it gives the audience a different perspective and we don't end up with the same old humdrum stories.

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What do you think, Modern Family fanatics?

Do you like it when they mix and match the characters? What do you think of Gloria's future in Real Estate? 

Most importantly, were you ecstatic to get a break from the Mitch/Cam deception train?

Hit the comments and tell us what you think!

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Modern Family Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

Yeah, I teach a real estate at five. I have to show up early to limber up.


You know what? I have to take this. Luke, Haley, talk a little bit about how you still live at home with your parents.