Modern Family Season 10 Episode 14 Review: We Need To Talk About Lily

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On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 14, I didn't know where they were going with the whole Lily angle.

Was she gay? Trans? Did she want to live with whoever is secretly raising her 85% of the time?

Pepper Toasts Phil - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 14

No. Nothing quite that life-changing.

She doesn't like show tunes or tween stuff or Beyonce -- she loves death metal.

How Mitch and Cam never heard that noise permeating from her headphones, I'll never know, but that's it. No big deal.

No problem. Do you want to look in another neighborhood or stay right here in HELL!


I have to admit that it's nice to find out something about Lily.

Ever since she was a baby, Mitch and Cam have molded her into what they think she should be.

Dream House - Modern Family

They dressed her up as classic actresses with photo sessions and girly slumber parties, but she's changed now.

That's cool.

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And if anyone is going to accept someone who's different from themselves, it's Mitch and Cam.

I'm surprised she didn't feel comfortable coming to them though.

She doesn't sound like that.


Surely she's heard stories of their early struggles in life. Maybe she's seen their cattiness and thought -- judgment!

But maybe it's just that she didn't want to let them down.

Phil on the Phone - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 14

In any case, I like knowing a little bit more about Lily.

It would be good if she were woven more into the rotation of characters that make up Modern Family.

But the truth is, after this episode, she'll probably fade back into the background, only popping in every now and again to make a smart comment or cause a little trouble.

Honey, you can't get Pepper pregnant and trap him in a house.


Again, for the second episode in a row, Mitch and Cam were on the same page, acting all like a married couple and stuff.

I'm cautiously optimistic that they will remain this way, but I'm also nervous.

Phil and Pepper Play - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 14

Could it be they've indeed turned a corner? Maybe. We'll see.

Two episodes do not a pattern make, so we need to keep a close eye on them and hope the trend continues.

I like enjoying them again, darn it.

As with all Modern Family episodes, and TV shows in general I presume, we have an undercurrent theme spanning all storylines.

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The theme of acceptance drips over to Pepper who is a massive pain in the butt. But like any pain in the nether regions, there's a reason.

He likes Phil. I mean, I can't blame the guy. Who wouldn't like Phil? He's kind to a fault and just an all-around good egg.

I'm not putting her down, you goblin. She needs the surgery.


I loved their whole storyline together. We haven't seen Pepper in a while and to pair him with Phil was perfect.

No one else on the show would put up with Pepper's baloney, and Phil lasted as long as he possibly could.

So, they're friends now, and maybe that means we'll see more of Pepper. I hope so because Nathan Lane is always fun to watch on screen.

I was hoping he and Phil would keep going with their number.

But hey, we saw Lane do a little dance and play a little piano tune -- I'm satisfied with that.

For now at least.

Phil and Pepper - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 14

What I'm still not satisfied with is the whole Jay/Gloria situation although it wasn't as bad in this episode.

Why did Gloria have to trick Jay? It's not that he wouldn't get Stella the surgery; he was just nervous about it.

Then Gloria steals the wrong dog?

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How long have they had Stella? A long time. And I'm not buying the whole Gloria doesn't pay attention to the dog nonsense.

If you remember back to when Stella came on the show, it was Gloria who brought her into the house. 

She knows darned well what the dog looks like. It was just an excuse for her to cut down on Jay for not noticing her haircut.

Cheap laugh and ineffective.

Beyond that, Gloria stealing "Stella" from the vet was showing that she loves Jay, so I guess I can't complain.

It's about time she showed some affection toward him.

The last time I remember that happening, he was having his appendix out.

So, it's been a while.

Also nice to see was Bill. We still don't know much about this fireman dude of Alex's, other than he's nice, built, and needs a shave.

What do you think Modern Family fanatics? Were you happy with the level of comedy in this episode?

What did you think of Lily's big reveal?

Let us know in the comments!

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We Need To Talk About Lily Review

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