17 Things We Would Need from a Friends Revival

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Jennifer Aniston recently said she was on board for a Friends revival and that she thinks her castmates would be as well. The creators of Friends, however, have been pretty clear that they don't want to do a revival. 

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It makes sense. They fear it would disappoint, and after certain revivals to other epic shows (Cough Cough A Year In The Life Cough Cough) we get where they are coming from.

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Still, Friends was such a big part of so many peoples lives for ten years, and we can't help but want to catch up with our favorite close-knit group to see what they are up to now in their lives. Not to mention, the Finale left us with a few question we'd like answered.

Below is our list of things we would want to see in a Friends Revival.

The Friends Together Again

Goodbye Friends

This may seem obvious, but the last time we saw the Friends, they were going their separate ways. The apartment was sold, and Monica and Chandler were moving to the suburbs.

If the Spin-Off Joey is canon, then Joey's off in Los Angeles. 

Phoebe had expressed a desire to move to the suburbs with Mike, and who knows where Ross and Rachel are.

The gang is all married and settled, so even those still in Manhattan can't just hang around the coffee house all day. What would bring them back together? It would need to be believable,  but it would need to happen. Nobody wants to see these six people living lives away from each other.

Rachel's Career

I Got Off The Plane - Friends

In the Finale, Rachel got off the plane to Paris so she could be with Ross. It was super romantic and Roschel fans cheered.

However, that plane to Paris was taking her to a new job, without which Rachel would be unemployed. Rachel has the right to choose love, but we know her career is important to her.

So what happened?

Did she and Ross move to Paris? Did she go later and her and Ross did long-distance for a few years? Did she pass up the job altogether?

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Did Ross bribe her old boss at Ralph Lauren with more dinosaur paraphernalia to get her her old job back? Did she have to start from scratch? Is she still working in fashion?

We want Rachel to have it all. Love with the guy of her choice, and the awesome career which she has earned. We need to know what happened and would want that addressed in a revival.

The Joey Show

Joey Opening 2004 - Friends

After Friends ended, one character's story continued. Joey Tribbiani got his own spin-off where he went to pursue his career in Los Angeles. He moved in with his sister and her son and had a life on our screen for two whole seasons.

So, did that happen? Would the events of the less-watched spin-off be acknowledged canon, or would they be scrapped? If they are canon, would we get to see Joey's friends and family from that show guest star on the revival?

Joey's Career

Dr. Drake Ramoray - Friends Season 2 Episode 11

Joey's career was always touch-and-go. He was on a soap opera, and in a movie about World War I. He had more misses than hits in his career, but there were hits.

Then, in the spin-off, if it's canon, he followed the same direction. There were a lot of false starts, but when the series ended (was canceled) he had a big movie coming out which could mean big things for him.

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Joey may not be the brightest bulb, but he was a decent actor and a great guy. We want him to really excel at his career, and we'd like to see that he did.

Joey's Love-Life

Joey and Alex - Friends

Joey was the only friend in Friends to end up alone. That made those of us who love Joey sad, especially when there were a few girlfriends he had in the show who could have been "The One," if the writers let it happen.

In the spin-off, Joey had a few relationships, but one main love-interest. His neighbor Alex and he did a will they/won't they dance for a bit until becoming a real couple. When the show ended, Joey was seriously thinking about marrying Alex someday.

So, if Joey's canon, we'd want to see Joey happy and in love with Alex. And, we'd want to see how all the friends reacted to her and the relationship as a whole. If it isn't canon, we'd want to see Joey find real love with someone else. Maybe they could bring Kate back.

Ross's Son Ben

Cole Sprouse/Ben - Friends

Ross's son Ben was born near the beginning of the series. In later seasons, he was played by the now-famous Cole Sprouse of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite Life of Deck, and The CW's Riverdale.

We didn't see Ben after Emma was born, so it would be great to catch up with Ben, especially if he's played by Sprouse. It might be nice to check in with Carol and Susan too. And wouldn't it be funny if Ben asked Ross for dating advice and Ross told him to never go on a break?

Emma Grown Up

Emma's 1st Birthday - Friends

The last time we saw Emma, she was an adorable one-year-old. Today, she'd be roughly sixteen. With Ross and Rachel for parents, you know that Emma would be an interesting teenager.

But what would she be like? How did she grow up, and how do Ross and Rachel handle raising a teenager? These are the questions we'd want a revival to answer.

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Erica and Jack Bing

Erica and Jack Bing - Friends

The show ended with the birth of Chandler and Monica's baby ... or rather babies, because surprise, it was twins! And now those twins would be around fourteen or fifteen.

They were being raised by Monica, who, let's face it, has always been a mom, and Chandler, who was very much still a kid. Both seemed ready to be parents, but we barely got an episode to see them as parents, or get to know their kids.

It's time for Friends, the second generation.

Phoebe and Mike Von Trapp

Phoebe and Mike Von Trapp - Friends

Phoebe and Mike were talking about starting a family when the series ended. Phoebe wanted to have a bunch of kids and teach them to sing so they could be like the Von Trapp's without the nazis.

So, did that happen? Did Phoebe and Mike settle down with kids? Did they teach them to sing? Did Phoebe become the soccer mom she expressed that she wanted to be?

Leslie, Chandler, and Frank Jr. Jr.

Leslie, Chandler, and Frank Jr. Jr. - Friends

We didn't see a lot of Frank and Alice's triplets after Phoebe gave birth to them, but we did check in with them. Phoebe loved those kids, and her brother, so much.

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We'd want to see them and what they are up to. We'd want to see what role they had in Phoebe's family life.

And did Frank ever finish refrigerator school?

Smelly Cat Goes Viral

Smelly Cat - Friends

Friends preceded the Youtube generation, which is a shame because wasn't Phoebe born to be an instant Youtube sensation?

Her crazy songs and general craziness would have gone viral. She's have likes galore. She's tear up Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. She could probably make a lot of money off filming Smelly Cat and her wacky ways and we'd want to see it all.

Gunther and Central Perk

Gunther at Central Perk - Friends

Central Perk was like the seventh friend. It was as much a part of the show as any of them. And you can't have Central Perk without Gunther. Or could you? Would he still be working there after all these years? 

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Either way, we'd want to see the gang back in the city for at least one scene to check out their favorite coffee house.


Janice: Oh My God! - Friends

In a show rife with guest-stars, one stood above the crowd. That's right, Janice! We'd have to catch up with Janice.

We'd have to see how she is. We'd have to hear her say Oh My God! We'd have to see how her son grew up and if he really did end up dating Emma. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

Ross and Rachel Being Functional

Why Ross And Rachel Don't Work - Friends

Ross and Rachel defined on-again-off-again during Friends' ten-year run. They could never seem to get it right. Even when they were together, they made a lot of mistakes. Looking back, a lot of people feel like they were not good together.

So, let's fix that. 

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They've had over a decade to figure out their relationship. Maybe by now, they've figured out how to be functional. We sure hope so.

Ross and Rachel Wedding

Ross and Rachel Divorce - Friends

Despite a drunken marriage and an accidental daughter, we never got a Roschel wedding. They were the main couple of the series, but we didn't get to see them say I Do.

Whether it's taken them this long to tie the knot (again), we see a flashback, or they are just renewing their vows, it's time for a Ross Geller wedding to the right girl in the right way.

Ross's Character Development

We Were On A Break! - Friends

Ross was annoying. He was very entitled and controlling. I'm not going to highlight all his flaws. There are whole forums for that. But I think the fans would like to see Ross grow up.

He'd need to still be Ross, but maybe a more mature version. Or, you know, maybe he's dead and that's why they are all together. If Joey isn't canon, certain fans would call that a win-win.

Monica and Chandler Being #CoupleGoals!

We Got The House! - Friends

The series may have started revolved around Rachel and Ross's rollercoaster relationship, but it was the unexpected steady enduring love of Chandler and Monica that we truly loved.

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They were the best couple on the series, and frankly, one of the best couples on television, or at least in a sitcom. They were healthy and stable and they evolved the way couples naturally do without the unnecessary crazy drama.

We'd want to see more of the same and to be reminded why we love them so much.

What do you think of our list? Is there something else you would want to see in a revival?

Let us know in the comments.

Leora W is a staff writer for TV Fanatic..

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