Grey's Anatomy Round Table: We Love Amelink, How About You?!

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The best 'ship on the series right now is Amelia and Link.

The two of them are expecting a child, and grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2, they had one of the most mature discussions about their next steps on the air.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Lauren Busser, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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Amelia and Link are having the baby (and in love with each other). React!

Meaghan: I adore it! Amelia has been brought down by her relationship with Owen for too long.

With Link, he brings out the lighter side of Amelia that we all love. As far as the baby goes, I think this is going to be an incredible one to watch.

Caterina hasn't had a chance to fully extend her wings in a while and watching her cope with her feelings throughout the pregnancy is going to give her that shot.

Lauren: It's what Amelia deserves, and if she's happy with that choice, I am happy for her. I just hope the writers don't throw her another curveball as they did with Christopher.

Jasmine: I went from hating this storyline to loving it. Amelink is the best thing in the series at the moment. I cannot emphasize enough how in love I am with Atticus Lincoln.

The man is perfection, and it made me emotional when he and Amelia had their conversations. Amelia deserves happiness, and Link is perfect for her.

Should Meredith publish something about the state of the healthcare system while awaiting her hearing to determine if her license should be revoked?

Meaghan: Yes. 100%. It should not have any impact on her license hearing. The healthcare system is beyond broken.

As someone who works in the healthcare system, its faults are extremely hard to swallow.

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A world-class surgeon like Meredith speaking up about the problem could go a long way to make a change. If anything, I think it should help her case.

It shows that she didn't just make the decision she did for fun. She did it because she feels that there is a big issue, and if she could help someone overcome that, then she needed to.

Mer is Happy - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Lauren: I agree with Meaghan. Both in and outside of the Grey's Anatomy universe, the state of health care is in a very tenuous place, where it's not helping the people that it should.

Meredith writing and publishing something about the state of the healthcare system would help a lot of people. I see the concern about Meredith losing her license, but if this episode showed us anything, it's that Meredith is seeing a bigger picture and realizing that maybe the world of medicine and healthcare is skewed. It is.

Jasmine: I mean, sure. I guess so. I would prefer she focus on a free clinic or something.

Is it too soon for Jo to be the General Surgery attending?

Meaghan: I still feel like Jo is an intern sometimes, so yes. I even feel weird about our OGs being attendings, so one of the younger generations being an attending just feels bizarre.

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Lauren: I think it might be, but I also don't remember any of the other characters going through a fellowship phase of the show. They seemed to just go right from resident to attending, so I think there's precedent there.

Jasmine: Jo just started being good at her job two seasons ago, and she's like, 12. She needed more time to work herself up to that point. I'm unconvinced.

Do you think DeLuca overstepped with Bailey regarding the Helm situation?

Meaghan: In the real world? Yes. In the world of Grey's Anatomy? No.

People have constantly overstepped on Grey's Anatomy. The whole situation brings me back to Cristina and how she used to feel entitled to surgeries because she was great instead of letting other people get them who needed the practice.

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Lauren: Not in the world of Grey's Anatomy. I think that if anything that whole situation just served to remind us that Bailey has made great surgeons and she will continue to make great surgeons if she's allowed.

Honing Her Skills - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Jasmine: Yes. For some reason, DeLuca's confidence has turned into cockiness, and it's offputting. He's still a resident. What does he look like as a resident questioning the Chief of the hospital like that? Who the heck is he?

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And he's not entitled to scrub in on whatever he pleases. The other residents (the ones who haven't been around and learned as much as he has) need to learn things too.

I found him to be very self-absorbed during the hour, and it's irritating that he hides behind Meredith's accomplishments like they're his. It's especially weird that he did all of this to Bailey -- the woman who molded Meredith into what she is. Like, my guy, have a seat.

Who was the pettiest during this installment, Maggie or Tom? Did they overdo it?

Meaghan: Maggie. Maybe one day I will like her. Today is not that day.

Lauren: They're both being childish, but I think Maggie's comes mostly from a raw, brokenhearted place, so I'll say, Maggie. Although she does need to learn that not everything Jackson does from here on out is going to be a reflection on her.

Jackson: You're wrong, you know.
Maggie: Excuse me?
Jackson: What you said about Vic. She's really smart, Maggie, and she's brave, and you're right, she is different from me. I don't think that's a bad thing.
Maggie: I'm sorry for what I said. Even so, hashtag freedom is a little aggressive.
Jackson: I wasn't being consciously spiteful.
Maggie: Unconsciously then?

Jasmine: They were both pretty damn petty.

Tom. Filing a restraining order against Owen was out there. They were both petty and childish, but they earned it, and I love them, so I didn't care.

Can Richard and Alex turn Pac North around? Do you agree with Alex about starting a new legacy?

Meaghan: Richard is incredible at molding amazing surgeons, and Alex has proven his skills as a chief. I do think that between the two of them, they can make a significant impact on Pac North.

Unfortunately, I don't think they will stick around long enough to do it. The show is putting in the effort to make it seem like this could be a lasting situation, but I've been watching Grey's Anatomy long enough to know, moving the core cast never lasts for long.

New Chief, New Hospital  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Lauren: I agree with Meaghan once again. I really want to see them turn things around, but I think that the bulk of it, though, is going to come from Meredith sending patients there. If the hospital has a bad reputation, then it's not going to be something they can fix overnight.

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Jasmine: They can turn it around. Maybe we'll get some time-jumps to see the changes. I like the two of them working together, and it's fun to be at another hospital now and then.

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Meaghan: Meredith. I was dying watching her pack the Pac North ER with all her triaged patients. Maybe Meredith can open up her own free clinic.

Lauren: Yeah, Meredith has it hands down. I just loved how she set up her own little walk-in clinic while she was supposed to be doing community service. I mean, she is a doctor, it's what she does, and she's still serving the community and those people who needed her help.

Mer Returns?  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

Jasmine: Link. He's been a favorite of mine for a long time, but he's now making everyone else fall in love with him. He handled the news about the pregnancy well. He wasn't a jerk to Amelia. He was so kind, compassionate, and loving. He wasn't even trying to be either, he just is. He stole the episode for me.

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Meaghan: Everything with Meredith. She was inspired this week. Ever since they bought the hospital, and took on more of a management role, things have just felt different. Watching Meredith get back down to her roots and just be a doctor again was great.

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Lauren: The moment with the stolen stuff from the hospital was terrific. I think she's starting to realize why she wanted to be a doctor in the first place.

Levi: Am I going to get arrested? I feel like I'm going to get arrested.
Mer: For what?
Levi: I stole from the hospital.
Mer: I own the hospital. That's my stuff. You brought me my stuff!

While the insurance fraud was extreme, she's seeing more than surgery. She's looking at people who need help and doesn't have ways to get it, and it's shifting her in a direction that feels very timely.

That moment when she sets up her own little clinic, is heartwarming, and when she talks to her supervisor about how she might have cancer was also a great moment.

Jasmine: Again, both of the Amelia and Link talks. I loved it when Amelia spoke about Christopher and shared her past with Link. She was so vulnerable and open, and he received it and bared his feelings to her as well.

New Parents? - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 2

He said all the right things, and Amelia's "Dammit, Link" summed up how incredible he was at that moment.

I also loved them talking on the bench outside. They had enough distance between them because they aren't a "couple" couple yet, and it suited them. But they both realized they wanted to meet his kid they created, and it sold me on this storyline.

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Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? 

Hit the comments below with your thoughts and answers. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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Tom: Oh shoot, is this weird for you? We've all shared the same how should I say it?
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Tom: Past times. Lady friend. You have poo on your collar.
Owen: What, where?
Tom: Made you look. You are such a standup guy. Leaving Teddy all alone in a motel with a new baby. Owen: What are you still doing here, Tom? Hm? Don't you have a job in Baltimore, or did you lose that too?
Tom: What a funny way to talk to your boss. Oh, Teddy didn't tell you?
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Tom: Since your friends went rogue, Catherine made me god of this place, so practice kneeling, maybe throw in a few prayers.

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