Titans Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Fallen

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Where do we go from here?

Titans Season 2 Episode 10 was a difficult installment to watch, mostly because the characters were apart and following their own path. 

Dick was very much in prison, and nobody knew where he was. His personality changed throughout his ordeal, mostly because he was under the impression initially that it was the best place for him. 

In Prison - Titans

As a leader, he made some terrible decisions and kept things from the team.

Now that Deathstroke has warned him that he'll kill again, he knows he has to stay away from everyone, or he runs the risk of putting them in danger. 

Laying Low - Titans Season 2 Episode 10

But Dick was in mortal danger himself. The guard was the worst.

At first glance, it seemed like he was going to be someone who would help Dick, but all he really wanted was for him to carry out some illegal activities. 

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Dick wanted to keep his head down and not ruffle any feathers, but it was obvious he would change focus when the lives of the Mexican men depended on it. 

Dick understood that one of them was causing all of the problems, and he knew they had to let him die. That's why he ultimately helped the other two. He knew they could make it far on their own. 

Finding Rose - Titans Season 2 Episode 2

This particular plot dragged because there's no way that Dick is going to be incarcerated for seven years.

The biggest surprise was that Bruce didn't swoop in to save the day. That man has billions of dollars of money to throw away. 

Mercy: Mr. Logan. I'm Mercy Graves. It's an honor to meet you. Can I interest you in something else to eat? Grass-fed ribeye? Chia pudding? Name anything you'd like.
Gar: How about letting me out of here?
Mercy: I'm afraid that's not available on DoorDash.

It's ridiculous to assume he didn't get a notification when Dick entered the prison.

As you will recall, there was a second tracker in Dick, the same one Jason used to find out his whereabouts at the conclusion of Titans Season 1

Dick's Got a Gun! - Titans Season 2 Episode 7

It's possible that Bruce is leaving Dick there for a while to figure out what his next move could be.

There are so many possibilities at this stage. There are three episodes remaining in Titans Season 2, so there needs to be some big changes to gear up for Titans Season 3. 

When Dick realizes what's going on, he's going to want to save everyone who he was close to during his time as a member of the Titans. 

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Gar continud to excel as he tried to save Conner from a fate worse than death. Gar felt somewhat responsible for the way Conner acted on Titans Season 2 Episode 9

He realized afterward that he should have schooled Conner a bit better. What fell flat for me was Conner's attitude when Gar tried to save him. It was like he grew a different personality overnight. 

Fighting Back - Titans Season 2 Episode 10

The positive was that Gar managed to get the powerful being back to Titans Tower.

Mercy Graves and the rest of the Cadmus agents coming for them was predictable, especially after Conner's face was plastered across the media. 

Walter: Subject 13 is in stasis.
Mercy: I'll call Mr. Luthor to get instructions on recalibration. How's our other guest?
Walter: Well, I'd like to say all bark and no bite, I wouldn't put money on it.

You would think that Titans Tower would be like Fort Knox, but it seems it is easy for people to gain access to.

Mercy's manipulation skills were on full display when she claimed that Eve knows her and would want her to fix Conner. 

Mercy is not happy in her life. That much was crystal clear based on the way she acted towards her wife and children at the top of the hour. For the moment, Mercy is a villain because she's trying to use Gar to round up all of the Titans. 

A Wrecked Tower - Titans Season 2 Episode 10

Are we to assume that Lex Luthor is going to want to use them to fight on the side of evil? They would be a force against the likes of Superman, but the Titans are too powerful to be holed up with murder in mind. 

Bruce has to play a much bigger part in all of this than he has done to date. That much is for sure. 

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Rachel going off to do her own thing was not surprising. She feels like the evil is starting to consume her, and the last thing I expected to happen was part of it turning a statue of a dragon into an airborne killer. 

Santos: Hey. So, what's up? You keeping an eye on us?
Dick: Just minding my own business.
Santos: Yeah, so am I.
Officer: Hey, best buds already? It melts my heart.

The man deserved to die. There's no getting away from that. He was a horrible, horrible person who was using the group of women for his advantage. Rachel wants to be good, but if she can't stop parts of her powers going into objects or people, then that is a huge risk. 

Gar Fights Back - Titans Season 2 Episode 10

"Fallen" was a middle of the road installment. It seems that whenever the heroes finally get together, they fall apart quickly.

For a show called Titans, we need to start getting the Titans for more than one or two episodes. 

With the season finale fast approaching, my one true hope is that everyone finds their way back together. 

Santos: Yo, we got a problem?
Dick: Nope.

What did you think of everyone being apart? Were you surprised Cadmus managed to take Gar in? Will he sell out the Titans?

Hit the comments below. 

Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe. 

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Fallen Review

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Titans Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Santos: Yo, we got a problem?
Dick: Nope.

Santos: Hey. So, what's up? You keeping an eye on us?
Dick: Just minding my own business.
Santos: Yeah, so am I.
Officer: Hey, best buds already? It melts my heart.