Power Star Joseph Sikora Responds to Series Finale Confusion

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Power may be over, but some fans have been left confused following the events of the series finale. 

Power Season 6 Episode 13 featured Joseph Sikora's Tommy Egan pointing a gun at Tasha St. Patrick, and she ultimately walked away. 

On Power Season 6 Episode 15, Tasha fell to her knees and begged Tommy not to end her life. 

Tommy Spins - Power Season 6 Episode 15

Fans took to social media to question whether there was a continuity error in the series, but it turns out, there is a logical explanation. 

"Every episode is supposed to be from a different characters point of you. It's a dramatic take on how we remember events happening different from another person," Sikora wrote on Twitter.

"You will find that every scene is slightly different as they don't use the same footage."

If you watch Power online, you know the final episodes focused on who killed Ghost, so it makes sense to tell the rest of the tale from the point of view of the different characters. 

Frustrated Tommy - Power Season 6 Episode 13

It is a storytelling technique that worked very well for all five seasons of Showtime's The Affair, but maybe Power could have done a better job of explaining what was happening for viewers. 

"Whoever directed Power [needs] to rewatch [their] work before they put it out," said one irate viewer, adding:

power finale controversy 1

"In Tommy's episode Tasha turned around when he was pointing the gun at her. In her and [Tariq's] episode she was on her knees."

"I just really don't like how sloppy they got with that last Power episode ..Tommy was about to smoke Tasha two different ways and they thought we ain't catch that poor editing lmao," another pointed out. 

power finale controversy 2

"Now why on the last episode of Power Tasha was on her knees at gunpoint by Tommy but prior to, she had her back turned w that sorry acting talking bout take care of yaz & riq," said another shocked fan. 

power finale controversy

As for the future of the Power franchise, Starz has ordered four spinoffs -- one of them will follow Tommy as he moves to another coast. 

The franchise will live on for the years to come. 

What are your thoughts on the controversy?

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