Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Was Link's Grand Romantic Gesture Unwarranted?

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Link is the baby daddy!

Let's face it, it was the one thing fans were dying to learn on Grey's AnatomyGrey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17, and they delivered with the results, Link's grand romantic gesture, Teddy turning to Tom again, and DeLuca's descent into mental illness.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey and Paul Dailly, and Grey's Fanatics Becs and Berea Orange.

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On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you that Link is the baby's father? Did you appreciate his grand gesture and Amelink's reunion?

Becs: 10. I am so relieved that Link turned out to be the father. It would have made a huge mess if it went the other way. Amelia and Link are so good for each other, and this way she has no ties to Owen and can officially start new without that baggage.

I loved their reunion scene. The way Link put it all out there to win her back was super adorable. I half wanted Amelia to chase him first, but I can't complain about how it turned out.

Meaghan: 8. I am beyond happy that Link's heart won't be broken and even happier that the baby daddy drama is over.

However, I would have liked this reveal more if the whole Amelia shutting Link out for a moment of hesitation situation never happened. Their relationship is tainted now.

His grand gesture was very sweet but was not needed because he wasn't in the wrong. It just shows that he is the bigger man.

Polite Dinner Conversation - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 21

Paul: 10. The web would have been too complicated to have Owen as the baby father. This is a fresh direction for Amelia because she genuinely likes Link. Having him as the biological father was a satisfying development.

Berea: I’m giving it a 7. I love Amelink, and I am so happy this is his baby. However, this whole thing was tainted for me because we didn’t need this baby daddy drama.

I’m with Meaghan in that Amelia shutting Link out ruined this for me. She was being completely unreasonable in this scenario, and we didn’t even have drugs or a brain tumor to blame.

Amelia: You want to do this even if he isn't yours?
Link: I do.
Amelia: I really needed to hear that because I got the results, and he is yours.

Link had the right to know whether or not she was carrying his child. He was also entitled to some hesitation. Their relationship is so new, and it is a lot to expect of anyone to want to raise someone else’s child. Not without some thought.

His grand gesture was sweet, but it was unnecessary to me. In my eyes, he should not have had to do this in the first place. And the fact that she had the test results and knew all this time made me want to slap her!

Teddy has sabotaged her relationship and is still cheating on Owen. Thoughts?

Becs: I feel like Teddy has some demons from her past that are tormenting her right now. Not sure what it could be, but she seems damaged and broken at the moment.

It's a possibility it's because she's still unsure of Owen's commitment to her given their history. I hate that Teddy has resorted to cheating because it feels out of character for her.

However, I do hope she and Owen can move past this setback because I think she truly loves him. What Teddy did was wrong, but her feelings are valid. Her fears of Owen eventually going back to Amelia got the best of her, and she made a rash decision. Also, for once it's not Owen doing the cheating and messing up his relationship.

Tension at Home  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Meaghan: I could have gotten over Teddy cheating on Owen once. A moment of weakness in all her panic and insecurity. Doing it a second time, though? That is a conscious decision, and even Owen doesn't deserve that.

Owen didn't cheat on Teddy. It wasn't an intentional act of malice against her. She had every right to be freaking out over the possibility of losing him because of it, but that is the extent of what she is allowed.

Tom also deserves way better than this. She is giving him a false sense of hope that they will ride off into the sunset together when in reality, as long as Owen will have her, she is staying with him.

Owen: Teddy what's wrong? I know you too well. Something has happened. Just tell me what happened.
Teddy: Amelia's baby might be yours. Might be, might not. She doesn't know yet.

Paul: Teddy is a frustrating character. She spent years wanting to be loved by Owen, only to get his love, a proposal, and even a child. Yet, she is still struggling to trust him.

I could have let one instance of the cheating slide because it could have been a moment of weakness, but she seems intent on destroying her life.

Teddy Smiles  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Berea: Towen is doomed. I will say that Teddy is rightfully insecure because – as she said herself – Owen has a history of choosing other women before her. He’s done it constantly over the years.

It wasn’t until after Cristina moved away after Amelia left him, and after Teddy had his baby that he “chose” her. So in that respect, I completely understand why she is so insecure. She’s still a fool, though.

You’ve been pining for this man for years, and when you finally get him, you sabotage your relationship at the first sign of POTENTIAL trouble. She didn’t even know if it was Owen’s baby yet, and she jumped into Tom’s bed so fast she should’ve pulled a muscle.

Dad Thrice Over?  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

And I personally don’t consider her cheating to be out of character at all, given she and Owen have been emotional cheaters for years.

The only person I feel sorry for in this situation is Tom. Teddy knows how much Tom loves her and how he is waiting for her to come back to him, and she is using that to get back at Owen for making her feel like a consolation prize (most likely subconsciously).

Ultimately, this happened because Teddy doesn’t trust Owen, and she’s questioning her decision to be with him now. Tom is her safe place, and that is why she is continuing to cheat.

Do you think Jo has accepted Alex's abandonment too easily?

Becs: I definitely think they could have shown Jo dealing with her feelings a little more. It felt too rushed, but maybe that's because we didn't get to see the time between reading the letter and the new episode.

I believe she has come to terms with her situation in a healthy manner, I just wish we could have seen the moments leading up to it. I do like that she said Alex taught her she was worthy of being loved. That was an incredible insight into a devastating circumstance.

Jo Moves On - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Meaghan: It seems pretty true to her character. When we met Jo she had a very hard exterior, and with Alex leaving her the way he did, we are going to see that again in some ways. I'm just happy that we didn't have to watch endless episodes of her falling apart.

Paul: She's used to being abandoned, but she understands why he left her behind. What she wants to do is prove that she's still a great catch and that all of the work she's done on herself won't be rendered useless.

Jo: He helped me feel worthy of love, and even though it's over, that is what I'm going to keep. Link, don't blow it with Amelia.
Link: I didn't blow anything. She pushed me away.
Jo: She didn't push you away, she gave you a choice.

Berea: I’m happy with this. We have been there and done that so often when it comes to Jo’s trauma and depression. I don’t think they want to drag it out again. Jo will be stronger from this.

DeLuca is showing more symptoms of Mania. React.

Becs: Andrew's mania is definitely coming to a breakdown soon. I feel something huge is coming, and it's going to make him realize he really needs help. I just hope that whatever it is won't cost him his career.

He needs to hit rock bottom so he can get the help he needs and find his way back to normalcy. It's hard to watch him go through this and to also see that it's hurting Meredith.

You're not OK. You're not yourself. Listen to people when they tell you that.


I also want to point out that he shouldn't be blamed for his actions because this is a mental illness, and he's not in control of his own mind right now. I think the hardest part would be Andrew finally realizing he really might be Bipolar.

He is still in a state of denial now and going through a high. Once he hits his low, he is going to need all the people he's been pushing away. It's been hard to watch him transform week after week to a totally different man, and it's even more painful to watch cause people around him see it, but he just doesn't right now.

I am interested to see who or what finally breaks through to him and helps him step out of the denial phase into acceptance.

New Face  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Meaghan: Poor DeLuca. He is really going through it right now. He is headed towards a devastating low, and I'm scared to see what happens when he gets there.

From the previews, I wonder if he is the one involved in the Code Violet. It would not shock me one bit to see his reckless behavior lead him to get violent with someone.

As much as I know that he is going to need the people who love him when he comes to terms with his diagnosis, I hope that Meredith doesn't go back to him just because of that. She can be there for him without being with him.

Manic DeLuca - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 14

Paul: Yeah, there's more to this than meets the eye. DeLuca's arc hasn't been all that fulfilling, but he's slowly becoming a better character. I appreciate they are giving him a mental health storyline because it helps to highlight that mental health can affect anyone.

Berea: DeLuca should not be practicing medicine yet. He needs to get better and soon. Him going out into the blizzard with no gloves was what really sold it for me. I hope Jo telling him that he’s not himself will make him wake up and realize he needs help.

Should Tom have made the deal with the billionaire? Do you think it'll backfire?

Becs: That is such a rough situation to be in. He wants to do good and help people, but he's also potentially damaging his career. I honestly don't know what I would do if I had that call to make. I like that he finally recognized the moral dilemma Meredith was in during her insurance fraud.

On one hand, I don't think he should have made this deal. It could cause more harm than good. On the other hand, I think he had good intentions, and I can't blame him for it. I do think that this will backfire, though.

Tom's Patient - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Meaghan: Tom made a huge mistake, and this is going to blow up in his face. It is very different from what happened with Mer. Mer committed insurance fraud to help her suffering patient.

Tom lied for this man to help him avoid having legal action taken against him. The man is a billionaire who could more than afford lawsuits. Even if he is offering to give money to the hospital, that is pretty much blood money at this point.

When the truth comes out, it could have devastating ramifications for the hospital.

How do you decide which rules to break?


Paul: This storyline was not my cup of tea. I wanted it to end instantly. However, I do think there are going to be some severe repercussions for Tom and the hospital.

Berea: I’m with Paul on this. I was not interested in this billionaire’s dilemma. They should’ve just sent him on his way.

Yes, they got money for the hospital, but it was by way of blackmail. I do not want this to come back and haunt Tom. Grey-Sloan does not need any more bad press.

Richard has officially quit. Do you think it will last?

Becs: I really hope not. He is such an important asset to the hospital, and I feel it would be a great loss if he actually quit for good. I'm holding out hope that maybe he gets treatment or he stays on to teach.

Meaghan: No. We've been there before, and he always comes back for more. We just need another tragic event to bring him back into the fold and make him realize he is needed like with the shooting did back in the day.

Life Without Alex - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Paul: Yeah, the storyline lacked the finality we've come to expect. He'll be back.

Berea: I feel like there is more to this, but also it is about time he retired; he’s only been talking about it for 15 years!

I wouldn’t be surprised if his storyline goes from retirement to battling his illness. I’m eager to learn more about what’s wrong with him.

Do you have any additional thoughts not covered?

Becs: Maggie once again proved she is a great friend and sister. Just had to throw that in there.

Another thing, I feel like Tom is taking advantage of Teddy being in a vulnerable and emotional state. She turned her head away when he tried to kiss her, but he forced her to do it anyway. I got uncomfortable watching it and wanted to actually rescue Teddy from him.

Tom Hive  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Meaghan: Is anyone else very over them doing overflow from Station 19? I get doing crossover events occasionally as they do on the Chicago shows, but you should not have to watch both shows every week to understand what is going on.

Paul: I agree with Meaghan. I don't even enjoy Grey's anymore because of the way they're forcing these crossovers.

In fact, I was only hanging on to find out who Amelia's baby daddy was, and the rest of the show seems to be combusting around that plot.

Sisters in an Elevator - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

Berea: I do not agree with this narrative that Tom took advantage of Teddy. She came to him (TWICE). He didn’t force her to do anything, and that is not in his character.

Was anyone uncomfortable watching George try to kiss Callie in season two when she was asking him to let her go (I’m sure there were more scenes like that over the show’s history, but that was the first that came to mind.)? Tom isn’t this predator, and Teddy isn’t a victim.

Teddy: You're a good man, Tom.
Tom: You're the only one who sees it.

While most of us are tired of crossovers, this was the first episode I really enjoyed a crossover. Amelia helping Sully with his drug abuse was the perfect use of a crossover opportunity.

She has grown so much over the years and is the right person to help someone through an addiction. Her intervention two-hour episode was in my top five of Private Practice episodes. I love them remembering her character history.

Amelia Glows - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17

And speaking of crossovers, I am SO thankful Jackson and Vic are over. The two of them were obviously each other’s rebound, and who moves into someone’s place without telling them?!

Jackson clearly isn’t over Maggie considering he had to bring up how he has a problem with Dean asking her out ONCE. And THANK YOU, Vic, for telling Jackson to stop trying to break up with people like a damn fortune cookie!

Maggie: Who does this? Who cheats on her fiance with a man who is desperately in love with her an dbefore you go judging Amelia why don't you remember how long it took you to tell Owen you were pregnant.
Teddy: Yes, yes, you're right.
Maggie: That's my sister you're talking about.

Last, but not least, a big shout out to Maggie. Why Teddy feels the need to tell her all of her business is beyond me. But Teddy was so out of line thinking she can blame Amelia for HER cheating and to her sister of all people.

Maggie gave her that professional read and had to remind her how long she played games and kept her pregnancy a secret. “Yeah… that’s my sister you’re talking about.”

Glorious Mane  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 15

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics. Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 17 Quotes

Teddy: Tom, you're a good man.
Tom: I try to be, but you haven't been helping.

Meredith: How is Link have you spoken to him?
Amelia: If Link can't love me no matter who the father is then we have nothing to talk about?
Meredith: I'm guessing you don't want to talk about that either.