Superstore Season 5 Episode 20 Review: Customer Safari

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Things have always been serious between Amy and Jonah, but Superstore Season 5 Episode 20 went out of its way to stress their unbreakable bond. 

After a family lunch goes comically awry, Amy's protectiveness over Jonah leads his mother to come to a realization about her own relationship. 

But with Amy's exit teased in the episode's final moments, we're all wondering the same thing.

Where is this going?

Simms-Sosa Dinner - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

If you think back to Superstore Season 4, this isn't the first time that Amy's met Jonah's parents.

It is, however, the first time she'll be meeting his brother, Josh, a person neither Amy nor the audience know much about. 

Jonah: It's just lunch! You're great at lunch! You do it every day.
Amy: Yeah, but your family's gonna be there. And you know my eating style isn't for everyone.

As it turns out, there's a reason why Jonah doesn't meantion his brother often. To put it plainly, he's an ass. 

There's no doubt that Amy could have made it through that meal fine if Josh was picking on anyone else. She probably would have even let him fire some shots at her. 

But Josh was tearing Jonah apart, while Jonah remained defenseless, and Amy wasn't having any of it. 

Jonah's Brother - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

Amy isn't the type of person who keeps quiet while someone she loves is being taken advantage of. It's one of her best qualities, and it makes her unique to the other characters in the store. 

As much as we love the workers of Cloud 9, they're not always the most selfless bunch. 

Come on, this is Amy we're talking about. "Filled up on bread" is gonna go on her gravestone.


Jonah is used to the abuse that Josh throws at him, and he's not surprised that his parents help instigate it. Amy, however, is completely thrown off.

The sad part about the situation is that Jonah's "lavish" childhood has been a joke throughout the entirety of the series. 

The employees constantly pick on him for having a wealthy family and assume that he grew up spoiled and happy. 

While he probably was spoiled to an extent, this episode made it clear that he doesn't have the perfect family dynamic everyone has always taunted him for.

You know what they say about making assumptions. Don't. 

New Friend - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

The meal started with some weird bestiality jokes about Jonah, that had Amy getting riled up.

But Josh and his girlfriend kept insisting that Jonah was in love with their childhood dog, and even questioned what he would do with it -- in that way. 

Ben Feldman's acting was incredible, as viewers could physically see how uncomfortable Jonah was from the disgusting jabs getting thrown at him.

But he chose to reel Amy in every time she started to open her mouth to defend him. 

It's also interesting that Jonah never has a problem standing up for anyone else. On Superstore Season 5 Episode 19, we just saw him at a Raise the Wage protest. 

It's On - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

We also can't forget that he was the one who wanted to start a union and went to corporate to fight for workers' rights on Superstore Season 5 Episode 10.

But when it comes to defending himself, Jonah always stays silent. 

Considering how often he gets picked on at Cloud 9 and by his family, the logical assumption is that he's used to it. But is anyone ever really okay with being treated like that by their family?

I was thankful that Amy was there to advocate for Jonah because I wanted to teleport through the screen and stand up for him, myself. 

The episode actually had a parallel to The Office, and given that both shows were written by the same people it's hard to believe that it's a coincidence. 

Out With the Fam - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

For anyone who was a fan of The Office's Jim and Pam, which is mostly everyone, Pam's dad left her mom after talking to Jim and realizing he wanted the kind of love that Jim and Pam had. 

The same thing happened when Amy followed Marilyn into the bathroom after it got revealed that Jonah's dad had been cheating her.

Amy's apology for accidentally helping that information come out, ended up turning into a speech about how important Jonah is to her.

Amy: It's just that Josh is really hard on Jonah and I was just getting a little protective. And I get it. That the med school lie was nuts, but you know, it was one lie. And it didn't hurt anybody, because Jonah doesn't hurt people. He's...he's good.
Marilyn: You really care for him.

Once Marilyn realized how much Amy loves Jonah, she made a big decision. 

In almost the exact situation as The Office, Jonah and Amy's relationship leads Jonah's parents to getting a divorce. 

Nerves  - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

This might sound bad, but in reality, it's a testament to how great Jonah and Amy are together. 

Marilyn immediately picked up on how much Amy loves her son, and realized that she deserves a love like that, as well. 

Amy and I just had a lovely talk in the bathroom. You know, what she and Jonah have is something really very special. I deserve someone who loves me like that. We'll talk later. Just letting you know, I want a divorce.


Even Jonah agreed that his mom should have left his dad a long time ago. 

After all the foreshadowing in this episode, the only logical next step for Amy and Jonah to take is marriage. 

Pet Pig - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

But then the call came in during the episode's final moment that shocked us all back to reality. America Ferrera is exiting the series, and Amy must go with her. 

So what does this mean? Will she take the new job at Zephra? If she does, what's going to happen to her relationship with Jonah? 

He does co-parent Amy's children and live in her house.

There's not a realistic explanation as to why Jonah wouldn't leave his minimum wage job and move to a new city with the woman he loves. 

How is Superstore going to pull this off? Because we have no idea. 

Team Up - Superstore Season 5 Episode 20

Stray Thoughts:

  • The customer safari plot line didn't feel quite as funny as it could have been.
  • I'm officially onboard with Dina and Brian. It's hard to tell if she and Garrett are done for good, or not, but Dina and Brian definitely proved how perfect they are for each other. 
  • The dynamic between Glenn and Dina continues to be a great source of entertainment. As fun as it is when they work together, it's even better when they're argueing. 
  • I say this every week he's missing, and I'm not going to stop now. Where was Marcus? He could have made everything so much more comedic. 

It's your turn, Superstore fans! What did you think of "Customer Safari"?

Will Amy take the Zephra job? Or will she exit the series a different way?

What's going to happen to Amy and Jonah's relationship after she's gone?

Drop a comment down below, and let us know your thoughts and predictions!

And don't forget that if you missed the episode, you can watch Superstore online right here at TV Fanatic!

Customer Safari Review

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Come on, this is Amy we're talking about. "Filled up on bread" is gonna go on her gravestone.


Jonah: It's just lunch! You're great at lunch! You do it every day.
Amy: Yeah, but your family's gonna be there. And you know my eating style isn't for everyone.