The Resident Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Moving On and Mother Hens

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Red Rock pulled the plug on Chastain.

We knew it was coming, and yet it didn't make Yorn's final words any less difficult to hear on The Resident Season 4 Episode 4. The only thing worse than finding out that Red Rock sold Chastain is learning it'll become luxury condominiums.

What the hell is the Dream Team going to do now? Especially when everyone is dealing with personal stuff of their own?

Celebrate the Good Times - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

Look, the CoNic baby saga brings about a lot of mixed feelings, especially when the potential for something terrible happening looms and we're in a near-constant state of pins and needles. Mina and AJ have gone from a slow-burn to an inferno, and that's given some viewers whiplash.

Meanwhile, Cain's potential redemption arc is polarizing among viewers, too. It means there are varying feelings about all of these storylines at any given moment; it leads to some interesting conversations.

One arc that we can probably all agree on is how utterly heartbreaking Devon's struggles are. It feels as if everyone around him is finding a semblance of stability and bits of happiness. At least they were before the security of Chastain became an issue.

But Devon has descended into darkness and grief.

Grief  - The Resident

The season is giving us the cycle of life. We're getting love, marriage, growth, change, reflection, death, and loss. They're hitting on all of the things that make life, well, life.

Himaya: We both miss your father. I thought we could help each other.
Devon: You should've called first. 
Himaya: My calls go straight to voice-mail, and when you do answer, it's always "I only have a minute," or "I need to get back." I didn't ask if I could visit because I knew you'd say no.

Devon Pravesh is not OK. He spent most of the hour lying to himself and every single person who cares about him. He's not "fine," and by the end of the hour, he couldn't even sound convincing uttering the word.

The thing is, no one expected Devon to be OK, but any inquiry into his well-being had him snapping at others or pushing them away. The Resident's portrayal of grief and Dayal's depiction of it is so evocative and raw.

Friends and Comfort - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

No, he's not curled in a ball crying all of the time, or any number of other displays a series will resort to when showcasing grief. And while that and other traditional depictions are no less valid and real, I appreciate this because this is what grief looks like, too, especially in men.

Devon is still mostly functioning at work. It seems practicing medicine and helping patients are the things he manages to do best, but he's irritable, not sleeping, and drinking.

They implied that Devon is having a lot of casual sex -- he's reckless with his life, starting fights, wanting to get punished. He's pushing people away, and he's so angry.

Devon: I don't know how many different ways I can tell you I'm fine.
Conrad: You don't have to talk to me. I can give you the name of someone good.
Devon: But I'm not looking to talk to someone. Drop it.

Devon's interactions with Conrad were striking. It's noticeable that they've been working together more than usual, and it's probably because of Conrad's concern. Devon's grieving is something of which Conrad is adept at understanding.

As a veteran who has also endured his fair share of loss, it was familiar to Conrad, and you could tell by how he interacted with Devon throughout the hour. And some of it was reminiscent of the glimpses of Conrad's behavior in flashbacks after they lost the baby.

Brotherhood - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Conrad has been there before. I think deep down, Devon understood that, and it's probably the reason it was a bit easier for him to lash out at Conrad over anyone else.

He knew Conrad saw through him more than anyone else outside of his mother, and people have a way of using those closest to them as emotional punching bags because of a deep-seated comfort of knowing they won't lose them.

Devon: The system failed him, and it failed us. Listen, that isn't your fault!
Himaya:  It's not yours either. His death was out of our control. 
Devon: We need each other. OK? Please stay.

Conrad was the most relentless in checking on Devon. At times it felt like overkill, even though you understood the urge. But Conrad wouldn't let up at work, and Himaya didn't give him space at home.

Sady, they were the two Devon snapped at the most as a result. As terrible as one felt for Devon, it extended to his mother as well. They're both grieving, but they're doing in different ways and apart from each other.

Mothering Devon  -Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

Devon couldn't get past his own feelings to consider that his mother had a hard time by herself, miles away from him. He's the only child, and she lost her husband of three-plus decades. Devon disappeared into himself and wasn't returning her phone calls and blowing her off.

It had to be incredibly lonely for her, and all Himaya wanted was the company and to make sure her son was OK. She missed taking care of another person, and she needed to spend time with someone who understood her loss and guilt.

Himaya: Your home is lonely. You are lonely. You need a partner.
Devon: No, no I don't. Don't do that.
Himaya: Check your phone. 

It hurt every single time Devon pushed his mother away or lost patience with her. Ironically, Devon mourned his father's loss and regretted the time he didn't spend with him, but he was pushing his mother away and took her for granted.

Himaya is such a mom, and such a traditional Desi one, too. She brought you homemade food, packed your refrigerator and freezer, man! And she still had time to find you like 20 eligible brides.

Himaya Pravesh - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

Himaya knows her son, and I'm so glad Devon had a breakthrough before she returned home. They were both beating themselves up about his father's death. They felt there was more they could've done to prevent it.

As they acknowledged that the other wasn't responsible for Tejan's death, they were able to absolve themselves of some of their guilt, too. Devon's final scene with his mother was probably the best scene of the hour.

Trinity: I pretend like everything is fine because I wanted it to be.
Conrad: You wanted life to be normal. We all do. 
Trinity: Yeah. My mom knew something was wrong with me.
Devon: Yeah, well,l sometimes our parents see things that we don't see in ourselves.
Trinity: I stomped around like the world was happening to me when she was the one who actually had something wrong.
Conrad: Oh, don't take that on. You and your mom, you got through the impossible. Cut yourself a break. Celebrate it.
Trinity: I've been so annoyed with my mom this whole time, but now it's like I just want her to be OK. I need her.
Conrad: I'm pretty sure she needs you too.

He asked her to stay, and she agreed. I wonder how long that will be, though? It would be beautiful if the woman in Devon's life for a bit is his mother. They need each other right now.

While the parallels between Devon's personal life and his and Conrad's case with Trinity was about as subtle as a sledgehammer, it was enjoyable.

From the moment Trinity came in with dislocated fingers to her mother, prompting her to spread her wings and fly, the pair was endearing. They had the ups and downs of most mother/daughter relationships, but the love between them was real.

It was a good thing that Trinity's mother brought her to the hospital that day. If she hadn't, then she would've never realized she had heart attacks.

Nic: Wait, so this is a real wedding? 
AJ: Well, under normal circumstances this would be way too early. 
Nic: Way! 
AJ: But we will rise to the occasion. 
Nic: And just figure out if you want to be married while you're married?
AJ: Well that's what most people do anyway, right? They're just not honest about it.

It was only a matter of time before The Resident brought up the protests over the summer, and it appeared in the way I imagined, which worked. No one talks about some of the longer-term effects of tear gas, and there are so many people grappling with them in the wake of these tumultuous times.

Of all the ways Conrad could get through to Devon, talking to him through comforting and advising Trinity was most effective. And by giving Trinity the same advice he needed to heed and understanding and relating to her feelings about her mother, it was a case that helped him.

A Dad! - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 3

Bell and Kit's case was interesting, too. What started as a fun but slightly concerning situation where Bell had an obsessive fangirl stalking him turned into poor Fiona having a psychotic episode due to a tumor.

You're like four decades too old for me.


Credit to Bell for his quick assessment. I didn't think Fiona was ill at first. Her giving him nude photos and addressing herself in front of him distracted me from reasoning that something medical was happening with her.

Kit was amused, but she jumped into action to assess and help when it called for it. Fortunately, they saved Fiona, but it was hilarious when the girl insisted that she would have never hit on Bell in her right mind since he's old enough to be her grandfather.

Kit Investigates - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 3

Bell cannot catch a break with all of the old digs, goodness! We've already established that he's quite handsome regardless of his age, so let the man live, Fiona!

They saved Fiona, but they may not be able to do the same for Chastain. Bell's Hail Mary did work for Yorn at first. He even offered Bell the CEO position again.

Mina: I do not hate this part of being in a relationship. 
AJ: Oh, such high praise. Tell me, what can I do to make sure you stay this effusive?
Mina: There is one thing, uh, you can marry me.

Bell had his reservations, but Kit was right about the control he'd have in the position again. He needed to fall on his sword, so to speak, for the hospital's sake. And she was also correct in how they could bring in enough money.

If Bell got to hire his stepson, he could kill two birds with one stone. He'd have the best plastic surgery in the country, operating at the hospital and bringing in enough money, and he'd get to work with and maybe repair his relationship with the guy.

Reflecting on Life - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

But it's too late. Yorn already sold Chastain to a big developer who plans to turn the hospital into condos. And it's enough to make you grit your teeth.

While Chastain is a private hospital, it did have a clinic. The hospital does serve the community and is essential. And now you have a place that was crucial to the area and thousands of people, including the middle and low-income, and it's turned into luxury condominiums for the more privileged.

Sure, you can argue that it'll bring jobs and elevate the area and whatnot, but what's more valuable and serving the community more: condos or a hospital? And all of the jobs it kills.

Mina Advice  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

You already have the doctors and nurses facing personal matters. Some people are preparing for weddings or babies. They have families to take care of and debts to pay -- people to support.

Mina is facing deportation, for crying out loud. I both love Mina and the Raptor and am in awe of how quickly they progressed as a romantic item.

AJ: So you're saying the marriage is off?
Mina: I am. You can't marry or even date someone who isn't here. 

If she can't find a way to renew her visa, then she's headed back to Nigeria, and of course, as of late, some countries have more difficulty immigrating to the States than others. Immigration issues have grown more complicated since Mina arrived.

Leave it to Mina to pop the question to AJ at work after handing him maple doughnuts. She's not a romantic, and she sees marriage as a business transaction.

The Romantic  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

In this case, it would literally be that so she could remain in the country. But AJ has always been a romantic, and he's willing to do anything for Mina. It wasn't surprising that he agreed, nor was it that he intended to have a legitimate wedding ceremony.

The news left Nic gobsmacked. Poor Nic had a hell of a day; between Devon hitting her up for a script, an ultrasound, and Mina's news, she had a lot going on.

If I want to stay, I have to find a way to renew my current visa or marry an American citizen.


Mina should've looked into things further before broaching the topic with AJ. For AJ, their marriage would've been real. He's head over heels for her, and the idea that it was too fast wouldn't have crossed his mind.

It's too soon for all of that for them. Mina and AJ are great together, but their differences will often lead to them not being on the same page as a couple. She hadn't even told him that she loved him yet.

MiNic Secrets - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

But AJ sounded as if he wanted to marry her anyway, even if the reason they were doing it wouldn't pan out. I am happy that Mina told him how she feels about him. It meant something that she said the words to him first. It was a big step for her, and Mina is allowed to grow within this relationship in many ways.

Do you know what's interesting? The second she mentioned needing to marry someone to stay, my first thought was Devon. Obviously, now that she knows its dangers, she doesn't want to jeopardize AJ and probably no one else.

I don't often apologize because I rarely make mistakes, but today I made one. I shouldn't have proposed to you like that without doing the proper research. 


However, if she was still willing to take the risk and Devon agreed, they would've made the most sense. They're close friends, and they probably have many pictures together. They have done some activities together outside of work over the last few years.

Devon lived with her for a while, and Mina's neighbors could confirm all of that. Isn't that funny?

Godparents? - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

Now we have to hope Mina finds a way to stay in the country. The crazy thing is Chastain closing could make her immigration status worse or help her improve it depending on where else she can go.

Conrad and Nic have chickens and a baby girl to take care of, so they're going to need those jobs, dammit.

Mina: Nic asked me if I'm in love with you. I didn't know what to say then, but now I do. It's yes. I am in love with you.
AJ: So the end of today's rollercoaster ride is here, and what a beautiful ending it is.
Mina: Except I might still be deported. 
AJ: No, no, that's not going to happen. We're not going to let that happen, guaranteed. You know I love you too, right?Mina: I suspected so.

You got to love Mina and how close she and Nic are. She already figured out that Nic was pregnant, but it didn't take away from the sweet moment when they announced it to their friends. It also made me smile that they told their work-family before their fathers.

Nic's reservations about sharing the news that early into the pregnancy made sense given their history. She didn't want to tell people if she ended up miscarrying or something again.

Future Mom - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

It's a real fear of hers, and that's something she'll probably struggle with for her entire pregnancy. Hell, viewers will feel much the same. Who knew pregnant CoNic would be this stressful?

Every time something goes too well, it feels as if something ominous lurks behind the corner.

But for now, we can celebrate that they're having a baby girl. Conrad screams Girl Dad, so this works, and you already know they'll probably name the kid after Jessie or something.

Also, Mina and Devon are going to be the best godparents, yes?

Work Family  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Are Mina and AJ moving too fast? Do you think they can save Chastain in the witching hour? Should Devon's mom move in with him?

Let's discuss all the things below, and you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic. 

Moving On and Mother Hens Review

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The Resident Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

If I want to stay, I have to find a way to renew my current visa or marry an American citizen.


Mina: I do not hate this part of being in a relationship. 
AJ: Oh, such high praise. Tell me, what can I do to make sure you stay this effusive?
Mina: There is one thing, uh, you can marry me.