The Resident Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Requiems & Revivals

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So, how about that Billie character? She's ... a lot.

We got our introduction to Nic's close friend onThe Resident Season 4 Episode 6, and she's quite the character.

But more importantly, Chastain named its new CEO, and it's none other than the Ortho Queen herself. It's what she, we, and the hospital deserves.

Kit Investigates - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 3

Billie made a hell of a first impression upon her arrival. She's brazen and comes on strong. The Resident has a knack for its characters who are along the lines of "an acquired taste," so she'll likely be a polarizing character too until she isn't.

From the looks of things, she rubbed many people the wrong way.

you want your special parking spot, park mine somewhere else.


Aside from Nic, anyone who knew her before didn't exactly welcome her with open arms. She didn't leave Chastain on a high note after an incident where she severely injured Conrad's patient.

She comes across as a hothead, know-it-all, someone who isn't afraid to break the rules and goes rogue, among other things. Does that sound familiar?

A Dad! - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 3

Billie, in all of her glory, reminded me of The Resident Season 1 Conrad. She specifically was reminiscent of Conrad during The Resident Season 1 Episode 1.

One of the reasons the two of them butt heads so much and don't get along is similarities and overlap. Perhaps the real difference between Billie and Conrad is that things work out better for him, and she didn't know her limits when she paralyzed a man.

We're all human. We all make mistakes.


Even noting the similarities, it didn't make Billie any easier to swallow. She was a bit bothersome, but maybe there's room for her to grow on some of us. Is it wrong or too early to say I don't have much interest in her enough to care?

For whatever reason, the attempt to showcase this meaningful friendship between Nic and Billie that existed pre-series didn't work as well as one would hope. Her excuses for why she wasn't around during the dozens of instances that would've warranted it, including the wedding, were feeble at best.

Conrad's Adversary - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 6

Billie's apology to Conrad and the explanation gave regarding the surgery he got her fired over out didn't invoke much of anything.

Her overall presence felt forced and pointless. Maybe it'll be of importance or have more meaning down the road since she's sticking around, but for now, nothing stood out.

Except, maybe she and Devon will have a flirtation. It just seems like something that could happen.

Nic wanted Billie there for her as she recovered from her stabbing. As if she didn't have enough stress and drama, she's now battling PTSD from the incident.

She's having trouble sleeping, and she has nightmares. Conrad is such a caretaker, and I love that he's there for her when she needs him.

Ultrasound - The Resident Season 4 Episode 5

As someone accustomed to taking care of others, it's challenging for her to rely on others. She doesn't make the best patient, but even Nic needs her rest and slow things down for a bit, so health scares aside, she was long overdue for this level of care.

However, the pregnancy challenges are so stressful. Why can't CoNic and the baby know peace? We're in this weird position where we sort of know that things are going to work out OK, but they're still freaking us out and throwing all of these scary plots at us anyway.

What kind of nurse am I if I can't even take care of my own baby?


Because of little CoNic's anemia from Nic's blood transfusions, the fear of miscarriage was on the table again. We once again got some heart-racing moments during the baby's transfusion when the baby's heart started racing too much and went into distress.

And we had a wait-and-see time period where we didn't know if the baby would be OK after that or not, but overall, this portion of the hour wasn't particularly compelling. It peaked during The Resident Season 4 Episode 5, so this paled in comparison.

Future Mom - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 4

Meanwhile, Devon and Irving bumped heads a few times over a sweet patient named Norman.

They have to find their footing as a public hospital. Irving has taken to the whole time-crunch, public part of matters with ease. However, Devon is determined to make sure that they practice private medicine in "public form."

I won't ignore a patient. That's what happened to my father.


He's going to overexert himself trying to give so many people the quality of care and time that they need and deserve. It's a balancing act, but he can't get over what his father experienced.

His father died in a public hospital, and he doesn't want Chastain ever to reach that point. It's admirable of him, and it's heartening that he is channeling his grief into trying to make a shitty system better.

Grief  - The Resident

Norman is one patient, and they have hundreds that they'll see on the regular, but this matters. If anyone can find the perfect balance of providing adequate care and making sure people don't fall through the cracks, it's the collaborative efforts of Devon and Irving.

It's but a glimpse of what we can expect now that Chastain is public.

They'll also have things working in their favor with Kit as the CEO. Jane Leeves is the gift that keeps giving and one of the rockstars of the season.

One of the best moments of the hour was when she charged into the interview room and demanded that Randall approve Jake as well as call her out on the blatant sexism of their process.

Jake  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 6

We don't know too many of the other female surgeons at Chastain, but any interview process that leaves Kit out of it when she's been the woman behind some of Chastain's biggest successes, ideas, and more, is a crappy one.

Kit really has been the glue that's kept the hospital functioning for some time, and she manages and handles everyone well. I can't think of a single challenge she hasn't overcome. She's one of the only people whom everyone respects implicitly.

We are deep in the hole but the situation is sizable. I shouldn't be excluded from providing solutions simply because I lack a penis.


She's the perfect person for CEO, and we all know it. Hell, she's the first person who came to mind for most of us.

Randall, of all people, letting the sexism fly in the first place didn't sit right. It shouldn't have taken Kit pointing it out. But thankfully, she took the time to watch Kit in her element assisting with Andy's surgery.

It's an unorthodox audition for the position, given she didn't even know that it was happening, but the outcome is ideal, so we'll go with it.

Asking a Favor - The Resident

Kit, Jake, and AJ together in the OR was the best part of the hour. They had a fun camaraderie, and they're a cool collection of personalities who played off of one another well.

Jake seems like a decent guy, albeit a bit uptight and neurotic. AJ's Rain Man quip about his process before surgery elicited a snort, but it's a good thing Jake goes through all the different ways something can go wrong.

Randall: I will sign off on your new surgeon. If this goes wrong it's on you.
Kit: Considering where you sit and what you've achieved why are there no women being interviews for the CEO position? Isn't that on you?

It helped them act quickly when the one hand didn't work at first.

It appeared as if Jake had a good time, and you get the sense that he's not used to dealing with other doctors in such a collaborative way or with the personable qualities that those of Chastain have.

Big Surgery - tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 6

He's also interested in doing good and the fulfilling work that comes with working at Chastain. Now that we've seen him in action and how well his bedside manner is, I look forward to him sticking around.

They're practically hemorrhaging doctors with the severe pay cut that comes with working at a public hospital, so they get a gifted surgeon like Jake, genuinely interested and in it for the right reasons, and he fits in nicely with the others.

Randall: The CEO job is yours if you want it.
Kit: You're damn right I do.

He also has a connection to Bell. I admire Bell's restraint. He's leaving the ball in Jake's court regarding what he wants to do with their relationship.

They've broken the ice a bit, and it seems like Jake is thawing to Bell. He'll come around like the rest of us have. Don't fight it, Jakey.

Bell's Past - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 2

Bell is recognizing that Jake is an incredible surgeon and admiring his gifts, and it's a good start focusing on the professional aspect first. Although, you could see the fatherly pride in Bell during the surgery.

I'm looking forward to them exploring their relationship more.

Over to you, The Resident Fanatics. What's your impression of Billie? How about Jake? Hit the comments below!

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The Resident Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Billie: Hawkins. 
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 Billie: Bet you're' thrilled to see me.
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you want your special parking spot, park mine somewhere else.