The Resident Round Table: Conrad vs. Billie; Choose Your Fighter!

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Some new faces have joined Chastain.

But one of the best parts about The Resident Season 4 Episode 6 is that Kit Voss was named CEO. It's what she, we, and the hospital deserves.

Join TV Fanatics Meghan Frey, Rachel Foertsch, and Carissa Pavlica as they discuss the hour!

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Billie is the latest polarizing character to arrive in this series. What is your first impression of her? What do you think she has to offer, and how will she factor into future storylines?

Rachel: Well, if Conrad doesn't like someone, it's usually a no from me. But, I'm a huge fan of complex characters, and for that reason, I'm willing to give her a chance. As far as storylines go, I'm wondering if she's going to be Devon's new love interest. Their hostile first meeting seemed like a fun setup.

Billie: Hawkins. 
Conrad: Sutton.
 Billie: Bet you're' thrilled to see me.
Conrad: Nic wants you here, so I want you here.

Meaghan: I am not a fan of the character at all right now. She doesn't have a particularly likable personality. She also doesn't add anything to the show.

Medical dramas have this awful habit of expanding their casts to the point that they can't write for all of the characters they have created. They already neglect Irving to a criminal level at this point, and they have Kit frequently disappear. We don't need to add yet another character into the mix.

Carissa: My first impression of this character is she was brought in with a specific purpose, and it's not the usual introduction for long-term characters. They're trying too hard with her, and since I can see it, I'm ignoring her until I know she's worth the effort.

Do you think we've seen the last of Nic's pregnancy troubles? How do you feel about the continuation of CoNic baby health scares?

Rachel: I hate it. I'm so positive that CoNic's baby will be fine that I get annoyed every time something comes up. I guess it makes sense story-telling-wise, but I hate seeing them in constant misery. I'm sure something crazy will go down on the delivery day that gives everyone another scare.

Meaghan: I'm so over it. I just want them to be happy and enjoy their pregnancy instead of having a scare every week. I know that it adds drama, but I hope that this doesn't become an every-episode thing. The writers are better than relying on such an overused trope.

Carissa: I hope it's done. They might find it hard to believe in Hollywood, but some women have uneventful pregnancies full of fun things like nausea, cravings, stretch marks, and sharing kicks with their loved ones. I feel sorry for Hollywood if they feel this way about families.

Ultrasound - The Resident Season 4 Episode 5

Kit is Chastain's new CEO. React!

Rachel: I'm so excited!! It's what she deserves. I cheered when she took the job, no joke. Kit's going to be the best CEO Chastain has ever had. (Sorry, Bell)

Meaghan: I absolutely love this! She has constantly advocated for the hospital and has never given up. One thing I do worry about is that it'll take her away from the medical side of things too much. She's an incredible doctor; I think, eventually, she is going to resent the day-to-day business issues.

Randall: The CEO job is yours if you want it.
Kit: You're damn right I do.

Carissa: Remember when we were worried she might be leaving or getting the boot in one way or another? I hope she's longer-term than the last few CEOs. I look forward to Kit's expansion and butting heads with people to make Chastain the best it can be.

Kit Investigates - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 3

Do you think hotshot plastic surgeon Jake Wong is a good fit for Chastain?

Rachel: Maybe. I was worried that he would mess up the hand surgery, and it would cause complications for all of them since Kit basically staked her career on Jake succeeding.

I'm happy it went well, though, and I do like Jake. Now that he's sticking around, I hope that he and Bell will be able to salvage their relationship. We've never seen Bell as a father, so I'm interested to see where this goes.

Jake  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 6

Meaghan: If we have to pick a character to add, I will take him over Billie any day of the week. Obviously, he is a talented surgeon, and he will be a great asset to the team. I'm also such a fan of Conrad Ricamora from his How To Get Away With Murder days, so I am looking forward to seeing more of him.

Carissa: The way he handled everything was impressive, from Bell's initial phone call to finding a way to connect with the kid before meeting him for the first time.

He's a physician that cares, and for surgeons, especially, that's a rarity. It speaks well of how Bell raised him, even if their relationship didn't end well. I'm glad he's sticking around. He'll fit in nicely.

Is there a way for Devon and Irving to provide their same standard of private healthcare at a newly public Chastain? What types of challenges do you think awaits them?

Rachel: The lack of doctors versus the number of patients has to be the biggest issue. I don't think Irving was completely wrong by making sure everyone gets seen.

But, to Devon's point, you can't put a 15-minute time limit on a person's health. They deserve full care, so there needs to be some triaging to help everyone. I'm sure the two of them will come up with the right way to do it.

Taking a Moment - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 12

Meaghan: It's all about balance. They have to figure out a way to streamline their great diagnostic skills. Unfortunately, they can't afford to spend hours and hours on just one patient like we're accustomed to seeing.

In a perfect world, they could take their time, but when you have to take every patient who walks through the door, you just can't afford to do that. I think they will manage to figure out a system that works for them and their patients without sacrificing quality of care; it's just going to take some time and growing pains.

I won't ignore a patient. That's what happened to my father.


Carissa: They have different methodologies, both public and private, and Devon and Irving. As long as they work together and play to each other's strengths, then Chastain is on track to be a marvel.

Do you have any other thoughts about this hour you'd like to share?

Rachel: I often forget what a great doctor Devon is. I think it's because I go up and down with him so much, but he is genuinely a good person who just wants to do right by his patients. It was nice to be reminded of that this episode.

Meaghan: I almost wish we had gotten just one shot of Cain this week to check in and make sure he is miserable. Also, I'm a tad bummed that we didn't get to see Henry again this week. I would love him to become a Lily-type patient.

Carissa: I'm still reeling from the lack of Cain. It's just so odd. Especially since otherwise, it's moving at warp speed.

Fallen Cain - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 19

What was your favorite moment or quote from the installment?

Rachel: Kit becoming CEO! I also loved the moment where she called the hospital out for not interviewing any women. Kit's a queen.

Meaghan: Yes! Kit all the way! She deserves the praise, and I love how quickly she snatched it up.

Carissa: For me, it was seeing Bell so proud and relieved that Jake would be joining him long-term at Chastain. He thought he was in for a fight. I hope that's a good sign for their future as family and coworkers.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! Do you agree with us?

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The Resident Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Billie: Hawkins. 
Conrad: Sutton.
 Billie: Bet you're' thrilled to see me.
Conrad: Nic wants you here, so I want you here.

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