A Million Little Things Round Table: Did Eddie Just Blow Up His Marriage For Good?!

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Eddie may have reached a point of no return, and it's only the beginning.

On A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7 Eddie lied about his addiction, Darcy opened up about her worst error, and Maggie shared something revealing with the masses.

Join TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jack Ori, and Meaghan Frey as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Has the window for Eddie to confide in Katherine about his relapse without garnering her ire and hurt passed?

Christine: Yes! I'm afraid that evaporated when he let Dakota take the fall for him. If Eddie had only come clean with Katherine at any point up until then, I think she would have been understanding and supportive.

Now she'll feel like she can't trust him with anything, including Theo. This could be a marriage ender, and Eddie knows it, which is only making him more desperate and will likely make things worse.

Katherine: Eddie, you OK?
Eddie: Today was a really bad day.
Katherine: And you were doing so well.
Eddie: Yeah, about that. Katie, I messed up, and don't know how to tell you.

Jack: I agree with Christine. Eddie lied twice in less than 24 hours. First, he told Katherine that the way he "messed up" was. by letting Dakota in the house, and then, he let her take the fall.

Katherine will feel so betrayed when she finds out (and we know she will eventually). Not to mention that he was too out of it to help Theo with his homework -- how can Katherine possibly trust him to take care of Theo after that?

Make Lemonade - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: Absolutely! Letting Dakota take the fall was an idiotic move. The problem is, even before she spoke up, he wasn't rushing to come clean to Katherine, so I just don't see a world in which he voluntarily confesses.

I think, unfortunately, Katherine is going to catch him in his lies, and it is going to be the end of their marriage. The saddest part is it didn't have to be.

Katherine is incredibly supportive and would have been there for him. He was vulnerable to succumbing to his addiction again because of his injuries. She knows that. It is the lies she won't be able to get past.

How would you grade AMLT's exploration of Eddie's addiction this season?

Christine: I'll give it a B-. I can't say I'm enjoying seeing Eddie's downward spiral, but addicts relapse. That is realistic, and COVID has generally made that even worse.

I wish someone, Eddie's doctors, nurses, physical therapist, or Katherine, had realized he would need more help managing his pain while staying clean.

On the flip side, addicts are extremely good at hiding things, and Eddie has tried to hide his pain instead of asking for help, help that anyone in his circle would have gladly given him if his pride hadn't gotten in the way.

What is this? Why are there aspirin in your oxycodone, Eddie? Tell me what's going on right now!


Jack: I'll give it a B+. I studied substance abuse counseling and love watching addiction stories, but what I hate about this story is Dakota enabling Eddie.

I'm also surprised that Katherine hasn't picked up on anything odd about Eddie's behavior. And while addicts do relapse, I would have liked to have seen Eddie make more of an effort not to and fail anyway, which I think is more realistic than the out-of-the-blue one day sober the next day full-blown addict thing that TV likes to do.

Deception - tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: B. It is compelling, but I also think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with the storyline. I could see Eddie spiraling much further out of control before all is said and done.

Right now, it is only focused on him and Katherine. Eventually, I think the repercussions are going to fan out and encompass the entire group. Like Katherine, the group forgave him for his indiscretions with Delilah. Unfortunately, I think he will have an uphill battle to fight back from this one with them.

What are your thoughts on Katherine and Alan's burgeoning friendship?

Christine: Dangerous, but Katherine can't see that yet because she doesn't know Eddie is using. Katherine and Alan have a nice friendship and a lot in common. When the truth comes out about Eddie, it could be very easy for Katherine to lean on Alan, especially if she's seeing less of her friends due to COVID.

The sad part is, I really like Alan, and I can see him and Katherine making a great couple. It just depends on how far down the rabbit hole Eddie has fallen. If he can crawl his way back out, will he still find Katherine there waiting for him? I don't know.

Alan  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Jack: I'm expecting it to become more than friendship at some point. I would like to be wrong about that, but with Eddie using again, even though he seems to be making an effort to sober up, Katherine will likely reach the end of her rope with him. And when she does, she will likely turn to Alan.

Meaghan: He will end up being a safe place for Katherine to land when all of the drama with Eddie reaches a head. The problem is no matter how great Alan is, he will only end up being a bandaid for Katherine's issues, and I don't foresee it working out in the long run.

Most likely, they will have a brief fling, and then Katherine will decide she needs to be alone to process the loss of her marriage with Eddie.

How shocking was Darcy's confession? Do you think it's a major step in her relationship with Gary that she shared it with him?

Christine: My heart broke for her. It was a tragic accident that is made all the more painful because she can put herself in the mother's shoes every time she looks at her own son.

Both Darcy sharing this and she and Gary sharing their experiences as kids of divorce definitely brought them closer together, and I'm thrilled to see that happening.

Opening Up  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Jack: That was a powerful scene. We knew she had PTSD, so it wasn't shocking as much as it was heartbreaking. I'm glad she shared this with Gary. They are getting closer, and I just hope that they are endgame. It will be very painful indeed if Gary ends up back with Maggie after all this.

I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I'm in love with your son.


Meaghan: I didn't see that one coming, but it makes sense. I can't even begin to imagine the horrors that our troops have experienced. It definitely deepens her relationship with Gary that she trusted him enough to share it.

I'm really hoping that Gary's focus doesn't become trying to help her overcome it, though. He tends to have a savior complex in his serious relationships (see Maggie), and it will only cause problems for them in the long run.

Did you understand Gary's reluctance to meet Liam after his admission about his own childhood? Was it unexpected that he and Liam bonded over OCD and pandemic worries?

Christine: Yes, meeting your significant other's kid is a huge deal! And if you've been the kid in that situation and it hasn't gone well, you know just how bad it can get.

I found it amusing that Gary and Liam bonded over their worries about COVID. I'm just happy they found something to bond over because that will make things much easier moving forward.

No, I've been raising a small psychopath.

Gary; Does Liam like ice cream sandwiches? Darcy

Jack: I was surprised that Gary and Liam bonded over pandemic worries, but it was a great scene, and Gary always seems to be good with kids (see his relationship with Danny as well). I definitely understood Gary's reluctance after he told his story. He doesn't want Liam to experience what he did.

Meaghan: Gary's reluctance always made sense to me, but this definitely helped to add context. Gary was always going to get along great with Liam.

As Jack said, he is amazing with kids. It makes me more nervous about the prospect of him and Darcy not working out. Liam will become attached, and it will be a huge blow if he has to lose Gary from his life.

I know everyone seems sure that Darcy and Gary will end up together, but I still think there is a chance that we are headed to an eventual Maggie and Gary endgame, and I can't shake it.

Liam - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Should Maggie have deleted the podcast? What do you predict will happen when Gary finds out about her conversation with Jamie going public?

Christine: Yes! That was too much personal information, and Gary hadn't consented to put it out there for all the world to hear. Now, I'm dreading the moment that Darcy hears it and for it to impact her and Gary's relationship somehow.

That ring isn't for Darcy. It was for me.


Jack: I think she should have made it private rather than deleting it outright, if such a thing is possible, until she talked to Gary and seen how he felt about it.

Either way, she now does know that people enjoy hearing her talking about her personal life. That's good information she can use to create more podcasts that will be popular without invading other people's privacy.

Gary the Boyfriend - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: 100%! It wasn't like it was something small discussed. The podcast could have huge implications when it comes to Darcy and Gary. Gary deserves enough respect from Maggie to at least take it down temporarily to discuss it with Gary.

What are your theories about Tyrrell and his mysterious homelife?

Christine: I think Tyrell is possibly homeless or is taking care of his younger siblings without a parent around. He seems like a good guy, but he's obviously lying about his mother. Rome would have to be oblivious not to pick up on that.

Jack: Tyrell said his mom was sick, then said she sprained her ankle. The second part sounds like a lie she told him to tell people. I'm curious as to what the real story is with his mother. He's obviously taking care of her, and something is going on she doesn't want people to know about.

Friends and Colleagues  - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: I definitely sense a dark story that he is hiding. I am in complete agreement with Christine that the mom isn't around, and he is taking care of his siblings, so he can't have the truth come out.

Otherwise, they will end up in foster care. If this is the case, could this give Rome and Gina the family they have been looking for? I could see them being fantastic parents to both older and younger children.

Is there anything else you'd love to share and/or a favorite moment from the hour?

Christine: I'm ready for Jamie and Maggie to head back to England just so they can get clear of Gary and Darcy. I like both couples just as they are now. Jamie and Maggie are adorable together, as are Gary and Darcy. There's no need to get Maggie and Gary back together. They've moved on, and I like it that way.

Jack: I also really like Maggie with Jamie and Gary with Darcy, and I hope that doesn't change. I wonder if Jamie will be able to go back to England, given where the series is with the pandemic. He might be forced to stay.

Did anyone else wonder how Katherine and/or Eddie explained to Theo why Dakota left and why he wasn't allowed to give her the lemonade he'd worked so hard to make for her? Or will this come up in a later episode?

Make Lemonade - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: I just cackled at your response about Theo, Jack! Poor kid. I guess more lemonade for himself. I just thought about how heartbroken he will be when Eddie and Katherine's relationship comes crashing down, and I'm not emotionally prepared.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Hit the comments below!

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