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If you were tuning in with bated breath hoping to learn about Nic's fate, then you'll have to hold on for a bit longer.

While Nic was mentioned and referenced often on The Resident Season 5 Episode 1, we didn't learn of her fate, and in that sense, got to postpone the myriad feelings that Emily VanCamp's departure invokes.

The premiere felt like the first half of a super-sized two-parter. A double dose of The Resident would've been the best. Too bad that wasn't the case

To His Aid - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

We got a bit of a time-jump during the premiere, tossed into the rhythm of our Chastain Crew's lives, and getting bits and pieces of clues to their personal lives while focusing almost exclusively on the medical cases of the hour and the ransom cyber attack.

From the sounds of things, our beloved Raptor has thrown himself into other activities since Mina's departure, working at a youth center in his free time and running 5k's.

Conrad and Nic have seemingly settled into parenthood with Gigi, and Conrad is the most adorable dad. He's utterly devoted to his sweet little girl (a real baby, lest you guys get going again about that) and innocently battling to earn his daughter's affections with her first utterance of "da da."

Kit is still the Boss B*tch of Chastain, doing so well that the hospital is in the black, and the board remain sexist jerks who refuse to put some respect on Queen Voss' name, but Bell and the rest of us will happily take a knee for her.

Righteous Pair - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

And speaking of Bell, one already can't help squealing over the progress in their relationship. The whole thing where they behave as an unofficial married couple continues, and Bell is making his moves for it to be something more. But, despite Kit playing hard to get here, she's already succumbing to his charms.

Let love happen, Kit! We need this!

Kit: they just sent me their demands.
Devon: What do they want?
Kit: Five million.

And of course, Leela and Devon have fast-tracked their relationship to sexy elevator make-outs, talks of moving in together, and making their bid for the sexiest Resident couple. Devon's in a much better place and Leela has found her footing, and she's earned respect from the finest minds at Chastain.

It was a pleasant enough opener for all of these characters until all hell broke loose via the cyber attack ransom.

Hospital Under Siege - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

As far as The Resident's historical events sending the hospital into a tailspin, this one was understated. It was less about the circumstance itself and everything about the way it affected two patients in particular and the staff dealing with their case.

They did not have to make us this emotional right out of the gate like this. It was so rude and disrespectful! They could've eased us into things first.

Leela: I don't want to be looked at that way.
Devon: What way?
Leela: Like the girlfriend.

It feels inappropriate given the circumstances of his death, but my heart shattered when Ronan coded on that OR table. Even multiple members of Chastain's best stood no chance against saving this sweet single father from a WidowMaker.

Billie was right; they call them widowmakers for a reason, except Ronan didn't leave some mournful wife behind. Instead, he left behind Estie, the sweetest, most compassionate young teen ever.

AJ and Billie to the Rescue - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

And everything leading up to Ronan's death laid down the foundation for his ultimate demise and set an eerie tone and parallel for Conrad.

Estie was all Ronan had, and with each conversation he shared with Conrad, it was evident the man couldn't live without his daughter.

She was his entire world, and as her conditions worsened and the malware attack often interfered with their ability to catch everything in the timeliest fashion and respond appropriately, Ronan was a mess.

Ronan: I know everyone says that their kid is special but Este, she's so compassionate, loving, she's my whole life. You know her mom left a year after she was born it's always been just the two of us.
Conrad: I get it. My father too. I can't imagine how awful this is for you but rest assured we're doing everything we can.

The overheard conversations as Bell, AJ, Billie, Conrad, and Leela held think tanks and did everything in their power to properly diagnose and save her often was too much for Ronan.

So when he collapsed and went into v-tach, it was easy to assume that the stress of everything and the fear of losing his daughter was quite literally breaking his heart.

Brainstorming with Bell - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

Instead, we got this terrifying diagnosis of sudden cardiac arrest in their family history, and it took piecing together symptoms and Conrad's vehemently getting on Atlanta General's case about Ronan's images to reach that conclusion.

But it was too late, and goodness, it was devastating. After a full day of working on both Ronan and Estie like that, it's no wonder their cases got under everyone's skin in different ways.

AJ, for all of his professionalism and bluster, got emotionally attached against his better judgment. It's because of his connection and familiarity with Estie and Ronan. But there was also that angle of his previous experience as a foster kid.

The idea of tracking down the mother who abandoned Estie so she could take care of her after her best parent suddenly passed away did not sit well with him. You couldn't blame him for his strong reaction to that.

Fresh Perspective- tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

And he knows he has to be the one to tell his prized runner that her father is gone despite her being the injured party who needed a hospital visit. In a tragically beautiful way, her father's death will give her extended life.

They wouldn't have found out about her heart history had he not collapsed and subsequently died. And the little comfort in this tragedy is the knowledge that Ronan would've willingly died for his daughter.

For Conrad, it was this case where we got to see how his position as a new father affects him more than ever. He's always been a compassionate person who gets attached to patients and cases, but fatherhood heightens that.

Every time Ronan spoke about how incredible his daughter was and the love he has for her -- how she's his life and everything, and he can't live without her -- Conrad could relate to that sentiment. It sparked things in him as well.

Resuscitating Trio  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

And the eerieness of their conversations, given we do not know what Nic's fate will be, is that he could relate to Ronan as a father now and to Estie as a child who lost her mother at a young age.

He gave props to Ronan as a single father, an acknowledgment of his father for the same. All these little hints and moments served as foreshadowing for what Conrad will have to endure in a life with Gigi without Nic.

Conrad: I just watched a 14-year-old nearly die, I just want to hold my baby, you know?
Maryann: I'm sorry.
Conrad: this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Maryann: If it's any help, it is for every parent.

And sweet Estie, with her harrowing ordeal and stressful case, felt like a parallel to baby Gigi. She, too, is a special girl.

Lillian Jones, who played Estie, was such a standout during the hour, and I expect that to continue if her case carries over into the next installment. Once again, this series has a remarkable way of making you fully invest in these guest characters playing patients.

Personal Connections  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

Everyone loved Estie, and every second of that case had Conrad wanting to hug his baby girl.

To the surprise of no one, Conrad is an adorable father. He played the slightly frazzled but adoring dad bit to perfection.

The whole thing with transitioning babies feels like the newer trend to parenting. Is it only me, or did it feel ridiculous that the nursery woman expected Conrad to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to help Gigi transition and called him multiple times during his shift?

He's a doctor at a public hospital, so schedules are unpredictable on a good day, and this one happened to be when the hospital was under siege by a cyber attack. Don't crying babies come with the territory?

New Dad - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

Nevertheless, it led to some cute moments. Conrad playing Unchained Melody to soothe Gigi was one of the top ones. And his ongoing attempts to get her to say "da da" were precious, too.

It was a thrill when she said it, but again, it also felt foreboding that she's transitioning to saying "da da" when her mother is absent and likely will be.

The hour did a solid job of immersing us into everything else that we didn't have as much time to fret about Nic. But dammit, we need answers! Rip the band-aid off quickly, please.

We know that she went to some retreat, and she almost turned back because of her missing Gigi too much. And Conrad is anticipating her arrival the next day.

Checking Records - Tall  - The Resident Season 3 Episode 18

In the meantime, Devon and Leela are smoking hot, and things have gone well for them. They're talking about moving in with one another, and it seems sudden, but hey, when you know, you know.

After Devon's loss, he deserves to bask in the good things in his life, and Leela is one of them. He's thriving at work as well, and he got to play hero a bit when his college buddy swooped in to end the cyber attack and expose the hackers.

It was amusing when Kit got her moment to speak directly to them and tell them the FBI was on the way. They looked the sort hiding behind a screen wreaking havoc and holding people's lives in their hands.

The hour sped through all the particulars of that. It's still odd that Devon spent so much time in the room with Kit and the others working on that.

Spinning Plates  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

But it was the win that the hospital needed. And the emotional component for Devon was providing comfort and reassurance for Leela as she worked the father-daughter case.

It's good to see that Leela is shining, and she's reached a point where top attendings and residents trust her judgment. It's no small feat for the newbie.

The series took full advantage of her unique skills, from her perfect recall and visual memory to her ability to sketch. She's a bit of a wonder kid, and it works to their advantage while only occasionally feeling like a hokey party trick.

She had a stronger presence than Billie, who felt muted. And while it's not exactly a complaint from a personal stance, there was such a big cliffhanger about Billie's son returning that it was surprising they didn't fit that into the premiere in any capacity.

Leela Skills- Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 12

Back to Devon, we can predict that Devon won't show up for his promised coffee date with Leela, and after running things by Nolan and Irving, they'll figure out something happened to Devon.

I only hope Winston won't be in worse condition by then.

Devon: I have to go sign out my last few patients.
Leela: I'll wait for you.
Devon: No. No, you go home. I'll go to my place, you go to yours and sleep, something we don't do a lot of when we spend the nights together.
Leela: And we can talk about moving in together over coffee tomorrow morning.

He was such a lovable patient, too, kind, considerate, gracious, and patient. He took that arm realignment like a champ.

But it's bizarre that everyone in radiology kept feeling sick and didn't send others away or reschedule or something. Is it ever customary to leave a patient alone in a waiting room?

Confident Devon-Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 12

Whatever noxious fumes emanating from that supply room have taken down everyone, but where are they?

The woman working reception disappeared, and the only person we saw was Winston before Devon found him. And no one else was around to hear any commotion either.

I would've expected a half of dozen folks lying on the floor or something.

It was a heck of a cliffhanger to leave us with, and the introduction of the storyline amid everything else felt a bit misplaced. But again, that's why this premiere felt as if it should've been a two-hour event.

Dad Commiseration  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 1

They resolved the cyberattack storyline, and the fumes one could've been their next hurdle that segued into the second hour.

After losing Ronan, Winston better be OK! And Devon should be fine.

Kit got to bask in her victory, and it's great that the hospital is thriving under her care. She and Bell play off of each other well as professionals.

Bell: Apart from work I spend 90% of my time alone.
Kit: Me too.
Bell: Tonight, especially I got the feeling that, hey, do you want to get a bite?
Kit: That's really really sweet but I'm just whipped and...
Bell: Yeah, of course, it's not like I meant anything by it.

He's slotted into the title of her work husband with ease, bringing her food and coffee and offering emotional support.

And the final scene of Bell asking her to dinner because he didn't want to be alone (smooth and vulnerable) and Kit declining didn't even hurt.

Kitbell Celebrates - Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 9

Why? Because it took everything in Kit to decline, and they were both looking back at each other, their goodnight extending and lingering.

We're getting some Kitbell this season, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Bring it on!

Overall, while they didn't hit the ground running with this premiere, and the hour felt like a regular installment of the series, it's so damn good to have Conrad and the Chastain crew back in our lives and on our screens!

It's also good to be back and reviewing this series. I've missed it, and you Resident Fanatics. So let's discuss everything in the comments below!

What did you think of the premiere? How precious is Dad Conrad and baby Gigi?

What are your Nic predictions? What do you think happened to Devon? Are you enjoying the new vibe of the show?

If you want to relive the hour and coo over the adorableness of Mini-Conrad, then you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic. 

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Leela: I don't want to be looked at that way.
Devon: What way?
Leela: Like the girlfriend.

It's a ransomware attack!