Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-06-23: While DAYS Celebrates an Anniversary, Some People Are In Trouble

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Days of Our Lives is two years away from its 60th anniversary!

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 11-06-23, this year's celebration will include John and Marlena celebrating their special day and Maggie reminiscing about Victor.

There's also plenty of drama ahead, thanks to someone stabbing Li in the back and Sloan's desperation for a baby.

Spoilers for the Week of 11-06-23 - Days of Our Lives

If you're not a Jarlena fan, you might not be thrilled with this anniversary celebration. Still, John and Marlena are some of the longest-running characters on the series, and their anniversary falls on the same day as the show's.

Plus, there's not enough romance in Salem these days. John and Marlena will share some sexy time, but they will also bring some real romance -- not the race to the bedroom everyone else seems to engage in.

Happy Anniversary - Days of Our Lives

The pair will have their trademark strawberries and cream (this time in the form of body butter) and will likely discuss their long relationship and love for one another.

It's too bad that Timothy is off-screen; he'd probably love to stop by to celebrate with his newfound family.

Maggie will also mark the anniversary date by again reminiscing about Victor. It's been about a year since John Aniston passed away, and Victor was a Salem legend, so it makes sense to pay tribute to him on the show's anniversary.

Hopefully, she won't be getting fake stories courtesy of Konstantin!

The Theresa forgery story takes a surprising twist, too -- Alex finds out he's not Victor's heir, but spoilers say he and Theresa scheme together.

This can only mean one thing: Alex wants to keep the fraud going. It seems these two are made for each other (if you accept this nonsensical Theresa forgery story despite all the plot holes).

That's more interesting than the tired soap trope of a couple going from lovers to enemies after a secret comes out.

Thank goodness! The months Eric spent berating Nicole over those shredded papers are permanently burned into my brain.

Speaking of Eric, Sloan will soon make a dubious move in the adoption story. Please scroll down to check out that and all the other spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-06-23.

Suspicious of Everett - Days of Our Lives

Chad confronts Stephanie about Everett.

Chad's suspicious of Everett's motives, as he should be. The guy came to town with a farfetched story, spied on Chad and Stephanie, and has made no secret that he wants to win Stephanie back.

Chad and Stephanie's relationship is precarious because of the Steve-influenced rift over the marriage issue. The last thing they need is Everett putting additional wedges between them.

Will this problem be a rerun of the Alex fiasco we just got past? Chad and Stephanie need other obstacles besides ex-boyfriends constantly interfering with their one-on-one time.

Li's Dying Words - Days of Our Lives

A dying Li has something to say to Wendy.

Li's last words will probably be some cryptic message that makes Wendy more convinced Gabi killed him.

It's disappointing that they've gone in this direction. Gabi and Wendy were once great friends committed to proving women could be just as strong business leaders as men.

Instead, they'll be bitter enemies. And with Camila Banus exiting Days of Our Lives soon, it would be unsurprising if Gabi goes to Statesville for a murder she didn't commit.

Wendy Swears Revenge - Days of Our Lives

Rafe demands answers from Gabi, while Wendy swears revenge.

Rafe almost always takes Gabi's side, even covering up crimes for her in the past. Only in Salem would someone like that be police commissioner, never mind investigating a murder where their sister is the prime suspect!

Whatever private doubts he has about her innocence, in public, he'll give her the benefit of the doubt and try to keep her out of jail.

And what kind of revenge is Wendy looking for? That doesn't seem like her style.

Maybe she'll hack into Li's phone or computer to plant further evidence against Gabi. That's the only thing that would fit her personality.

John and Marlena Celebrate - Days of Our Lives

As Days of Our Lives celebrates its 50th anniversary, John and Marlena celebrate theirs!

The anniversary episodes are usually nostalgic and fun. (Except for that stupid Necktie Killer episode where Aiden turned evil.)

This might be a nice break from the drama, and as mentioned above, we'll get some genuine romance.

Love or hate them, John and Marlena are one of the most stable couples on the show -- something we need more of.

Maggie Remembers Victor - Days of Our Lives

Maggie remembers Victor some more.

Victor Kiriakis was an iconic part of the Salem community. His cruelty matched his capacity to love, and both Maggie and Caroline softened him in different ways.

It's fitting that Maggie would pay tribute to him on Days of Our Lives' anniversary. One of his last appearances before John Aniston's death was their 11th anniversary; now, she has to spend their 12th alone.

Of course, she thinks Konstantin is a good guy who reminds her of Victor. Still, Maggie would be sad and in the mood for nostalgia on a day like this.

Alex and Theresa Scheme - Days of Our Lives

Alex and Theresa scheme together.

The spoiler video includes Alex yelling at Theresa that she forged his mother's signature. However, it appears the two will hatch a new plan together.

That can only mean one thing: they want to keep the ruse going.

When Xander eventually discovers this, there will be hell to pay. In the meantime, this couple is solidifying itself as the new scheme-y couple, though no shady business will ever be as good as what Sami and Lucas got up to back in the day.

Will Dimitri and Leo Get Caught? - Days of Our Lives

Jade hones in on Dimitri and Leo.

The net's tightening, but Jada won't catch the comical fugitives yet.

Too bad because these two are silly together, and their story eats up valuable airtime.

Things will turn dark soon, too, with a fleeing Dimitri crashing into a pregnant Nicole and making her go into labor.

Melinda Finds a Baby - Days of Our Lives

Melinda finds a baby for Sloan and Eric.

We know from the Day of Days winter spoiler video that Melinda will steal Nicole's baby.

But since Nicole hasn't gone into labor yet -- that doesn't happen until the week of November 13 -- what baby does Melinda have now?

And what will happen that'll force her to take drastic action?

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