Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 3-25-24 Suggest Two Ugly Secrets Could Ruin Baby Jude's Christening

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Every time there's a party in Salem, something horrible happens.

If the Salem PD analyzed crime rate statistics for the city, they'd probably discover that the majority of murders, kidnappings, and assaults happened during someone's special day.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-25-24 suggest that Jude's christening will be the site of at least one ugly fight. Two guests are sitting on explosive secrets, so there's no way something huge won't go down!

Spoilers for the Week of 3-25-24 - Days of Our Lives

History might repeat itself -- in 2011, Daniel learned at Parker's christening that he was not the father, leading to an unforgettable confrontation where he beat Philip with a crucifix.

Nicole can't shake the feeling that she has a connection with baby Jude; her presence makes Sloan anxious, and Leo blackmailed his way into attending the ceremony. That's a perfect recipe for the fireworks that only happen in Salem.

EJ Deals With Holly - Days of Our Lives

Nicole's also pushed to put the reception together so that Holly can easily attend -- and Holly has a secret of her own, one that needs to come out as soon as possible.

A christening isn't the place for her to tell Nicole and EJ that the drugs that nearly killed her were hers, not Tate's. But every second Tate spends stuck at the rehab facility when he doesn't do drugs is harmful to his mental health.

The only way out is for Holly to come forward, and the longer she delays, the less sympathetic her character becomes.

Telling the truth could cost EJ his job as DA, which is long overdue because all he does is lock up innocent people. He crossed the line from incompetent and overly emotional to weaponizing the justice system with this Tate nonsense.

He knows all too well that Stefan is far more to blame than Tate, and he's using his position to help cover that fact up -- or was until Stefan turned himself in and blackmailed him into a sweetheart deal. EJ's bad choices blowing up in his face when Holly finally comes forward will be delicious, must-see TV.

Nicole won't be too pleased with either Holly or EJ when she learns the truth. As the spoiler video suggests, Eric will be there to pick up the pieces if it comes out during the christening.

Days of Our Lives loves dragging things out, but it should make the most use of the soap party trope by revealing the truth about baby Jude's parentage. That would bond Nicole and Eric together just as EJ's life falls apart.

EJ and Nicole are a far better couple, but Eric and Nicole are endgame, so what better time to reunite them than in the aftermath of two explosive reveals?

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 3-25-24.

Will Maggie See Konstantin Differently? - Days of Our LIves

Will Konstantin's claim of forgiveness change how Maggie sees him?

This Konstantin/John story isn't anywhere near over. Konstantin's declaration that he forgives John Black for killing his daughter is most likely a calculated lie meant to keep John in his orbit and allow Maggie to believe Konstantin is empathetic and gracious.

If Maggie were using her brain, she'd realize things don't add up. Konstantin has claimed to be an old friend of Victor's, yet Victor sent a brainwashed John to kill Konstantin's daughter.

Konstantin's been caught in a lie, but instead of rejecting him, Maggie will probably fall for his new act and become even more deeply enamored with him.

Making Theresa Jealous - Days of Our Lives

Kristen and Alex try to make Brady and Theresa jealous.

Brady has more important things to worry about than Kristen's petty nonsense. Tate's still incarcerated, even if it is in a halfway house rather than jail. He's losing his relationship with Rachel, and he's not sure Eric made a smart decision by choosing him to be Jude's godfather.

On the other hand, Theresa is emotion-driven and needs to get back in Alex's good graces so that Konstantin will stop pressuring her about Alex's fortune.

Theresa and Alex's split for the sake of drama will probably end soon. It has to, or their separation will blunt the impact once the truth comes out about who is really Victor's secret heir.

Holly Steels Herself - Days of Our Lives

Holly steels herself to confess the truth while Tate journals about his ambivalence toward her.

Spit it out, Holly! Tate's locked up because of her, so her fear of disappointing Nicole is not winning her any points.

The longer this drags on, the more likely Tate will decide Holly isn't worth it. If she wants any relationship with him, she'd better hurry up and tell the truth.

Even if Tate never speaks to her again, it's the right thing to do. If she delays, she'll ensure he doesn't.

Tension Between Sloan and Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Marlena and Eric discuss the tension between Sloan and Nicole.

I'm glad Marlena noticed. Eric's been oblivious for long enough.

Marlena should also point out that Eric shouldn't have accepted his ex-wife's offer to host a party when his current wife is uncomfortable with Nicole being anywhere around Jude. 

But Marlena Evans seems to think her son can do no wrong, so she'll likely leave that part out of her comments.

Stephanie and Everett Discuss Their Status - Days of Our Lives

Stephanie and Everett discuss their relationship status, which is aggravating Jada.

Stephanie will be more sympathetic toward Everett than Jada wants.

It's annoying when Days of Our Lives characters act like cheating or irrelevant lies are worse than murder.

While Marlena and Steve are busy convincing John that shooting someone in cold blood while brainwashed is forgivable, Jada wants Everett run out of town because he doesn't remember cheating on Jada.

Holly Makes Things Hard For Nicole  - Days Of Our Lives

Holly gives Nicole and EJ a hard time.

Good. Holly can redeem herself by standing up to her parents, especially her shady stepfather.

Hopefully, she goes beyond making a little bit of noise about EJ's interference with her relationship with Tate and finally tells them that the drugs were hers and that she remembers everything.

The look on EJ's face alone would be worth it if she did, and it would finally give Holly some redeeming qualities -- something that's been missing since her obsessive love story with Johnny.

Will The Truth Come Out at the Christening? - Days of Our Lives

Will the truth come out about the baby as the christening begins?

The christening is supposed to be a happy occasion, but certain people will end up heartbroken and miserable.

I'd love for one of them to be Sloan, but I doubt we're there yet.

While Leo says on the Days of Our Lives trailer for the week of 3-25-24 that he has something to say, future spoilers state that he will make a pact with Melinda and Sloan.

Holly Confides in Eric - Days of Our Lives

Holly confides in Eric.

Finally! Points for opening her mouth at last, though a christening for Eric's son isn't the right time to ask him for help with a major secret.

I hope Eric pushes her to tell EJ and Nicole.

At the very least, he should threaten to tell them himself if she doesn't. Tate needs to get out of jail, and nobody needs months of Holly and Eric whispering about this while Nicole and EJ are in the dark.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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