Best Friends - Superstore Season 5 Episode 16
Lauren Ash as Dina Fox and America Ferrera as Amy Sosa on Superstore Season 5 Episode 16, "Employee App."

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Patrick Wymore/NBC
Superstore Season 5 Episode 16: "Employee App"
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Superstore Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

So to reiterate, we must download an app that can track our phones, and then we must carry our phones at all times. And everybody here is just fine with that?


Garrett: It's me! I look like Uncle Phil! Man, why'd you do that stupid Google search?!
Jonah: Woah, calm down.
Garrett: No, I'm not gonna calm down! You calm down! You're always starting stuff! "Hey, Garrett. Let's Google how to murder somebody." Well, you happy now? What's next?! "Hey, Garrett. Let's tell Zephra to email the police and tell them I just planted a bomb in the store!"