He can't die in there, Shawn. It's a company car.

I had a waffle for breakfast this morning... Do you want to hear my shoulder click?

I'm on tilt, Shawn, I'm tilting.

My black is crackin', Shawn?!

He's still not ready to talk about it.

That's what it's like to sound old, bald and divorced.


I believe in making my woman my queen.

I have the power to touch people Shawn.

You said the meat and cheeses were not gonna touch, Shawn.

Shawn: I will sell you a smile.
Gus: Suck it, Shawn.

Boning up is not a thing, Shawn.

Shawn: I'm available for lunch.
Gus: You're available to suck it.

Psych Quotes

Gus: That's a player's move, Shawn, a player's move.
Shawn: That's not a player's move, Gus, that's an astronomer's move.

Juliet: It's all police work Carlton.
Carlton: Yeah, right, and global warming is real.
Juliet: Yes, it is, Carlton.
Carlton: Sure it is.