Kwesi: Forgive me. This might sound a little foolish, but I thought that if I could bring life back to Mars, then I could show people that it is not too late to save Earth. I thought this was God's plan for me.
Emma: Surely, God's plan wasn't for you to die.
Kwesi: Well, traditionally speaking, God's a bit unforgiving when it comes to his disciples sacrificing their lives.
Ram: I would have wanted to land on Mars eight months ago, even if it meant certain death. It's what I promised my brother.

We don't know anything! We don't know if Pegasus is sitting on the ground, or exploded into pieces, or if the backup system is even going to last, or if Mom's gonna survive!


I believe Mars was a garden once. Those canyons didn't just make themselves; there had to have been great rivers there. Mars was as rich and full of life as Earth is now. And if we're not careful, our planet will look like that someday soon.


Hi. I can only imagine what you're going through up there. Knowing you as well as I do, I bet it's pretty damn complicated. On one hand, I'm sure you're scared out of your mind. And on the other, you can see Mars right out the window, closer than it's ever been.


So, we're not coming home yet. We will, soon, but first, we're going to Mars.


But I have no doubt that whatever comes next, we can take it on together, as a family. And I know this because today I was reminded what got me here. It's the same thing I saw in you, Matt, that made me know you are my soulmate. It's the same thing that makes you the person you are, Lex, brave enough to get that test. Hope. Hope made us the people we are. People who can chart voyages to the Moon and walk amidst the stars. People who might inspire others to cure cancer and CCM, and end wars and all the other things we wish we could change in this crazy, crazy world. Because the thought, the mere possibility, the hope that we might succeed is enough for us to keep trying.


Emma: I am leading, and if Ground tells us that a sonic boom means that there's even a decent chance that Pegasus is down there intact, then hell, yes! Full speed ahead. But we all know they're not gonna say that. They're gonna say exactly what you said, Ram, that if a plane disappears from radar, its pilot isn't coming home. And the only thing a sonic boom gives us is a very faint and dangerous hope.
Lu: And that's all this mission is.
Emma: Lu...
Lu: And when did you forget that? Where is the woman who stood on the Moon and asked the whole world to believe in impossible things? Who leapt off the side of a spaceship with nothing to cling to but hope? Who went into her crewmate's room when he was sick, and stood outside of my door and told me it was okay to love? Hope has never been my North Star. Honor, discipline, duty. Never hope, until I met you. You... Emma, I don't wanna die, I really don't. But I'm willing to die for hope.

I said one time, "I wish I was home," and I was dehydrated out of my mind when I said it. And I'll be goddamned if I let my crew die of thirst when there are other options on the table.


Emma: My head's not clear. I'm off my game, and there's no room for that, not if I wanna go to Mars, not if I wanna be the best.
Matt: Whoa, Em, hey, hey. Em, whoa. You are the best, okay? Hey, what's going on?
Emma: Well, you... you don't get it. You know, you're a man. You get to do it all.
Matt: Uh... Well, since when has being a woman ever slowed you down? Look, I... I don't... You're pregnant.
Emma: I don't know. I'm late. I'm vo... vomiting. So, yeah. Yeah, I'm a little concerned.
Matt: I see. All right. Look, I'm... I'm in this with you, okay?
Emma: It's easy for you to be in this with me. You have a kid; you're a better astronaut; they move you up the list. Women move down the list. Look at Melissa. She was kicking ass, and now they won't even let her fly.
Matt: Melissa... that was her choice.
Emma: Exactly. There's no decision. I'm not giving up flying.

Lu: How can this be?
Kwesi: Have you ever seen a dandelion grow through a crack in the cement? There's a Swedish study about children who thrive against all odds. They call them dandelion kids. Uh... My mother was a child psychologist.
Lu: So you're saying there's no explanation?
Kwesi: Maybe it's a miracle.

I told myself I'd miss things, but it's much harder than I ever imagined. Earth is so far away now, Lex. Just a dot, a tiny dot of light in the sky, which means you're farther away. I just wanna stay close to you.


Lex: Okay, so you asked me about Isaac. Well... When I was little, you'd tell me about how you'd have to get up at 4:00 a.m. to spray the crops. But as soon as you got in that cockpit, the old crop duster, and it lifted up into the air, you got this rush of adrenaline. And it made you feel like anything is possible. And that was amazing because you grew up poor, and sometimes it felt like nothing was possible. But flying changed that. Well, that's kinda how I feel with Isaac. I was feeling sort of stuck and closed off, obsessing over you being away, or if I have Dad's CCM. But it's like... I can move now. Maybe I don't have told hold my breath for the next three years.

AWAY Quotes

Reporter: Why should we care more about Mars than we do our own planet?
Emma: We shouldn't. Of course, we should care about social imperatives. But in the US alone, we spend a trillion dollars each year on the military, and mostly in case the countries represented here decide to blow each other off the face of the Earth. This mission, it costs a fraction of that, as we work together, repurposing those same tools of destruction for discovery.
Kwesi: At this very moment, there's a team of astronauts on the Moon, mining polar ice caps for fuel and water.
Misha: Water that will be pumped into the hull of our ship to shield us from radiation, allowing us to travel safely from the Moon to Mars.
Emma: Reaching Mars... might prove to be the greatest achievement. Not only for science, but for the future of our planet.

Yeah, but you gotta be the one that wants to take the shot!