A sober-living house doubling as a stash house? Well done, my man. It's the perfect cover.

Grover [to Makoa]

You know, 15 is a rough age for a girl. You're awkward, insecure. You don't think you're smart enough, pretty enough, popular enough. Then someone pays attention to you, sends you a compliment or a nice message, and suddenly you feel like somebody gets you, like they care. Whoever this Jonah guy was, he understood that and took advantage.

Kono [to McGarrett]

Kono: I know how hard this must be.
Kelsey: No, you don't
Kono: You're right. I don't.

Kono: I know it's not a good thing for a cop to get angry, to get emotional. But I can't help it.
McGarrett: It's fine to get angry. You gonna sit this one out?
Kono: No.
McGarrett: Good.

Tonight you're the one who's getting the beat down. You're the one who's getting turned out.

Kono [to Tori]

Danny: You invaded my privacy. I have a right to be upset, OK?
McGarrett: It's not snooping if something is out in the open. That's the rule.
Danny: There's no rule.
McGarrett: Are you serious? If it's not hidden, it's not forbidden. You've never heard of that?
Danny: No, I've never heard of it, because you just made it up.

Noelani: He's lost a lot of blood.
Sang Min: I didn't lose it. I've been sitting in it for hours, waiting for McGarrett to get back from dance class or something.

Don't worry about it, baby. You're with Five-0 now. We make our own rules.

Sang Min [to Noelani]

I don't want to [sky dive] because if I die, I don't want to be strapped to you like an infant.

Danny [to McGarrett]

Danny: Just so I'm clear, you want to drive a truck with a dirty bomb made out of uranium and TNTP, which you personally told me is the most unstable explosive on the planet, through this jungle on, to say the least, uneven terrain. That's what you've come up with?
McGarrett: We're going to drive real slow.
Danny: I'll find the keys.

Danny: You know what it's going to say on my tombstone?
McGarrett: Yes, I do. It's going to say, "Here lies Danny Williams, Beloved Curmudgeon."
Danny:No, It will say "Here lies Danny WIlliams. We think. We're not really sure, because we couldn't find all of him."

I don't have anything. Sorry. Good luck.

Danny [to McGarrett]

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Eric: I'll wait out here.
Danny Williams: It's college, it's not a virus--you can't catch it.

Kono: Family drama.
Grover: This is why I never do business with family.