Sang Min: With customer service like that, don't expect me to go to your restaurant.
Danny: You're not allowed in my restaurant. I've got a no-mullets policy.

Jerry: I gotta say, I'm impressed. You took a step back, let Flippa manage his own truck. A lesser man wouldn't give up that much control, not to mention the limelight.
Kamekona: You know what they say. Good men do, great men delegate.

Flippa: I'm showing some initiative, cuz. You did say my truck.
Kamekona: Yes, to manage and operate. Not to paste your ugly mug on it, diluting my brand.
Flippa: What brand? You got two trucks.
Kamekona: Exactly. They're buying the food because my face is on the truck.
Danny: I'm pretty sure they need to put 'in spite of his face being on the truck.'

Alicia: I prefer it, the solitude. Since my daughter, and then my marriage fell apart. It's easy. Some days I don't even have the energy to deal with people.
McGarrett: Yeah, I liked it when I lived alone too.

McGarrett: I have very low standards for companionship. It comes from having Danny as a partner.
Alicia: Nice!

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Danny: [Madison Gray] convinces other people to kill for her.
McGarrett: And now she's convincing Alicia to kill.

Having people kill for me, that was a good game, but not much of a challenge. Now you, on the other hand, moral, virtuous, spending your life putting killers behind bars, turning you into a killer would be something.

Gray [to Alicia]

McGarrett: I know what you did. I know what you did. Yeah, you. You told Melissa we needed to hang out as a group, didn't you?
Danny: Yeah, but I didn't mean it. That's what you tell your girlfriend when you don't want her to think you're an anti-social weirdo.
McGarrett: You are an anti-social weirdo.
Danny: That's the whole point. I don't want her thinking that.
McGarrett: Yeah, smart move. Hide your true self from your girlfriend. That's going to be great for your relationship.

McGarrett: So you guys in on the surprise?
Chin: Oh, yeah. In fact, Lou and I have a bet on which one of you's gonna check out first.

This is the highlight of my weekend, beating you, other than being with you.
Melissa; Aren't you sweet?

Danny [to McGarrett]

Chin: We figured out how you've been guaranteeing success for your clients. You've been paying escorts to hook up with them.
Stone: Is that a crime?
Chin: Oh, yeah. Very much so.
Kono: It's called solicitation.

Lynn [to McGarrett}: You're ruining my Zen.
Melissa [to Danny]: The narration, it has to stop.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Eric: I'll wait out here.
Danny Williams: It's college, it's not a virus--you can't catch it.

Kono: Family drama.
Grover: This is why I never do business with family.