Lucifer: Remember that news report thingy? Well, there was a picture of our dead man standing next to a very distinctive decolletage.
Amenadiel: You identified a woman by her boobs.

Amenadiel: Don't you need some kind of key to start it?
Lucifer: You know me, brother. I can turn anything on.

Lucifer: Do you take requests?
Piano Player: What do you want to hear?
Lucifer: Myself.

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Chloe: So a jack o'lantern stole your necklace?
Amenadiel: So you know this man. Where can I find this Mr. O'Lantern?

Amenadiel: It's dangerous for humanity to be exposed to divinity.
Lucifer: Well, then, I wouldn't sit on that couch. I left a lot of divinity there.

Amenadiel: Oh, these poor creatures. They know not what they do.
Lucifer: I beg to differ. Everyone here is well aware that they're doing me.

Are you and my dad having sex?


Trixie: I like you. You're funny.
Charlotte: And you're...short.

Come on, detective. Chop, chop! More dead-end clues aren't going to find themselves!!

Lucifer: There's no glory in wrestling a starving bear. Perhaps a last meal of some kind to perk you up. Hello! Caviar.
Sinnerman: You're going to...FEED me?
Lucifer: Just because I'm going to kill you doesn't mean I'm not civilized.

Girl: That's so hard.
Lucifer: Yes, always. But let me help you with your stick first.

Lucifer: You're right. I don't have it in me to kill a human.
The Sinnerman: No, wait. You have to do it.
Lucifer: I wondered you, the evil genius hadn't spread a trap.
The Sinnerman: It has to be you.
Lucifer: Because I was the trap. You never wanted freedom. Your true desire was to die, and for some reason, you needed me to do it...
The Sinnerman: Yes, you supposedly believe in free will, then honor mine!
Lucifer: Why do you need ME to do it? Why? Why??

Lucifer Quotes

I'm like walking heroin...very habit forming. It never ends well.


I thought you were different, but I was wrong. You're just like all the others.