Cain: You're just making this too hard. It's not worth it.
Chloe: I'm not worth it? What?
Cain: I gotta go.

Lucifer: Why would you do this to me, Mazikeen?
Maze: Because I know the only thing that matters to you more than Chloe -- You. Easiest way to spin you out? Tap into those daddy issues. "I can't get rid of my wings. Daddy's controlling me. Waa waa waa."
Lucifer: You're stalling me, aren't you? I need to get to the detective!!

Because when you know a pair of angels who can zip you up to heaven when the time comes, worrying is a waste of time.


Maze: Then pain it is, not for you anyhow.
Cain: What?
Maze: Decker's the one who's gonna suffer. You know, I gotta admit getting her to fall for you and then -- poof -- vanishing? Ruthless. And that's saying something coming from a demon. Respect.
Cain: I don't care who I have to hurt as it allows me to finally die.

Lucifer, Lucifer. Are you talking about an episode of Bones?


Shelly, it's not the clothes that make you look fat, it's the fat.


No offense, brother, but on the list of things to wake up to, your face falls somewhere on the list after horse's head and Coldplay tickets.

Will he be coming with you often because he is killing our banter.

Lucifer: Anyway, point is feelings and humans suck. So. At least we have each other.
Maze: I'm always going to be the consolation prize for you. You only care about me when you don't have Chloe.
Lucifer: Maze, now hold on, that's...
Maze [tears streaming down her face]: NO! No one puts me first, least of all you! None of you deserve me.

Maze: Everything that happened showed me exactly why I need to go back.
Lucifer: I don't understand.
Maze: It's all so complicated here, Lucifer. I mean, caring about humans always go wrong. Feelings go wrong. I am not the one who is supposed to be tortured.

Chloe: Drop the knife. This isn't you.
Maze: Isn't it though? It's what I do. I destroy things, Chloe. Friendships, relationships, apartment walls, and apparently, I killed this lady's son!

Maze: You went to hell for Pierce, a guy you don't even like, and you won't go to hell for me?
Lucifer: No
Maze: You will regret this, Lucifer.

Lucifer Quotes

Chloe: I know how fans can get obsessed with their idols.
Lucifer: Yes, and with their boobs. Like after you did Hot Tub High School, Detective.

I'm like walking heroin...very habit forming. It never ends well.