Deeks: You don't even have chairs.
Callen: Not true. I have a dining room set.
Deeks: Oooo! Alert Architectural Digest.

Hanna: And you're sure Garrison is in Santa Barbara?
Callen: If Garrison had done this, there wouldn't be any bodies.

Keeping family secrets to protect your loved ones, that's pretty much what your dad did to you, and everyone else in his life.

Hanna [to Callen]

Roberta: Is it too early for a drink?
Julia: I like the way you think.
Roberta: You're a good mom. I can tell.
Julia: You too.
Roberta: Let's go.

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Deeks: I don't understand this.
Eric: You don't have to. That's why I have Nell.

I just exploded my fist bump, which is a whole new low for me. Now that I've gone down this rabbit hole of despair, what's next?

Deeks [to Eric]

Sullivan: You know what they say: The bigger the truck ...
Kensi: The dumber the driver.

Hanna: How'd you beat us here?
Hetty: I took a shortcut.
Deeks: That's called a sidewalk.

Kensi [to Callen and Hanna]: I miss this, you guys, I really miss this.
Hanna: You'll be back in no time. Just keep at it.

Nell: Because he's the one who took Fedor down, he claims to have a unique insight into what makes him tick.
Hanna: He threw a flash-bang at the guy. He didn't do a psych profile.
Nell: Oh, but he did. And it's 17 pages long. I think by Page 5, Granger just wanted him to get out of here.

Deeks [to Eric]: You don't bring a grenade, fake or real, into interrogation. What is wrong with you?
Eric: My psych profile says that Fedor responds well to intimidation.
Deeks: We don't need to intimidate him. Do you want to know why, Beal?
Eric: Why?
Deeks: Because he's cooperating. He called us. Remember?

Eric: Kensi will be back in the field. I'm sure of it.
Deeks: Thanks, man.
Eric: No, Deeks. I'm serious. Do you know how I know Kensi will be back in the field? Because I'm in the field. If you'd have said I'd be out here, interrogating people, throwing grenades, carrying a gun, if you'd have said that three years ago, I'd have said impossible. But you guys helped me, supported me, and that's what you're doing for Kensi. So yeah, she'll be back.

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

A friend and an early mentor always used to say, 'A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.'


All this time hunting for the mole, and now it seems as if the mole is headed straight at us.

Hetty [to Kensi]