Deeks: Do good work. Make us proud.
Nell: You did good work, Deeks. Every day.

David Kessler is not only the smartest man I've ever met but the most evil.

Michelle [to Callen]

God, I've missed you.

Kessler [to Kensi]

Cop: You're a crazy bastard.
Kessler: You can't even imagine.

Callen: If you can't take care of nice things ...
Sam: You don't deserve them.

JoJo: Are we going to jail?
Callen: Like I know.

If the suburban mom shoe fits ...

Rochelle [to Fatima]

Sam: L.A. needs a good, heavy rain.
Callen: Great. More mudslides.

Anna: I think we all need to see pictures of Lifeguard Callen.
Callen: Not gonna happen.
Fatima: I'm thinking feathered hair.

Nell: I'm not Hetty. I'm really not cut out for this.
Callen: That's obvious.
Nell: Why do you say that?
Callen: Hetty would have offered me a drink by now.

Fatima: Did you hit him with a garden gnome?
Kensi: It was that or shoot him. I opted for the gnome-violent solution.

Commander James: [Keilani] was so nice.
Callen: And attractive.
James: Yes, in her own way.