Roundtree: [Sabatino's] a jerk.
Kensi: I told you.

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Kensi: Deeks is at FLETC.
Sabatino: Well, I hope they're giving him the senior discount.

They didn't tell you that [Pietra] kicked my ass?

Kensi [to Roundtree]

Sam: [Pietra] tried to blow us up.
Callen: Twice.
Sabatino: Does anyone actually like you guys?

There's something wrong with these shoes. They used to be so much faster.

Deeks [to trainer]

I start my day with cold matcha and hot lead.

Fatima [to Roundtree]

It's a nice place. Communist Bloc chic.

to Callen}

Eric: Sorry. I'm not used to you being in charge.
Nell: Me neither.

Always bury the need for dramatic effect.

Eric [to Fatima]

Yo, I was right. You do crush at tag.

Roundtree [to Sam]

Eric: Nice work, Fatima.
Fatima: I learned from the best.

Martinez: Why don't you tell me about your first impression of Detective Deeks?
Sam: I hated him so much I had to punch him in the face ... several times.