Gordon Page is putting the VNS in 20 soldiers today to cure PTSD.


I hate charming people. Their main goal is to make you like them. They're narcissists, and once you see through them, the charm disappears they cut you and then move onto the next conquest.


Conrad: You saw what happened?
Bell: Quovadis device almost killed that boy.

Mina: My mother is not my mother. Not really.
AJ: So you came here and built your own family at Chastain. We will always appreciate you. Always.

Patient: I feel like less of a woman.
Mina: You have the scars of a warrior.

My dad left when I got sick the first time. My mom really likes Doug, and if I get sick. he may leave.


Mina: You are worthy of respect, as a doctor.
Josephine: But I'm not worthy of respect as a mother?

Obviously, our first concern is the child's welfare, but we'll be as discreet as possible.


I wish Conrad was my dad.


Patients need warmth, Mina, but that's alright. Mother's here.


AJ: Josephine Okeke is your mother?!
Mina: Yes, and I would appreciate it if you kept that to yourself.

If you wanna be with Otto you now have to find a way to be with him in his world.


The Resident Quotes

Mina: Andrea was supposed to be your guest, but you're alone. Why? 
AJ: We're not together anymore. We broke up.
Mina: What happened? What did you do?
AJ: You see the way Conrad looks at Nic? Andrea deserves someone who looks at her like that, and quite frankly, I'm not that guy. You know if I were to be honest, to me, she was just filling the space that I wanted you to fill.
Mina: I already told you-
AJ: I know. You don't want to lose what we have in the OR. I get it. I don't want to lose that either, Mina. Look, you asked me, right? So I'm telling you the truth. That's what we do, right? Don't worry, I'm not expecting anything.

Nic: I have your heart.
Conrad: Always.
Nic: Your patient's heart.