Clary: Izzy, have you...have you noticed anything different about Jace?
Izzy: No. You do see him more than I do. What’s wrong?
Clary: He thinks the Owl is Jonathan.
Izzy: What? Why?
Clary: He keeps having these dreams about him. He thinks they’re prophetic.
Izzy: What do you think?
Clary: I don’t know. He hasn’t been sleeping; he’s been using his stamina rune to stay on mission.
Izzy: When you don’t sleep, your mind can play tricks on you.

Clary: Okay, I have kinda a personal question for you.
Maia: Go for it.
Clary: What happens to your clothes when you, you know...
[She does wolf claws with her hands]
Maia: Wolf out?
Clary: Yeah.
Maia: Nothing good. I’ve shredded some of my cutest outfits that way. It’s kinda wolf protocol to stash pairs of pants all over town.
Clary: Smart. Have you ever tried spandex?
Maia: Have you ever seen a wolf in spandex? It’s horrifying!
Clary: Well, my deepest condolences to your wardrobe.

Jace: But what about you?
Clary: Well, I could use a better model. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take your clothes off...unless you want to.
Jace: What do you say to dinner? Tonight. Someplace Mundane, just the two of us.
Clary: Like a date?
Jace: Yes, Clary, yeah. If you want to call it that, a date.
Clary: Where?
Jace:’s a surprise.
Clary: Alright. But, don’t think that gets you out of modeling.

Luke: You know, I’m proud of you, Kiddo. It’s not every day you get an angelic rune. Pick your weapons yet?
Clary: Yeah.
[She shows the first blade]
Clary: What is it?
Luke: That was your father’s dagger.
Clary: What?!
Luke: You didn’t know?
Clary: I didn’t know. I had no idea.
[She shows the second dagger]
Clary: I choose this one too.
Luke: You don’t choose the blades. The blades choose you. That one was Jocelyn’s.
Clary: What?
Luke: They’re both part of you, Kiddo. The light and the dark, whether you like it or not.

Sebastian: Go ahead...kill her!
Jace: How are you...
Sebastian: What are you waiting for? Kill her! To love is to destroy. Isn’t that what our father always told us?
Clary: How are you here?
Sebastian: Take that dagger and stab her through the heart. If you don’t, I will.
[They fight and Clary gets stabbed by accident]

Jace: I'm so sorry, Clary.
Clary: Okay, hold your breath, okay. Don't say anything. You need your strength. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.
Jace: I love you.
Clary: Don't close your eyes. Jace, don't close your eyes. Stay with me. Stay with me please. Just look at me...just look at me.
[Jace dies]

Clary: Stop!
Valentine: Oh good, you're awake. Just in time to see history being made.
Clary: You killed Jace. How could you?!
Valentine: He certainly would've stopped me if I hadn't. Of course, I love that boy, just like I love Jocelyn. See, their deaths were necessary sacrifices if I'm gonna save humanity.
Clary: Don't lie to me. You've never loved anyone but yourself.
Valentine: If that were true, then why do you think I've kept you alive?

Jace: How could you side with him?
Malakai: There's only one side...the side of the angels. Valentine is only doing what the Clave has been trying to accomplish for centuries: eradicate demons.
Clary: No! No, the angels would never be in favor of killing millions of innocent Downworlders along with demons.
Malakai: When Razeal created the first Shadowhunter, there was no such thing as Downworlders. But over the centuries, disgusting half-breeds emerged. Warlocks, vampires, Seelies, werewolves...they banded together and grew more powerful. Finally they will be destroyed...and so will you.

Clary: If you have to leave, hold this for at least 30 seconds.
"Sebastian": I was just wondering actually, if you caught Jonathan, you wouldn't kill him, would you?
Clary: I used to believe that Jonathan could be saved, but after what he did to Elliot, and Dot, and now Max, I'll kill him with my bare hands if that's what it takes.
Sebastian: Well then...shall we?
[Holds the stone]

Clary: What if the mirror I destroyed isn't the Mortal Mirror?
Jace: Why would your mom give it to the warlocks to protect?
Clary: Maybe she thought it was. We all did. Maybe whoever made it wanted it that way?
Isabelle: To distract people from finding the real one...
Jace: Well, the legend says the Mirror is not meant to be easily found. The angels hold the key.
[Clary remembers her vision]
Clary: The water. It's a reflection.
Jace: What water? What are you talking about?
Clary: I didn't destroy the Mirror. These visions I've been having...they're a message from the angels. The Mirror is Lake Lin.

Clary: Jace thinks my brother is a lost cause, so...
"Sebastian": What do you think?
Clary: I mean I understand he has demon blood. I know what he's capable of, but he's my brother. God, it's stupid, right?
Sebastian: No. No, God it's not stupid at all.
Clary: I mean if there is any humanity left in him; shouldn't we at least try to save him?
Sebastian: I think so.
[He kisses her]
Clary: Sebastian!
Sebastian: I'm sorry, I was stupid.
Clary: It's just...I'm not.
Sebastian: Look, I get it. I just want you to know that I will...I'll always be there for you, Clary. Whatever you need.

Ethereal wasn't talking about you. He was talking about my brother. He's still alive.


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